IIT Bhubaneswar is Ragging Free

The Institute strongly adheres to anti-ragging policy and implements it through true spirit of actions. The institute takes several timely actions including close monitoring to ensure the system is in place to meet the requirements and it is ragging free.

Also the administration, concerned faculty and staff conducts several meetings with the newly joined fresh as well as senior students appraising them about the policy of the institute and counselling them about the good practices of interaction with fresh students, brotherhood and personality building.

Anti-ragging policy

Anti-ragging activities

The Dean (SA) closely monitors the activities in the campus being supported by Warden and faculty members to make it ragging free. In order to build up the confidence in the minds of freshers, faculty do regularly visit the hostels to ensure truest interaction between freshers and senior students and spend nights in the hostel during initial few months.

Director's interaction with fresh and senior students

Prof. R V Raja Kumar, Director personally interacted with the newly joined students in this semester inquiring about their well being and environment in the newly established campus. Also, he enlightened them instilling confidence about the set up in place to handle any form of ragging, if at all it happens. The potential of hostel life and harnessing of the same for peer learning, personality building which are essential ingredients of a holistic education system were highlighted.
Director's interaction with fresh and senior students
Director's interaction with fresh and senior students

Director also met and addressed senior students. He appraised about the anti-ragging policy adopted by the country and the institute, possible consequences including the danger to the career and personal growth in case anybody indulges in any such activity. He also reminded about responsibility of senior students towards their juniors as good and progressive citizens.

Director has constituted anti-ragging committee which is on vigil all the time to ensure the policy is implemented without any flaws. Surprise visits to the Hostels and interacting with students all the time is one of the premier means of maintaining the checks and balances on activity of the students. Currently faculty members stay in the hostels throughout night to strengthen the confidence in the minds of students, especially the Freshers, about their well being through the academic Guardians.

Dean, Students Affairs, Wardens, Professor-in-Charge of Counselling Team have also made elaborative arrangements through counselling teams to have interaction with freshers to bring awareness about the Campus, facilities, academic and extracurricular activities etc.