• Being a new IIT, how were the placements?

Last year, A total of 160 students have been placed (171 got offers) so far out of 200 plus registered. Total 104 students from UG got placed from the total 126 registered.75% rise in placements this year as compared to previous year. The Career Development Cell(CDC) of IIT Bhubaneswar takes care of all placements related activities. For further details, refer: Placement Brochure, Placement Highlights 2016-17 and Placement Statistics. [Alternately, many students have also opted for further studies in well known universities like Stanford, Imperial College, Columbia, IISc, etc. Some have opted for IIMs.]

  • How is the hostel? How many students stay in a room?

All students will be residing in Arugul campus, which is the permanent campus of IIT Bhubaneswar. There are two separate hostels for boys and girls in which each student will be allotted a room with single occupancy. The hostel is fully ventilated and hygienic with regular cleaning. There is 24 hours internet connectivity in the hostels. If students face any problem, they can register a complaint with the hostel authorities who immediately attend to the problem. For further details regarding the hostels, refer: Residential Area, Arugul campus

  • How is the food quality in mess? What is the food menu?

The food provided in the mess is of standard quality. A Mess Committee comprising of students themselves exists, which takes care of the quality of the food provided. The menu is decided after taking into consideration the suggestions of students, and is a mix of North Indian and South Indian food.

  • How are the medical facilities in college and hostel?

There is a well-equipped dispensary on campus, with a 24 hours availability of ambulance service from the hostels to the dispensary in case of any emergency. Doctors and staff nurses are on duty round-the-clock. A well-stocked medical shop is functional 24x7. The institute also provides its students with medical insurance.

  • What are the collaborations of IIT Bhubaneswar with other foreign universities?

IIT Bhubaneswar has signed MoUs with many foreign universities to promote research collaboration, faculty and student exchange. These include Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China; University of Warwick, UK; University of Edinburgh, UK; University of Southampton, UK; University of Western Ontario, Canada; University of Waterloo, Canada; University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, USA; University of New York, Buffalo, USA; University of Texas, USA, among others. The institute has also partnered with WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group, UK) and WMG Doctoral Training Center. For further details regarding international collaborations, refer: International Collaboration

  • What is the standard of laboratories in which the students work?

The laboratories are highly sophisticated and well-equipped. The apparatus used are accurate and of high standard, and are mainly purchased from abroad. In addition, the students are also able to access the facilities of Central Tool Room and Training Center (CTTC), Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology and Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology for hands-on training.

  • Are there any clubs or societies for recreation?

The societies in IIT Bhubaneswar encompass various fields in both the socio-cultural and technical domains. Students can be a part of socio-cultural societies including the dramatics society, dance society, literary society, music society, cinematic society, fine arts society, social welfare society, as well as technical ones like the robotics society, programming society, entrepreneurship cell, photography society, web & design society. Workshops are conducted by these societies on a regular basis.

  • How do we join a society?

Every year there are auditions held for the induction of students into various societies. Selected students join the particular society and pursue their interest in the related field under the guidance of senior students. A student can join any number of societies depending upon his/her area of interest. Workshops are held before and after inductions to motivate students to take an active part in the societies of their choice.

  • How are the faculty and teaching standards in IIT Bhubaneswar?

The teaching standards do justice to the stellar reputation of the IITs. The institute has a versatile group of faculty members including visiting faculty from old IITs and reputed universities. Majority of the professors have done their PhD in IITs or highly reputed universities abroad. Several of them are recipients of academic honours and awards, and have international postdoctoral research experiences. The focus of the faculty is on quality teaching, research and technology development. They are also actively involved in publishing papers, attending international conferences/workshops/ symposium and chairing session of the conferences.

  • How is the library? What are the facilities? What is the availability of books?

There is a library in the Toshali Plaza campus as well as in the Arugul campus. The library is well-equipped with all prescribed books for various courses, and is also subscribed to several helpful e-resources including e-libraries, journals and research collections. Thus, students have access to a large collection of printed and electronic resources. Students can borrow 3 books at a time for the duration of a month. The E-Classroom in the Arugul campus provides high speed internet facilities where the students can access NPTEL material and other online resources.

  • How do we change our branch?

Change of branch takes place after the end of two semesters. A minimum CGPA of 8.5 at the end of two semesters is required to apply for change of branch. Students can then specify their desired branches in their order of preference. For further details, refer: Branch Change Rule

  • What are the various scholarships that the students can avail? What are the eligibility criteria?

There are various scholarships that come up from time to time. All the scholarship notices are put up in the notice boards and the students can get the forms and other details from the academic section in the college. The eligibility criteria are specified by the respective scholarships. For further details, refer: Scholarship

  • Is there is any Ragging in the campus?

Ragging is strictly banned in the campus and hostel. Anyone indulging in the act of ragging is liable to severe punishment. First year students having any complaint with any troublesome senior can immediately report to their student guides, teachers or warden. Strict action will be immediately taken. An anti-ragging committee has been constituted by the Director. Surprise visits by faculty members to the hostels and interactions with the students serve as an effective means to implement the anti-ragging policy.

  • What is the distance between Argul campus and Toshali Plaza and what are the transportation facilities?

The Arugul campus is about 35 km from Bhubaneswar City. So it takes around 40 to 50 minutes to travel between Arugul campus and Toshali Plaza on a normal traffic free day. There are buses and wingers available for transportation at scheduled timings.

  • Are there any sporting opportunities available?

Yes, there are sporting facilities available with dedicated coaches for cricket, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis etc. Every weekend, buses are scheduled for IMMT sports ground. Students can avail of the facilities of the Kalinga Stadium for athletics and swimming. An INTER-IIT Sports Meet is held annually and students are rigorously coached for participation in this. Hostel Day Games are also conducted.

  • Is there any alternative if one is not satisfied with the food in mess?

Yes, there are canteens in the academic area as well as the residential area of the Arugul campus where students can have their food. There is a bakery and ice-cream parlour too. All these places are affordable and good standards of hygiene are maintained.

  • Is there is any constraint on time spent outside hostel?

Yes, there are certain rules of the hostel. The rules have been framed keeping in mind the safety and enjoyment of students. Students have to take prior permission of the warden or hostel authorities before leaving the hostel and must return before scheduled time.

  • Are there any motorized vehicles allowed within the hostel premises?

No, motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden. Vehicles if found in possession of students will be seized by the authorities and disciplinary action will be taken against them.

  • Are there any banks or ATMs near the college or hostel? If so which?

Yes. There is a Syndicate Bank ATM and a State Bank of India ATM within the Arugul campus of IIT Bhubaneswar. Additionally, there is a Syndicate Bank branch and ATM just outside the Samantapuri campus, and a SBI Bank ATM in the Toshali campus.

  • How / When / Where will I receive my student ID card/library membership cards?

All these will be issued to the students in the academic section within the first week of the semester.

  • Can the students keep electric appliances like heaters, iron, kettles, cookers, etc with them in hostel?

No. The students are not allowed to keep or use any such electric appliances in the hostel, so they might not bother bringing them.

  • Will parents be allowed to stay for 2-3 days and accompany their children till the classes start?

Parents are advised not to stay for 2-3 days as the STUDENTS GUIDES are always there to take care of the students and to make sure they do not face any trouble in adjusting to the new environment.

  • We have been asked to get lots of medical tests done. Why? Are they really required?

Yes, these tests are required in order to know the best possible conditions that the students can stay with good health and care. In case a student suffers from any ailment, the doctor has access to their medical history easily and can take good care of the student.

  • In the older IITs, we have NCC, NSS, NSO. Are there any selections to get into these here?

At present, there is no such groups formed but the initiation to form these groups will be taken in near future.

  • What are the site seeing places in and around Bhubaneswar?

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