When I'd been allotted a seat in the branch of my choice at IIT Bhubaneswar, I was both excited and terrified about the road ahead; after all, hostel life was uncharted territory for me. At a time when there were a million doubts running through my head, the guidance I received from the CST, and my SG in particular, was invaluable. All my questions regarding registration, academics, facilities, campus life and other issues were answered patiently. The CST events went a long way in ensuring healthy interactions among us newcomers. The best part about the CST was that this was a group of students, who'd been in the same position as me just a year ago, now working to help me make the smoothest possible transition into this new chapter of my life. A year later, I feel honoured to be a part of the team that helped me start my journey in IIT Bhubaneswar.
.....Anusha Pathuri

Selecting the correct college is as crucial as qualifying the JEE. I was very excited and scared at first, as this was my first time studying in a different state. Even at that early stage, I received great support and help from the CST. Many important precautions and requirements were suggested, especially the documents required at the time of registration. All my doubts regarding the institute were cleared. Regardless of the time, my Student Guide helped me out whenever I asked. Every Student Guide was friendly throughout the year. Many interactive events were conducted by the CST so as to improve the unity among the new batch of students. I am very happy to do the same as a member of the CST.
....Sai Srikar M

In the first round of counselling, I got a seat in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Bhubaneswar. I was very happy but my family was afraid of sending me to a different state. They insisted that I take admission in my home state only. I was very confused. Then I got a call from my student guide. He helped clear all my doubts. My family was finally convinced to send me to Bhubaneswar, all thanks to my student guide. After reaching Bhubaneswar, the CST helped me through every process. They helped me throughout the year. I'm thankful to them and I'm proud to be a member of the Counselling Service Team.
....Sahil Nagrale

When it was confirmed that I got into IIT Bhubaneswar, my mind was filled with a plethora of questions. Then, like an answer to all my questions, I got a call from my Student Guide who removed all of my fears and also those of my parents. She was very patient and helped me throughout the year. All the SGs were very helpful during registration. The CST was very supportive and promoted interactions among our batch-mates by conducting various events. I thank the CST for its assistance and I am really glad that I am a part of the CST.
....Neeharika G

Leaving our home state, adjusting to a different time table, food, climate, meeting up with new faces, having to solve all our problems on our own-seeing it all dumped together in front of our eyes really does seem quite scary, doesn't it? This was my exact situation last year which almost made me back out of IIT and choose a college in my home state. However, amidst all the nervousness and confusion, I received a phone call from my Student Guide which completely changed my perspective. His calm and confident manner showed my parents how IITs can help build a person. He cleared all my doubts and was always there, encouraging, supporting and guiding me through every new procedure, and when he was unable to answer my query, someone else from the CST never failed to deliver! The CST events totally brought me out of my shell and killed my social awkwardness. The best part about life at IIT Bhubaneswar...it never seems to be stagnant. Something always seems to be around the corner, be it in the form of a fest, institute event or society productions. Initially, my opinion was that these events would hurt my academics, but they really don't...they rather give us moments of unbridled joy, precious memories to cherish and a taste of what's out there in the real world. They are as essential to growing up as anything else. The last year passed by in a blur, but I improved so much that today, I feel really amused to look back at the scrawny-me from a year ago and I don't regret my choice of joining IIT Bhubaneswar at all.
....Aditya Pal

I fondly remember it being a crisp sunny day, when my parents and I first landed in Bhubaneswar. Three bulging suitcases, packed with my entire life, in tow, we reached the gates of my new college, IIT Bhubaneswar. I remember being bowled over by the sheer majesty of the campus. Its enormity, its scenic backgrounds, the welcoming atmosphere of the hostels, everything took my breath away. Though I have blurred memories of my parents leaving, those last hugs, goodbyes and tears, what I still remember clearly is the support and companionship of my hostel-mates and the warm fuzzy feeling of new found friendships. I remember us huddling close, chatting away about how life was back home, horrendously ridiculing and then finally adjusting to the mess' dal-rice, and trying to make head or tail of what the professors taught in class. And the team that was imperative to our making the transformation to starry-eyed kids to young independent individuals oozing confidence with conviction, was the Counselling Service Team. Starting from the day the final allocations came out, the CST took us under its wings and guided us through every obstacle that came our way. Right from coordinating with us on phone, to organizing introductions for the various fests and societies, the CST left no stone unturned in welcoming us with open arms and making us feel at home. And this year, as the JOSAA results are declared and our freshers take admission, I, as part of CST 2017, hope to make as much as a positive impact on their lives as my seniors did for me. Cheers!
....Meghna Saha

So finally as the results of JEE Advanced were out, I was pretty happy as the hard work of 2 years had finally paid off. Now was the time of second part of my journey after cracking JEE.I still remember how timid and scared I was when I realized that I had to leave my home for pursuing my dream to study in IIT. As soon as I crossed the main gate of the campus I was fascinated by the scenic beauty of the campus. I was a bit homesick initially but thanks to CST and my pals who helped me settle into the campus. Within a week I was enjoying in the mess, playing sports and watching movies together. I blended well with my mates. The team helped us right from the beginning from making calls, picking us up from stations to getting us accommodated in hostels. They also made sure that we all bonded well with each other and with other students of the college. Moreover they encouraged us to be active in the campus and try to participate in every event. All in all, they transformed us into confident independent individual. They made us settle in a 'home' away from home. Now as JOSAA counselling is nearing I would like to do the same with the upcoming freshers in our campus by being a part of Counselling Service Team.
....Shivam Handa

Leaving our home state, adjusting to a different time table, food, climate, meeting up with new faces, having to solve all our problems on our own-seeing it all dumped together in front of our eyes really does seem quite scary, doesn't it? This was my exact situation last year which almost made me back out of IIT and choose a college in my home state. However, amidst all the nervousness and confusion, I received a phone call from my Student Guide which completely changed my perspective. His calm and confident manner showed my parents how IITs can help build a person. He cleared all my doubts and was always there, encouraging, supporting and guiding me through every new procedure, and when he was unable to answer my query, someone else from the CST never failed to deliver! The CST events totally brought me out of my shell and killed my social awkwardness. The best part about life at IIT Bhubaneswar...it never seems to be stagnant. Something always seems to be around the corner, be it in the form of a fest, institute event or society productions. Initially, my opinion was that these events would hurt my academics, but they really don't...they rather give us moments of unbridled joy, precious memories to cherish and a taste of what's out there in the real world. They are as essential to growing up as anything else. The last year passed by in a blur, but I improved so much that today, I feel really amused to look back at the scrawny-me from a year ago and I don't regret my choice of joining IIT Bhubaneswar at all.
....Nikhil Panda

Let me start with the summer of 2016. I'm done with all my entrance exams and I was waiting for that that day . which would decide my future. Those were the days every night before I sleep this question of " Which college would it be?" Wouldn't not let me do so. I anyway comfort myself saying "You're gonna get into a good college". Yet there would be a lot of unsettled questions revolving around. I was not much a believer of this " hard work pays off" phrase but somehow I happened to believe it. Yes , it happened. I got into an IIT. And yeah that's not the end . Here comes the interesting part this time gap between "after Ur seat is confirmed" to when "Ur college starts". Those are the days when you actually build castles in the air about the college. We come with huge bag of expectations . U'll get it all planned . U'll have a cluster of questions about how things are gonna be and about everything else. There's this funny thing happens on the first day of your college u see strangers everywhere . I means it's all over a new place , with people coming from different regions. So I used have a lot of conversation with myself about how should I start conversation . But believe me it gets easier . I'm actually very thankful to this team CST who Helped me get through all the hardships I was facing and made my journey a cake walk . They conducted a lot of events to create healthy interactions among the fellow mates. And I know how it goes . We hesitate a lot at the start to stand up and get involved in the events conducted . But trust me it's fun . Get over the hesitation and make this place your own home . I hope u all have a great experience being a part of this institution.
....Deepak Khethavath

Like any other 18 year old fresh out of an intensive, soul crushing coaching centre who had miraculously cracked IIT JEE, I was anxious about how the allegedly "best years of my life" would turn out to be. Apart from the sorrow of leaving my nest, and the anticipation to the infamous college ragging, I was also worried if I would fit in with the bunch of superminds around me. But all such fears were put to rest the minute I stepped into this humongous "Ragging Free" campus. Right from answering every query of ours, guiding us through the entire registration process, to helping us adjust to hostel life with such care despite our sobs and complaints, the Counselling Service Team (CST) did it all. This past one year in IIT Bhubaneswar, I have made an amazing set of friends, pushed my potential, honed my skills and handled new responsibilities by being a part of societies and fests, and amassed a truckload of everlasting memories! And this year promises much more. In the end , I advise the juniors to try to look past the few shortcomings of this swiftly developing institute and make the best use of their resources. P.S. We are always there for your help. :)
....Sampurna Borah

After 2 years of hardship, here was I, at Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar. After spending 2 years in a life nothing less than daily 8 hours study, I had a lot of expectations with my college life.Finally I secured AIR 5847 with which I got mechanical branch with dual degree.I had many questions in my mind about how my college life would be and would I be able to make my identity among my peers; will I be able to cope up with other IITians; will I be able to get adjusted to a place that is completely foreign to me. But as the year gradually proceeded, all my dillemas were over, and with the help of my grateful seniors and amazing batchmates, I was able to live my live to its best in the last year. I was able to increase my skills, improve my personality, handle the responsibilities and face the hiccups. And as the year passed, I have developed many nostalgic memories in this year. Now as a part of CST member, I would like to provide the support with which I was warlmy welcomed. And as an advice to my juniors; everyone will get ample opportunities in every field. So don't hold yourself and live your life to the fullest.
....Manas Bagai

So, finally made it, I cracked IITJEE believed to be one of the toughest exam and it was a great Feeling. Then it Strike in Mind, what next... I have done so Much of Hard Wort, sacrifice and all this for what, where i m going ,what will be My Future, the College Which i got Really Worth My hardwork. With all These question in My Mind and lots of Emotion and fear in My heart i reached the beautiful City of temples 'bhubaneswar', And Right from the Station where My Seniors Come to attend us i Start getting answere of My questions ,And slowely My fear was vanishing. With a lot of support throughout the admission procedure by cst and profs,IIT BHUBANESWAR become my home away from home. In the recent one year i have pushed my abilities,found something new in me,and made some real good frends .I found that their is a bright future waiting for me. Using the facilities in right way and persuing your interest will bring out best in you, with this i welcome all freashres to iit bhubaneswar family ,and congratulate them on there success. We are always there to help you :)
....Deepak Soni

Anxiety got replaced by relief when I got Mechanical Dual degree in IIT Bhubaneswar in the last round of Counselling. All though, it did leave me somewhat nervous as I was going to a new place away from comforts of home, new culture with unknown language and new faces to make a fresh start. Little did I know at that time that CST was a blessing and would make IIT Bhubaneswar a home away from home for us, would help us achieve the transition from a school kid to a successful & confident college student. CST & especially my Student Guide, lent me their hand whenever I was low and just like Dumbledore says, I realised that "Help is always offered at IIT Bhubaneswar to those who ask for it". Looking back at the past one year, I realised why they say college life is the best. 4/5 years of journey with lots of fun, learning, responsibilities, achievements yet whizzes past like a snitch. IIT Bhubaneswar has plenty of opportunities to offer to everyone, only that we need to how to grab them and use them. I realised that being original works the best and following the crowd is not the best option as compared to following your heart even if it means paving a new path. I would advice my juniors to not have any regrets and try to cross out as much checkboxes from their bucket list as they can. And yeah, CST is there you to give you hand whenever you feel free. Welcome to the family :').
....Bharat Ram

An year ago from now,I was in dilemma about which college to join in,my JEE Advanced result made me clear that I cannot get into any of the old IITs and so I was thinking about getting myself into NIT.But as my teachers suggested,I prioritized IIT Bhubaneswar over NITs.I am still thankful for them for guiding me the right way. Being a guy who was never been away from home,I had to go through homesickness which lasted for only about a week,thanks to CST and their programmes.Here in IIT,I got more than just education.We get friends from all sides of country.We get to learn new sports and arts.The hostel facilities,bhaina canteen,late night movies....make us feel like home away from home.Here we get oppurtunity to persue our passions.Being a part of fest helped me know public handling,Being in society made me learn dance,..each day here helped me improve in one way or another.Right now I feel happy that those two years of hard work are soo worth it.
....Azgar Taj

Time for JEE results..A bit of tension,anxiety and there were several thoughts floating in my mind..and finally overwhelmed on hearing that I'm going to be an IITian. My parents were on cloud nine. But,the thought of leaving beloved ones and entering a new place gave me an insecure feeling. However, As soon as I entered IIT Bhubaneswar,the first word I got to hear was CST and because of whom, I was so happy even though staying away from home. Crazy friends,who never made me feel away from home are the best part of my college to say. Hangouts,parties for no reason,pre-exam chitchattings,celebrations,birthdays,7 O'Clock alarms, fun,fests,societies,labs, exams,sleepy sundays,often made me think how my life would be without all these. And finally, being a part of societies and fests, I got a wide exposure to many things in just an year which was quite satisfying . Seniors always helped me in both academics and non-academics. CST made my life at IIT Bhubaneswar easier and comfortable.I'm thankful to all my seniors and feel blessed to be a part of CST.
....Sudeepa Dongala

Couple of years of hardwork for a spot in one of the prestigious institutions of the country ended on a high note as I could manage to grab a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. I was both excited and anxious initially as I could not wait to live the "IITian life". Located in the lap of the Barunoi hills the vast campus welcomed me with its scenic beauty .The serenity filled in the atmosphere hinted me of the fabulous days to come. Being frank, I never felt homesick in the initial stage and could easily spread the web of friendship as I unleashed the loquacious boy in me. However as an added flavour, came CST, the team which led us through the right paths of the campus keeping us engaged and entertained at the same time. Right from the very first day they ensured that we are in our comfort zones. Holding on to their hands we lived the life we aspired to live to come out with an eventful first year at the end of the day. Looking back to the past year now, I realize that I have made some really fond memories. I realize this fact with great joy that, technically I am one fourth of an engineer with better creativity and more hunger for knowledge .Besides all these , now I am one step closer towards being a better human being.
....Prathyush NP

Two years of hard work was finally paid off when my laptop flashed with a rank so as to get a seat in the most reputed institute of India, IIT. It was these three letters which simply changed my life. I was even happier because I had an added advantage that BBS is not so far from my home town. New faces, new environment, new city ,new this, new that....what not, everything was new to me. Added to that, I faced a lot of problems and the biggest one among them was homesickness . I was in a depressed state because it was an unimaginable situation to stay without my loved ones. But all thanks to the CST team, because they helped me a lot to get out of it and adjust to hostel life.CST meetings, FGT, treasure hunt etc helped me to make a new set of awesome friends which became my family in this lovely and lively place. Bhaina...roko, rushing to the classes, skipping lunch to complete lab records, evening walks, fest works, society meetings , fights for an extra rasmalai...didi please ek aur, many spoons in a single Maggi, night outs and the list will never end here. All these made up my memories of first year. These are just the elements of trailer, asli picture toh abhi baki hai mere dost.Life here will never be boring. In the beginning for few days, I regretted the decision of leaving home and staying in a hostel but now I don't because that helped me to lead an independent life. Numerous societies here helped me to enhance my skills and fests helped me to build up my personality. After a year now, I think I have changed as a person. I thank all my seniors for providing me timely support. I really feel honoured to be a part of CST 2K17 and will try to make your stay at this place a lovely experience.
....Mounika MKL

After the jee results were out I was quite dissapointed and depressed as my rank was not quite good.And although there's no hope in me of getting through this but finally I got a seat in mechanical branch at IIT BHUBANESWAR. I felt quite relaxed after this even though my expectations of going into an old IIT was smashed by my result.But still a lot of questions are hovering above my head like how would be this new IIT, would I be able to cop up with other iitian's and most important of all how would I manage my first time away from home. I've browsed a lot about IIT Bhubaneswar but it was only when my SG called me that I got a complete picture of my college and finally my dillema of college was resolved.And this is where I first got to know about CST.And it was them(CST members) who helped me through entire registration process and in a lot more things at the hostel. Now comes my batchmates,whom I initially called other iitian's and later I came to know that they also thought same as me about their new college,quite amusing it was.And then comes the environment of good friends among whom I enjoyed my past year and enjoyed memorable moments including academics too.Apart from this I too developed a lot of skills as being a part of societies and fests. Now as a part of CST this year,I too would like too guide and provide support to freshors in the same way as I got last year.As a senior too I would like to advice them about opportunities here . As we are always here for them.
....Deepak Kumar

Finally Jee Advanced results are out and I'm pretty much happy with the rank I got .when I came to know that I got ECE at IIT BHUBABESWAR , I was little bit afraid whether I could adjust in other state far away from home . But all these feelings vanished when I entered into the campus . A very large campus and its scenaric beauty excited me . Thanks to CST people who made us live comfortable in the campus at the initial period . More than the education standards, here in IIT's it is good that every fests , societies and other activities are held by students themselves . Being in a fest helped me to communicate with new people and to get good friends . After watching CST people working hard to make freshers feel home away from home , it was a desire for every fresher to be a part of CST team. Now I'm very happy to be a part of the team and guide freshers in a proper way
....Vishnu Jampala

It was a year ago in July I was ecstatic about my admission in this prestigious institute. But at the same time I was anxious, worried, confused and like any other freshman had qualms about ragging. All were put to rest thanks to the sincere efforts of the CST team. From receiving me from station to guiding me they did everything possible to make me feel comfortable at this new place for which I shall always be grateful to them. My friends, late night movies, playing mini militia, fests, meetings, hostel day games, watching cricket matches in the common room, discussions made the day before the exams all of these made my stay in IIT Bhubaneswar memorable. As a part of CST Team I am eagerly waiting to help my juniors.
....Naga Sai

Getting into an IIT and becoming an IITian was one of the dreams that my parents had for me. That day, when the results shouted that their son was officially an IITian, there were not enough words in this world to explain my parents' happiness. It was my first day at college and there were these guys {Counselling Service Team (CST)} who helped me a lot. My first year at IIT Bhubaneswar was surely a lot of fun. The night long CSGO rounds, Bhaina's late night so called 32 cum 30 rupees vali Maggi, those Saturday mornings with long lines in the mess for Dosa, the star nights of our fests, running out of notes during exams... these memories don't cover it all. There were so many things I did and learnt during my first year. Never held a DSLR before college, but now I know some pretty good things one can do with it. Even now, it just seems like a dream come true. I always wanted to join CST and now, I am a member of Counselling Service Team, IIT Bhubaneswar. I have made so many beautiful bonds in this place and I won't forget them in my whole life. I hope that time will bless me with many more adventures.
....Aakash Garg

Coming to an IIT college has always been my dream, I still remember the day I got selected, I was filled with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement. Luckily for my benefit an SG was allotted who guided me and helped me in resolving every obstacle that came my way during the process of shifting to IIT Bhubaneshwar. The CST (Counselling service team) has indeed done an excellent job, in making this difficult process a piece of cake. I can't thank them enough for guiding a newcomer like me who had no clue on how to survive this pressure filled environment, they turned into a new family that every student who is away from their home would crave. This ragging free campus has provided me with an amazing set of friends, who make me miss my family a little less with their companionship. I still remember, as soon as I arrived at IIT Bhubaneshwar, I was awestruck, for it was a well-established campus on a wonderful location. My first year here has been amazing, as it was filled with wonderful memories that I know I'll cherish for the rest of my life. And I know for a fact that the upcoming 3 years will be filled with beautiful memories, immense knowledge and will definitely play a huge role in turning me into a better person than I am today. In conclusion, for my juniors I'll be honest, it's not going to be easy, but believe me you'll get through. Be positive, keep faith in yourself and just enjoy the experience and make the most out of it.
....Shubham Aggarwal

A year back, somewhere in the month of July, events turned out resulting in my selection to IIT Bhubaneshwar as a student of Civil engineering. It had always been an exciting thought, of finally getting into a college, not any college, but one of the premier colleges of the nation. And like every fresher, I too had some worries of my own, parting from family, hostel life for the first time, the fear of getting "Ragged". But once I had been in the hostel for a couple of days, all was clear. You make a family of your own in here, way bigger than the one you have at your home. I went on to enhance many of my qualities I couldn't develop in the important years of my 11th and 12th. Our seniors have played a very important role in all of these. Members of the CST team made me feel comfortable, contacting us beforehand, and assisting us with any kind of problem. They have been a major reason for our quick settlement in the campus, guiding us at every stage. Now, myself being a member of the CST team, I would like to provide my juniors with the same hospitality I had been provided by my seniors. P.S.- To the freshers, you are going to have a memorable journey in college, so don't be afraid, step out in the open world, we are there to help you. All the best
....Parth Gupta

When my seat got finalised in IIT Bhubaneswar, I was quite excited but at the same time doubtful also. I had to go to a place far away from my hometown in a different state. I was doubtful whether I would be able to acclimatise in the new environment. Plethora of apprehensions like ragging, adjustment, seniors etc. were there in my mind. All thanks to the CST. Even before I reached Bhubaneswar I was guided by CST. I got a call from my student guide who cleared all my doubts in the beginning itself. The team guided me at each and every step. They helped me to find the way to the permanent campus of the institute, in the registration process, accommodation for parents and what not. IIT Bhubaneswar is a ragging free campus. The student guides, who were our seniors, were very friendly and helpful. They helped us adjust well in the beginning. The team organised many events and competitions for us. This helped us in knowing each other and making new friends. All the efforts made by the CST members enabled us to start a great campus life. I was so inspired by the work of CST that I had decided to be a part of this team in the beginning itself. Now as a member of the CST 2017, I welcome all the freshers to the family of IIT Bhubaneswar.

This time last year was the time that I took one of the biggest decision in my life and that was to choose IIT Bhubaneshwar out of all the choices I had. Looking back to those days I was sure that the cloud of uncertainty of it being a new IIT and far from my home down south made me confused whether it was the best decision. Especially the fact that the number of people who have come to Bhubaneshwar was far less from my state and doubts about regionality issues made things harder. Even the fact that I was no good when it came to speaking Hindi fluently added to the fear. (which never really mattered much and I got better by day). Then I took a leap of faith and decided to go with the choice. It took the first call from my Student Guide to make me feel good about the choice. After reaching here from the first day itself all the doubts and uncertainties started to fade away due to the patience and hospitality of the counselling team that helped us from the moment we reached Bhubaneshwar. From then there was no looking back, the memorable moments and learning experiences that were offered by the institute, the fun filled nights of the fests and the healthy mix and interaction of different cultures made my first year all so memorable. All this wouldn't have happened if it was not for the CST team that monitored and guided us till we were good on our own. So now it's our turn to give the same support for our juniors and help them realise the glory of our institute.
....Sadasiv SG

It was last year July when I joined this prestigious institute. I was very excited about my admission but had many doubts on how to proceed. This is when CST came to help me out. They directed me everything from boarding the train to reaching the institute safely. CST helped me out at the time of admissions when I had doubts about the registration process. I was excited to join the institute but at the same time had fear about ragging. Again CST helped me out. They were with us whenever we needed any help at any odd hours. Late night maggi, friends, volleyball, IPL evenings, hostel games, Interactions , Fests, and the dramatic society made my first year the most memorable year of my life at IIT BHUBANESHWAR. I'm thankful to the all the members of CST . I'm happy to be a part of CST and guide my juniors for their first year at IIT BHUBANESHWAR
....Yezdaani Pasha

First day of my preparation to get into an IIT and I determined to be in one,worked as much hard as I could and left nothing to regret for. Exactly after two years I found myself sitting with a JEE officer confirming my admission into IIT Bhubaneswar in the branch of my choice. First time me and my father came to the campus, both of us were amazed to see the wonderful guidance provided by Counselling Service Team and the campus, which makes us feel the presence of nature away from bustling cities we lived in till now. The first time I stood in the balcony, as far as eyes could see there were only trees and so much of greenery and a few discreet buildings.
....Shipra Rajput

Nothing worth having comes easy. With a bit of hard work and a bit of luck when I finally made it to an IIT it was almost like living a dream. I was happy and too excited to start the so called 'college life'. And IIT BBS has given me the perfect experience that I hoped for. From moment one after stepping in the land of the eastern coastal state of Odisha the scenic beauty of the place has mesmerised me. The college has a beauty of its own which can just be seen with eyes and felt and I fell short of words to express it. It won't be fair if I don't give CST '16 and specially my SG Abhinav Saket the credit for making my journey and the registration processes a mere cake walk. It's entirely because of these people that I have such joyous memories of the initial months of my college. The friends that I have made here and the people I have met are so amazing; everyone unique and talented in his or her own way. I cherish very second of the last one year of my life, except for some of the boring classes and exams. The seniors, the teachers and everyone has been so helping and inspiring. I sometimes wonder how quickly did this year pass, yet it leaves me satisfied and happy. You know what makes IITs so different from other colleges? It's the people, the culture and immense opportunities that you get here. You get to choose what you want to work on and get to experience different domains of sports, culture, technology and almost everything you can think of. Just one piece of advice to the juniors who are reading this, don't leave any regrets for you to repent later.
....Vedant Kumar

Two years of effort finally paid off and I made to an IIT. The joy of achieving it was something I had never felt before. I was too excited to join IIT BBS for my future studies. I had an idea how life would be after joining an IIT but living it feels far more amazing than I ever thought. I came with my parents for the first time for the registration and was amazed to see the view and the scenery around the campus. The CST '16 and my student guide were of great help and they help me familiarise with other folks and made my college experience grandeur. In the initial days I was not very open to many people but with time I made very good friends. IIT has given me the right opportunities to excel in my field of interest and now I am presently the Secretary of the Photography Club Clicks. I wish a very good luck to the incoming juniors and suggest them to not to panic and make good memories of their college days.
....Nikhil Yerra

Two years of preparation, aim of getting into the IITs, those sleepless nights and those days which passed without watching the sunrises and sunsets, finally were about to culminate to that one IIT whose alumni, I would have been called for my entire existence . IIT Bhubaneswar it was! Entire gamut of emotions from being nervous, worried, anxious, happiness had disturbed my normal thought process. My next couple of days were spent entirely with Google, surfing about IIT BBS and one fine day, I received a call from the Student Guide. This call will be nostalgic moment throughout my life as it was the moment where I felt I belong to this college now and this college belongs to me. The call was extremely relaxing and I got apprised about the college and its whereabouts. The D-day had arrived and I got to step into my habitat for next couple of years. It was eye pleasing to see the campus, the greenery around and especially the super cool hostels with much desired single rooms. The infrastructure was far beyond my imaginations and expectations. Such a joy! To be part of this mammoth institution. How can I not mention the most important support system, the only helpline for all the queries under the planet, the seniors. Their guidance is and for the past one year was bliss. The CST team really made me feel worthy with so much of activities going on in the campus during the initial days. The activities and engagements were very well designed to make us all know more about our batch mates. I think I have already made a few friends with who I am going to cherish all these moments during my sunset years. As I look back with a smile, I feel satisfied and content with this decision of joining IIT Bhubaneswar. It has been a great learning and brilliant experience so far. I have learnt to aspire to reach the pinnacle and stay humble at the same time.
....Shivam Sethi

Excited!!This is what I felt when I got to know I am going to be an IITIAN . My two years hard work finally got me something which my parents are proud of. Getting seat in IIT Bhubaneswar and branch of my choice it felt so good. Filled with enthusiasm, excitement I boarded the train to my journey of IITIAN life .After my parents left leaving me here, started anxiety and nervousness in me. New places ,new faces ,new life ,new environment and many changes ..these all came with a package. At beginning ,there was doubt whether I'm gonna survive somewhere away my home ,away from my comfortable zone. But there was no other way out .Then comes CST. Counselling service team. Be it coordinating us through phones and social media ,making us familiar with the curriculum and fests , organizing meetings for friendly relations among us , they helped us a lot in many aspects. Crazy friends, funny fights, parties for no reason, baseless arguments just to pass time, birthday cake smashings, adjusting to mess food, night outs ,sleepy lectures, back bench fun ,fests and societies all these was worth of the change in my lifestyle. Looking back to the past year I have made many fond memories ,improved my managing skills and independent life. I am really thankful to my CST team and seniors for being so helpful. Now I, being part of CST 2017,looking forward to welcome all the freshers
....Sahithya Kamalapadu

Getting to know my interests and expressing them through the ordered choice filling in the JOSAA counselling put me in a situation of turmoil after facing the biggest and toughest engineering entrance examination , JEE ADVANCED.However, with the standing support of friends , seniors and taking my intersests into account , I was suggested to go for a core branch in any of the new iits.After the results were announced , I was quite satisfied with electrical engineering at IIT BHUBANESHWAR.Of course I was skeptic about its current scenario until I received a call from my senior from my very own IIT before I even joined! Yes ! it was my student guide who called and it was then I found an elder brother. The COUNSELLING SERVICE TEAM ensured the each and every moment in our initial days was cherishable and memorable. Right from the registration to the accomodation, the CST has taken utmost care.Not only helped us out in formal procedures , it also gave us moral support to make ourselves strong enough in facing the new world.This encouraged and inspired me right from the very beginning to help my juniors being a part of this very zealous team, CST.
....Sethu Bhargav Meruga