"After two years of conscientious work at intermediate level, I got myself placed at IITBBS for which I and my parents were extremely happy. But then it is obvious for any freshman to be muddled of how his/her campus life would be in a completely different place with different culture, language, food habits so and so forth and so was the case with me.
For that reason, kudos to my student guide, Setu Bhargav Meruga, for constantly helping me throughout the year right from the registration process to my academic life and making me feel confident enough to handle the situations. Counselling service team of IITBBS has organised many events like FGT, heritage trips, seminars etc to develop a strong bond between students.
As of now, I feel IITBBS is a good place for meeting like-minded people from various corners of the country to learn and grow together. Here the campus community forms a close-knit group and you make friends for life here. Being the part of CST'18, I am eagerly waiting to help my juniors."

_______Rahul Bharadwaj

"It was the day on which results of the final round of JoSAA were declared. My eyes were filled with joy when I saw IIT Bhubaneswar as the college allotted to me. My parents were immensely happy that their daughter finally made it to one among the top 15 colleges of the country. We reached the campus and the registration process went peacefully with the help of my SG, Deepak Khethavath. Within a week, we got used to the climate and the so called "college life" began. Time flew away in the blink of an eye leaving behind amazing memories - classroom masti, interactions with seniors, playing and practicing with society members and the list goes on... Being able to manage career and enjoyment hand in hand is the major lesson taught here in the peaceful green environment. If you want to live your life to the fullest in IIT Bhubaneswar then you need to be confident, calm and courageous. Also never lose your uniqueness.
FACHHAS! Hold your breath because you are going to face a storm of tremendous amazing memories."

_______Ritika Gujrathi

"If you put in 'Time' + 'Effort', you will see the Results. My dream of becoming an IITian changed to reality. I was very happy and why shouldn't I be? After all, I was living my dream. After the seat allotment process conducted by JoSAA, I got a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. I was eager to join my college but at the same time, I was a bit edgy. A lot of doubts raised in my mind regarding the registration process, hostel room allotment, college life and so on. But all of them got cleared by a single call from my SG, Deepak Khethavath. I was very much pleased after talking to him. After reaching IIT Bhubaneswar, I was mesmerised by the beautiful green campus situated at the foot of Barunei hills. The registration process would have been no better without the CST members. They guided us in all aspects to give a good start to our four years of journey in IIT. CST organized many fun events like Treasure Hunt, games, FGT, etc and planned Heritage trips in and around Bhubaneswar. These activities helped me in interacting with all the new people around me. As a freshman, I enjoyed every bit of my life with wonderful people blessed with extraordinary brains. Now being a member of CST, I'm eagerly waiting to help my juniors.
I would like to give my juniors a msg -You will find no strangers here, but friends you haven't met yet."

_______Sayed Wajahatullah

"With two years of hard work, sacrifice, and a lot of luck, I cleared JEE Advanced. I was allotted a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar in the last round of counselling. My initial happiness of being an IITian turned to apprehension as that was the first time I would be away from my parents. The reality of leaving my home, my friends, my school, and everything I had known struck me hard. I received a call from Deepak Kumar from IIT Bhubaneswar on the very same day. He introduced himself as my Student Guide and told me about CST and how it helps me adjust to the college life. I was relieved after speaking to him. He cleared most of my doubts and fears better than anyone else ever could! Herein lies the success of CST and the Student Guide programme. Only a student can connect with another student. Only a student can understand and clear the doubts and fears of another. We can help in the transition to college life because we were in the same situation a year ago! Our only job at CST is to make you comfortable.
So, in conclusion, I can only say-"Keep Calm and Believe in CST!"

_______Aakash Rajesh

"It isn't easy for anybody to get into IIT. Lots of students do many sacrifices to get into it. With a bit of luck and much hard work, this dream came true for me. After the final round of counselling, I got to know that I will be spending my college life in IIT BBS. I was happy as well as anxious like any freshman. Later, I received a call from my SG which helped me to overcome my fear and filled me with 'enthu'. My most exciting college life began soon after the registration. CST's events helped me to develop a bond with fellow students in the new place. Different people here and their culture helped me to push my limits farther. I can heartily say "I cherish every second of last one year of my life". Friends, last-minute preparations, late night movies are few among the never-ending list of college experiences.
Time flew and I am now geared up to help freshers as a part of CST'18."

_______Valluri Vamsi Ram

"I stretched my legs and sat lazily on the couch facing the balcony with eyes closed, smelling the ripe mangos, feeling the warm breeze and looked back upon those 8 months away from home. I still remember, 25th July' 17, I stepped into a new place, new college, new people without the slightest idea of what next to do. And that's when I met my SG who guided me throughout the registration process. Before coming to college, I came up with a bunch of ideas to interact with new people .But after FGT and heritage trips, they were of no use. We were bonded to each other stronger than any adhesive could do. The credit goes to the CST members who organised these events for us. The team work during the treasure hunt and tasks in FGT helped me interact well. I cherish every second of last 8 months at IIT Bhubaneswar. The teachers, seniors and even my friends guided me through this journey. I learnt new things every single day. Now I await the arrival of juniors to help them whenever and wherever needed. This glorious land of IIT Bhubaneswar provides immense opportunities in fields of sports, culture, technology and almost everything one could think of.
Those days fled so fast but the memories shall last as long as I do."

_______Yukta Butala

"What comes easy won't last long, and what lasts long won't come easy. True indeed! I realised it at that moment when the 7th round of JoSAA ended and I was finally allotted a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. I was on cloud nine for I shall live the most aspired IITian life. But some part of me had a doubt-list ready to hamper the happiness. "Will there be ragging in the college?" "Will I be able to stay so far from home?" "Will I be able to make new friends?".....and the list is endless. After reading the answers on quora, I felt a bit relieved. After talking to my Student Guide and experiencing the hospitality of CST, I heaved a sigh of relief. The greenery of the campus and the sight of Barunei hills rejoiced me. I can still remember the feel of cool breeze hitting my face on the first morning of my four-year-long journey. When I look back into the year that passed by , a smile dances on my face and that explains them all- evening walks, fest-fun, star nights, midnight maggi, last day submissions, late night talks, NSS camps....Of course, I don't deny scorching sun, sudden showers and surprise tests!!
Thank you CST for all the memories and friends we made in the treasure hunt, FGT and heritage trips. I feel lucky to have Aditya Pal as my Student Guide from whom I seek guidance even after I've become one! Sometimes what seems to be an ending is indeed the beginning. I thought with the end of my first year ends my relation with the CST. Fortunately, it took a turn and marked the beginning of my role as a Student Guide in CST'18.
Warm welcome to all the freshers joining IITBBS family. Keep calm! We are here to help you out!!"

_______Ramaa Pratyusha

"The day of JEE Adv. results brought the news backing my two years of hard work. I and my family were really excited about my further journey through one of the prestigious institutes of our nation. After all rounds of JoSAA, I got a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. Though it was not among so called old IITs, I was excited to continue my journey with a fresh and reputed institute. After seat allocation, I got a call from my student guide, Aakash Garg. A talk with him about the 'Life at IIT', which is dreamed by every IIT aspirant, completely relieved me. I was very excited to experience" the IIT culture".
On my way to campus from station, I was rejoiced by the thought that I'm going spend my four exciting years in the shadow of nature. The first look of lavish green campus touched my heart. From day one of my journey in IIT, CST was there to guide. They helped us from registration to interaction. They had planned a lot of fun activities for us like treasure hunt, heritage trips, and FGT and counselling sessions. CST worked really hard and helped us to adapt here.
They interacted with my parents and convinced them for safe and exciting life at IIT BBS. This transition period from a school life to a college life would have never been easy without the CST. All the societies, events, fests, festivals here define what IITian life means. The thing which I liked the most here is that 'entrepreneurship and innovative activities' are strongly supported. Best part of a college life is the bond you make with others. After meeting many of my college mates, some turned into my friends and some into my best friends. The atmosphere over here is not just making me a better engineer but a better person too. I think, I'm really lucky to be a part of IIT Bhubaneswar family.
I heartily welcome all the freshers and ask you to get ready for an amazing journey.Fachhas!! Lift the weight off your shoulders and take a long glide in the sky to your dreams."

_______Prakash Zanwar

"Sacrifice, dedication, hard work, passion, and efforts, these are few of the many words that every JEE aspirant has come across. It's never easy to compete with 13 lakh students to secure a position in one of the most prestigious institutes in the country. I thought that I'll give my best and never worry about the results, but it wasn't easy, it wasnt possible. Every day was a day closer to the result, more doubts and questions filled my mind than ever before. It was long, and the wait wasn't easy. But eventually the results came out and I was happy with my rank. The next major step is to choose your college, which according to many will determine your future. After several rounds of counselling and anxious waiting, I got into IIT Bhubaneswar.
I was at the top of the world but was very confused about of a lot of things. How can I live in a state where I didn't know anyone? I didn't know the language? What am I going to do? What made things worse was the way I imagined college life would be like. But in no time, I was clear. All my questions were answered and doubts cleared, thanks to the CST team. They guided me during my initial stay at the campus and were also very helpful. Though not an old IIT, IIT Bhubaneswar never fails to overcome its shortcomings. With modern labs, experienced faculties, and its state of the art infrastructure, to amazing fests, brainstorming competitions, advanced workshops and creative events, you'll surely be astonished by the opportunities you'll get. We not only excel in academics but also in various other fields. Gear up as you enter the next dimension of your life; late night movie, endless serials, evening walks, trips to the city, hanging out with friends, group study the night before the exams, you'll know what life is all about.
If there is one thing that I wish to do again in my life, that'll be to go back and relive the experience as a freshman. Live the moment as time passes real quick in this part of the world."

_______Sai Prasath S

"When I look back at the days spent in my freshman year at IIT BBS, I feel satisfied that I had been able to have all the fun which had been missed out during the preparations for JEE. This was possible because of great friends who were amazing in all the ways. I was finally living life the IIT way! Of course, in the beginning, I was confused and afraid of what my life would be away from home. Will I be bullied or ragged? Will I be living a decent lifestyle? But CST'17 team, specifically my SG Chinmay Gupta, ensured that nothing bad ever happened to me. My SG bore with me and my problems and helped me clear my doubts at each step. So, now I have come to realize that IIT BBS has helped me balance my way of life, dealing with everything equally at my own pace. Want an example? Try to be a part of any fest management team,you shall understand the true meaning of responsibility. I consider myself lucky to be part of such kind of a new generation campus, which is both challenging and soothing at the same time. The seminars and exhibitions here, have given a boost to my life giving me a clear picture as to what I really need to do in my life with the available resources.
I am glad that I have come a long way and made some decent memories here at my college. Proud to be an IITian! "

_______Prasanjit Rath

"Imagine the excitement that one will have when his/her dream of being called an IITian is becoming true. With some similar excitement filled in my heart, I reached the campus of IIT Bhubaneswar. The campus within itself had a different world, a paradise, upholding both nature's beauty and the work of technology. It was, in fact, the place where I always wanted to live my college life. Reaching the registration venue and going through the admission process, I noticed one thing. The CST members were everywhere working dedicatedly so that we don't face any sort of problem. But that wasn't all. Starting from that day, the CST team, especially the Student Guides, have been very helpful and supportive in every way possible. May it be an academic issue or a non-academic one, the SGs would be there to help us, to guide us.
As days passed in my new home, I got to know a lot of people, batch mates and seniors, each having a special importance in my life. I have made some awesome friends, who I can rely on. I have even enjoyed the company of some teachers who can inspire you in a way that no-one can fathom. In this institute, I have got a plethora of opportunities to hone my talents and learn new things which have helped me to evolve as a skilled one-fourth engineer and also as a better human being.
The last year has been so exciting and happening for me that I couldn't realise when time flew and I reached in the second year of my college career. I cherish the memories that I have created and I hope that this year will be similarly exuberant for the freshers.
As a part of CST, I will be always there to help you out."

_______Aditya Nayak

"Since 2015, it was my primary goal to become an IITian, and through determination and hard work, I was able to get into IIT Bhubaneswar. But, I was a bit sad that I had to leave everyone and go, and at the same time, was anxious about the new place. But my fear was partially gone when I got a call from my Student Guide, Parth Gupta, as he provided me with very valuable details and suddenly I had a friend who has experience of being at a place where I was about to go. When I reached Bhubaneswar I was mesmerised by its beauty and greenery and also its resemblance to Kerala. By the details given to me by my SG, I was able to find an inn nearby college. Also, my registration works went smoothly because of CST'17 as they supported and cleared all my doubts. Soon, I started interacting with others and when I look back at the one year I spent at IITBBS, it has been the best one year I had ever lived. I had amazing people as friends and was able to learn new things, meet inspiring professors and spend an unforgettable week in IIT Madras during Inter-IIT sports meet. By participating in societies and fests I have also become more responsible and good at time-management.
I hope all freshers will also have a year that they'll cherish for the rest of their life."

_______Akarsh Balchandran

"As soon as my parents left me at IIT Bhubaneswar last July, I began my journey of becoming what I've always thought of: an engineer. I did not know what to expect from my freshman year at an IIT. They say that a college is a place of self-discovery, trials and errors; little did I know I would end up getting so many memories, endless knowledge and of-all great friendships!
Right from day one of arriving at IIT BBS, the college and its students have given me a sense of fulfilment. The CST 2017 was very helpful on the day of registration and the whole year likewise. The first couple of months were so much fun! The CST organized fun activities, heritage trips and the most coveted FGT (Fachha's Got Talent). These experiences helped in breaking the cocoon that I had built around myself during my JEE preparation; I came out as a better person than I was ever before. It would be wrong if I didn't mention my SG, Parth Gupta. He was the one who helped me steer through the difficult days of the initial months of the year. Here at IIT, the classroom isn't just a place of learning. I have learned much more from the experiences I got here. I was fortunate to make amazing bonds with incredible people, be it professors, peers, or even the cycle repair guy! From each person, I learnt a new thing whether it be from their job, culture, or their life experience. I feel incredibly lucky to have been in such a place that helped me broaden my personal views about absolutely everything.
My advice to the "fachhas" would be to make MEMORIES, take CHANCES, be CAREFUL, and WORK HARD."

_______Saif Ali Khan

"Before the JEE Advanced results, like everyone, I was tensed too. But finally, when I cracked it, I got even tenser than before. The reason of the post result anxiety was the statement of my teacher saying "These two years of your effort is nothing in comparison to the struggle inside IIT, the struggle that begins right from the first year." After all the rounds of seat allocation by JOSAA completed, and I got a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar, the very next day I got a call from my student guide, Shubham Agrawal, who gave me all the information regarding the registration, reaching IIT, and most importantly, "Life at IIT BBS".
After joining college, the CST team found all the possible ways to increase the interactions among our batch mates and with seniors. The trips, games, FGT etc. not only made the transition from school life to college life smooth but also helped me to make new friends. It seemed like I didn't leave my home at all because IIT Bhubaneswar became my new home. Like every other student who prefers to join older IIT, I too was uncertain of the academics of it but after being here, I must say, teachers are really very supportive and encouraging towards research and analysis.
Now being in the CST Team, I will my best to help the juniors like the seniors helped me. A hearty welcome to the wonderful, green and activities-filled campus of IIT Bhubaneswar."

_______Aneri Gandhi

"Self-belief and hard work earn success. This statement was proved on the day of JEE Advanced 2017 results. My hard work had paid off and I finally was becoming an IITian. Being a citizen of Odisha itself, I was very happy when I got a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. Located at the foot of the Barunei Hills, IIT Bhubaneswar offered a very beautiful atmosphere and a truly vast campus to its students. Along with being eager to start my college life, I also had feelings of anxiety because of the new obstacles I was about to face now. The CST of IIT Bhubaneswar played a crucial role in helping me with my college life in the first year. My Student Guide, Bharath Ram, had a very helpful attitude towards me and my parents. He took care of all the queries they had and made sure neither I nor my parents had any doubts regarding my college life. Instead of being homesick, I was able to enjoy my college life right from the first day, thanks to a very good CST, my friends and every other person I met here. A year has passed now and when I look back at all those memories I made, I can definitely say that this has been the most wonderful phase of my life. The friends I made, the fun I had and the knowledge I gained, all of those helped me to march towards my goal of becoming an engineer and above that, a better person.
Now I just want to return the favour my seniors gave me by being a responsible member of this year's CST. I wish best of luck to all the new candidates who are about to start their wonderful journey of college life."

_______Sudipta Pradhan

"Years of hard work had finally paid off when I qualified the JEE Advanced 2017 and got a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. My parents were extremely happy along with an anxiety about my future at IIT Bhubaneswar. But, most of our confusion was cleared away by the first call from my student guide, Vishnu Jampala, informing us about the location of campus, registration and life at IIT BBS. Reaching the campus was easy with the help of CST. It was my first day at the beautiful and mesmerizing campus of IIT BBS situated at the foothills of Barunei Hills. The hostels were way better than what I had in mind and the members of CST were even present there to help us. The whole process of registration was made very smooth by CST'17. The CST team further organized many events and heritage trips to increase interactions amongst us so we could make new friends and start enjoying our college life, thus, making the first few months very happening. Now the first year of my college life is over, and all I can recall about the past year is the fun I had while learning new things and making new friends at IIT BBS.
IIT Bhubaneswar is a place which offers many opportunities in the technical, cultural and sports field, and CST'17 was the one who guided me to explore these and create some memories which I would cherish for the rest of my life."

_______Manav Kumar Singh

"After the result of JEE advanced, I was wondering which stream and college I will get. I filled the JOSAA list which was to be filled very carefully, and finally, I got Civil engineering at IIT Bhubaneswar. With the first call from my SG, Meghna Saha, I felt so relaxed and comfortable that someone is there to help through the new journey of my college life. She was very helpful from day one. She not only helped in getting along the new environment but also guided me throughout the activities which we were supposed to do in the beginning. Not only Meghna Saha, but other SGs helped me too while settling in the hostel. I am the only child of my parents and I never stayed alone. It was more difficult for my parents to leave me in the strange environment than for me to settle in it. But my seniors, especially the CST team, were so helpful that my parents were more than satisfied while leaving me. The CST team made it so comfortable and homely that it convinced my parents to let me go and grow in IIT Bhubaneswar.
In the end, I just want to convey to all parents whose ward are going to join our college that, it's the perfect place to be in and to call it our second home."

_______Gandharv Mahajan

"Having completed my two years long journey playing with maths, physics and chemistry, and sometimes they playing with me, I finally got blessed with the tag name "IITian". I was very excited about college life as well as worried what course to take and in which college, and finally ended up with IIT Bhubaneswar. As soon as the 7 rounds of counselling were done, I received a call from my senior on the campus. I was surprised and then got to know that there is a Counselling Service Team. My SG, Deepak Kumar, helped me to get to the campus with ease and even helped me with all the formalities. Treasure hunt, FGT, Heritage trips gave us a platform to make new friends.
Like any other student, I was worried about ragging, but after few days, my fears were put to an end, I thank CST for that. Societies' meetings, fest works, evening walks with friends are some of the best memories. I am blessed to have such fantastic people over here who never made me feel homesick. I'm excited to work with CST as well as help my juniors."

_______Nikhita Reddy

"It is said that hard work always pays off. I too was very happy when my dream of studying in an IIT finally came true. Two years of restless hard work had finally borne fruit. I was overjoyed when I entered IIT Bhubaneswar. The mesmerising greenery along with the towering Barunei Hills surrounding the campus spellbound me. My mind was flooded with thoughts and doubts. How my life would be here? How my seniors would behave with me? What kind of friends would I make?... All my confusion was resolved when I entered the hostel for hostel allotment. The CST'17 team was present there to help me. They helped me through the entire registration process. It would be unfair if I do not mention my student guide, Mounika MKL, who helped me through my entire first year. She was always present to help and guide me. The CST'17 team made the entire registration process a cakewalk. The CST organized various activities during the first semester. FGT, heritage trips and Treasure Hunt were the highlights of my first semester. Those events helped me meet new people and make new friends. Overall the first year of my college life was remarkable. It was filled with fun and good memories. It had taught me how to be more responsible and thoughtful. I, as a part of CST'18, would like to welcome all the freshers who are going to start their college life in IIT Bhubaneswar.
I wish them best of luck for the most fun-filled, exciting and sublime four years of their lives."

_______Vatsalya Chaubey

"Probability of getting selected into an IIT is 0.0083, and after two years of hard work and dedication, when I made into one, my family and I were overjoyed. But at the same time I also felt a mixture of excitement and trepidation about how I am going to adjust to college life. All these doubts were cleared when I got a call amidst the seat allocation process, from my Student Guide Mounika MKL, and after that, I got full support of CST in my 1st year whether it was registration process, room allotment or academics. The Counselling Service Team does the role of a mentor, friend, and informative source for incoming students. Heritage trips, Treasure Hunt, Fachhas Got Talent (all Conducted by CST) gave me a platform to explore new places, people and myself.
After joining fests, societies and Students' Gymkhana, I learned a lot about myself and my capability of handling things. Looking back, I didn't have slightest clue as to how I got through certain things, but the point is, I did. I enjoyed every moment of freedom and independence but at the same time remembering the purpose of being at IIT and made the decisions accordingly. I can definitely say that this was a marvellous year, full of responsibilities. I am animated with sense, filled with spirit to work with CST and ready to help all the juniors.
I wish a very good luck to the freshers and welcome all of them to their awe-inspiring college life at IIT Bhubaneswar."

_______Jatin khare

"Two years after my class 10 were spent with an aim of preparing for JEE adroitly, so that, I could get close to my goal and reach my target. Alas! The formula worked. Fortune favoured me and paved the way to my destination, IIT BHUBANESWAR. Having an IIT tag was like a dream-come-true to me and I was literally high and ecstatic for many days. Although I was no new to hostel life, the idea of being in a new place, in a state that I have never visited before, scared me and also my parents. One fine day, I received a call from my SG and that ten minutes call, that damn ten minutes call turned me out to be the complete opposite of what I had envisioned during the weeks leading up to this anxiety-filled affair and made me feel that IIT BHUBANESWAR is where I belong to. Even my parents got all their doubts cleared and got cooled down a bit after the call. Then came the D-day when we had to report to the campus. The elegance and charm of this colossal campus bowled me out that day. She (the campus) won my heart. The official work and formalities were completed smoothly, thanks to the CST team who guided us at each and every step with utmost manoeuvre. Kudos to the CST for gifting me some impeccable memories that would be with me throughout my life.
"India in one Place" is a lived reality here. The multicultural environment that is unique to IITs provided me with the opportunity to become friends with people from all different corners of the country. Friends are the best part of college life. My friends and people, in general, here are super cool and talented. The seniors are quite inspiring and help us get through our problems. IIT BBS has been a great fit for me. I have been exposed to a new world of opportunities in various domains like sports, robotics and many more. The people here are so friendly and welcoming.
I laughed, I cried, I was high, I was low, I was lit, I had dope moments and many more last year and I still relish all those precious moments as if it happened yesterday. Time flies, really! The Jedis' have the force with them; similarly, IIT BBS has the CST team with it. So juniors don't worry, just believe in force and rest force (we) will take care. May the force be with you.
Proud to be part of the CST team!"

_______Prithvi Trinadh

"Two years of intense toiling, mugging up all the formulae and understanding concepts landed me a seat in one of the prestigious institutes of our country, IIT Bhubaneswar. It had always been a dream of mine and I must say, I was so thrilled and excited about starting my new life in college. A week before campus registration, I got a call from a student of IIT. He introduced himself as Nikhil Panda, a Student guide of the Counselling Services Team (CST) of IIT Bhubaneswar. He told me about the registration procedure and the documents required for the same as well as cleared all my doubts. I was surprised at such a call from a college student because I've never heard of Counselling teams in colleges where I come from. In fact I only knew about different teams that existed among seniors of ragging the juniors. However, to my astonishment, this call introduced me to a wonderful team of students who were going to guide me and help me settle into the college over the first few months. The Counselling Services Team has always been there for help right from day one when I entered the college. Be it at the hostel or the Registration Venue, they've been a guiding light for all freshers. My SG (Student Guide), Nikhil Panda, deserves special mention as he has helped me out a lot, especially during the first few days of college. My parents also got useful information regarding where to buy stuff, how to reach the campus etc. after interacting with the CST. The CST took many meetings and conducted several events for us freshers to bond and create new friendships namely Treasure Hunt, Freshers Got Talent (FGT) etc. They also accompanied us on Heritage Trips to UNESCO sites in and around Bhubaneswar.
Life in IIT Bhubaneswar is what you choose to have. One can lead a pretty boring life stuck to their rooms all the time with no activities or one can join societies, take part in organizing fests and be a busy bee. There are endless opportunities for you to shine in what you do best in IIT. Year down, I already have enough memories to last a lifetime and hence there's one thing I can assure you all, you'll enjoy your four years in IIT.
Make the most out of it!"

_______R Rahul

"I still remember the day when i joined my JEE coaching centre with the sole aim to fulfil my dream of joining an IIT. After two years of rigorous hard work, I was finally able to fulfil my goal and secure a seat in one of the most prestigious college in country, IIT Bhubaneswar. Even though I was very happy to join IIT Bhubaneswar, on the other hand I was very tensed about the fact that I had to move into an entirely new city with lots of unknown faces. In addition to it, there was even a lot of uncertainty regarding the registration process. But once I came into contact with Counselling Service Team of the college, all my anxiety vanished. Even before reaching the campus, my student guide Monika cleared all my doubts regarding the entire registration process .Upon reaching the campus; I was taken aback by the lush greenery and beauty of it. My SG helped me immensely during the registration process too. The people at CST even helped us overcome home-sickness by taking us freshers out for heritage trips which I enjoyed thoroughly. Like majority of fresher's fear is ragging, and so was it was of mine. But IIT Bhubaneswar claims to be a RAGGING-FREE campus and it truly was. The seniors here are friendly and easily-approachable and give valuable guidance to me.
In conclusion, I must admit that my two years of hard work paid rich dividends when i was able to join IIT Bhubaneswar, and i felt almost at home thanks to the CST team."

_______Rishab Khawad

"When I started to dream of an IIT, I never knew that one day I would be in a situation like this, writing an experience of being a part of an IIT. In all those coaching classes and endless study hours which eventually failed in many ways however succeeded in one thing, which was maintaining expectations about the atmosphere in and around an IIT. So with those expectations in mind, I would say IIT BBS has fulfilled a major part of it. I was indeed glad to be a part of this regime of the campus where whatever provided by campus is in accordance with the modern world requirements and the reason being the campus infrastructural development happening since past few years. So with all the newly built infrastructure, comprising of good hostels, academic blocks etc.. I felt that IIT BBS provides a better campus life. Initially I felt that the campus was lagging somewhere academically. However, I was proved wrong by NIRF ranking, where IIT BBS among the top colleges in the list in terms of ' teaching, learning and resources '. And this was given a boost with all those named companies entering the campus premises year after year. So, academically and in terms of resource provision, the campus is at par with the required standards. Being in a situation where parents are more worried about you than you yourself are, a helping hand from the institute side was felt more than required at that time. We were so pleased when we were contacted by my Student Guide. A year down the line, it feels really good to be a part of the same team which guided us and providing me the opportunity to do the same. You may not be able to see heaven here, but definitely you won't regret the life here.
So overall it's been great to be a part of this campus and it's a pleasure to be a part of this esteemed institute's Counselling Service Team sharing our experience of the past one year and letting the newcomers to cherish the campus life in here more than what we did. "

_______Rahul Naidu

"After two years of warship, struggles, ups and downs and toiling hard, the warrior finally wins the battle. After this roller-coaster ride of two long years, when you finally achieve to have an identity among the most intelligent brains of the country, you are open to numerous colleges being it any IIT, NIT or for that matter any well-recognized college. I went through a really difficult phase of choosing among the various options open to me until I got a mere website link to contacts of the CST Team with SGs waiting to help many students like me who were in a dilemma of choosing their dream college. SG Meghna Saha made it really easy for me and made IIT Bhubaneswar my convincing choice. A simple talk over call and chats over days tempted me to choose IITBBS over any other IIT and I don't repent my choice even a bit. Coming to this one year of college life, being the transitory phase from school to college life, is the most important stage in anyone's life. The freshman year at college was an adventure when you are in a new city, a new environment, making new friends and the first ever sense of independence. It made me upgrade myself to a better version of self. The amazing faculty and the CST Team helped me all through.
Coming from an urban city of Delhi, the cool winds from the Barunei Hills with the scenic beauty of campus were all breathtaking for me. The first impression of the mesmerizing atmosphere of college is still fresh in my mind. My journey of the freshman year began with me with my newly made friends entering into a whole new dimension of late night chit-chats, movies, sleeping through classes, irritating repetitive alarms at odd hours, evening walks, midnight celebrations-bdays, fun-fests, society works, unplanned trips, last moment exam-studies, assignment submission, lingos like "machao" "maggu" and many more. All this wouldn't have been possible without my fellow friends, the best of whom we made outside the classrooms, at FGT, Treasure hunts, Heritage trips and all credits to the CST'17 Team for making our first year at college full of sweet everlasting memories :)
Proud to be a part of CST'18! We are always there to help you :) "

_______Shruti Pattajoshi

"That feeling when two years of hard work finally pays off, it was like a dream come true; I was finally going to be an IITian. Located at the foot of the serene Barunei hills, IIT Bhubaneswar was where I was going to be. I was really worried and anxious at first as this was the first time I was going to be away from home but the CST people really helped me a lot in settling down especially my SG Aakash Garg, right from the day of seat allotment. I have had many nice memories in this one year of the four year journey, of which heritage trips, late night walks to the main gate, fests, Inter IIT, playing football at 1 A.M. , are just a few of them. I made some really good friends who made the hostel life so much fun, that it's now like a second home. If you are worried about the faculties over here don't be, they are good. Other than academics you have a pool of opportunities here waiting for you to pick them up, be it technical or cultural or sports, whichever field you like.
PS: - Dont rush into any decision and enjoy your new life to the fullest (don't forget to study)."


When it was decided that it was going to be IIT BBS where I was going to enroll, I was doubtful whether the institute could give me enough exposure and opportunities as any other old IIT. In my very first week I knew that joining IIT BBS was one good decision I made in life. With the iconic Main building slowly rising up as our vehicle approached the campus gate, I had a good feeling about what was going to unfold in the upcoming days. Not knowing the widely spoken language Hindi, I thought there was going to be a communication barrier hindering the process of settling down after arriving at a new place. But on the contrary after all the group interactions, the team games and the heritage trips, I can proudly say that I have great friends from all corners of the Nation. The Institute strikes the perfect balance between the rankings, placements, exposure and fun studying in an old IIT and the cool buildings, nice hostels, latest equipment and infrastructure offered in young IITs. With so many societies to join and epic fests to work for, boredom seldom touches you here.
No wonder time goes by fast in such a place."


"My parents and I were on cloud nine when JEE advanced result announced, it was the result of my hard work and dedication of two years that I was a step ahead of my goal in life. I got CSE in IITBBS. I was happy and elated but a bit of nervous because of many questions about the new state, different food, different culture and obviously different language. There were many other questions floating in my mind but all these were answered when I got a call from my SG Meghna Saha. Within a few minutes of talk with her, I felt confident enough that next phase of my life is going to be awesome.
The beauty of IIT Bhubaneswar can surprise anyone, spanning 936 acres and situated in the lap of the Barunei Hills, known both for its scenic beauty and rich history. It offers you opportunities in every field from best academics to co-curricular. Making friends from various states sharing our cultures and being a part of different societies, I really never felt homesick and enjoyed every moment here. I always felt that there is so much to learn outside the four

I hope that my juniors will also enjoy their first year and I, being a part of the CST'18 team will definitely be there to help you."

_______Gaurav Gupta

"Hard work always pays off; it was yet again proved when my dream of getting into an IIT became true. When the JEE Advanced results came out, I was quite happy that my dream of getting into an IIT is going to be true; but at the same time I was also anxious thinking about leaving my parents, going to a new place, meeting new people etc., After the JOSAA counselling was completed, I had got a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar and I started packing my luggage almost a week before with a huge amount of happiness, anxiety and fear. Then came a call from my Student Guide Bharath Ram, asking us about our arrival at Bhubaneswar and he let us know about the transportation facilities and different things that are essential. I was surprised by the care he showed, and then came to know the standards of an IIT and how it is different from many engineering colleges.
Finally I arrived at IIT Bhubaneswar, but unfortunately my SG was at a different place and I was waiting for him. Then Vedant Kumar(another SG) came and asked my name; as soon as I spoke out my name, he clarified whether my SG was Bharath Ram and helped me get through my registration process and Room allotment. I was shocked at his spontaneity and I understood the effort they put for the freshers. I then and there decided to be a part of CST. CST-2k17 really helped to get through this new journey of mine at a totally new place. The work CST has done during registration, Treasure Hunt, FGT, Heritage Trips were mind blowing and helped me to get through with new people around me at a totally new place. I really thank the Counselling Service Team and I'm really proud to be a part of this prestigious team and I'm excited a ton to help my juniors.
All the best wishes."

_______Harsha Vardhan