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Message from Prof R V Raja Kumar, Director

Dt 17th July 2016

Dear all,

I call upon one and all of IIT Bhubaneswar for participation with renewed vigour in the activities of the institute during the new academic year and join me in welcoming all the freshers to the institute. IIT Bhubaneswar has overcome yet another landmark in its history with the inauguration of academic operations at the School buildings of Electrical, Infrastructure and Basic Sciences on 14th July 2016. This land mark could be achieved after a lot of hard work and determination for shifting. The Autumn 2016-17 semester is commencing with Registration of courses for senior students, 1st year MSc and MTech students and 1st year BTech students respectively on 18th, 19th and 25th of this month.

I am also happy to announce that all academics barring majority of laboratory classes of SMS, SMMME and a fraction of SIF, will be held at the permanent campus itself, as per the personal commitment we have made to students, last year. By the end of the current semester, all the laboratory classes are also likely to be offered at the permanent campus itself.

In an endeavour to fulfil the aspirations of the countrymen, this year we have increased the intake of the BTech students from 180 to 260, despite limited hostel accommodations, by taking a hostel block with the courtesy of NISER, Bhubaneswar which is only 3 Kms away from the IIT campus. The first year postgraduate students of Science and Engineering will be staying in this hostel extension for about a year. With this rise in intake, the eventual rise in total student strength is 360 seats. A new BTech programme in Electronics & Communication Engineering and two each of Dual degree programmes in Civil engineering and Mechanical engineering are being added to the list of academic programmes of the institute from the present semester.

We believe that each one of our students have the potential to shoulder the IIT-brand as they move along in their personal and professional life. I am sure, that they are aware of the fact that the experience they will get through an IIT-education system is uncountable and eagerly looking forward for experiencing the same. As an IITian myself, being aware of the aspirations of each student, his/her parents, the faculty, the nation and the society at large, I am personally engaged along with our colleagues in concentrating efforts in establishing academic practices and ingredients of high standards at IIT Bhubaneswar. I am sure; all will agree that the sacred objective will be fulfilled only with the holistic participation of every stake holder and particularly the students and the faculty. I wish to call upon the students to be prepared to unleash the potential in them in the right perspective to enrich their knowledge and other cognitive skills using the ecosystem of IIT Bhubaneswar.

At IIT-Bhubaneswar, we rely on a pedagogy that promotes creativity and innovation and teaching-learning practices of high standards. Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere that is free, friendly and above all, democratic and participatory in nature. Every course is designed, delivered and monitored in a manner that will add a significant value to a student. We equally emphasize on the development of core human values, mental well-being and physical well-being of our students. I wish to call upon all the faculty and staff members of IIT Bhubaneswar to stand up to the core values, join the endeavour and shoulder the responsibility of driving the envisioned pedagogy and impart the associated values to the students. I would like to remind them that every class a teacher takes, every minute a teacher interacts with a student, every assignment, feedback a teacher gives, every action a teacher or a staff member takes in the operations of the institute, can be very valuable in particular to the students and the society, at large.

Whole hearted and spirited participation of a student in the education system with clear-cut knowledge about the importance of a subject, the instructional and learning objectives, is solicited. It is the duty of a teacher to appraise about these to the students at the beginning of a course.

Some Recent Initiatives @ IIT Bhubaneswar:

As the serene and scenic permanent campus of IIT Bhubaneswar beckons you, let me pen down some of the major establishments/initiatives/happenings taking place, now.

  • Last year, we planted 5,000 trees in the campus and this year the target is 20,000. Shortly, all will get an opportunity to participate in the endeavour.
  • Within a few days, Gigabit Ethernet connection is going to be provided to the permanent campus and the students will have ample bandwidth access with the Gigabit connection provided to the hostels and the academic schools.
  • Play fields and Gym facilities are available right in the hostels apart from a common ground to promote sports activity. We are invigorating the Students' Gymkhana and the students will be encouraged to participate.
  • The institute is making available a number of breadth and elective subjects, besides its well- endowed core subjects. Breadth courses offer a wide variety such as, Entrepreneurship & Small Ventures, General studies & Current Affairs, and Odissi Dance besides cutting edge technology related subjects. The students may pursue these courses as per their interest and personal choice.
  • Presently, the institute is recording a very significant rise in research grants from various agencies. The Institute has also submitted a large number of research proposals for projects under IMPacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT) program which has been set to meet some of the grand challenges facing the Indian society and impact on the standard of living in the rural/urban areas through research and innovation. The students associated directly or indirectly in these projects will be richly rewarded with world-class research experience.
  • The Career Development Cell (CDC) is actively mentoring students in making careful decision about career path. While a number of students opt for higher studies across the globe, the rest aim for jobs. Last year IIT Bhubaneswar recorded an 80% rise in placements over the previous year, the BTech placement record is 95%, it is going very strong and is likely to offer excellent job opportunities next year.
  • Off late, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India unleashed a number of initiatives which are being implemented at IIT Bhubaneswar in a spirited manner. It is worth making the students be aware of some of these at this juncture and I personally look forward for their participation:
    • As a part of the Startup India campaign being sphere headed by the hon'ble Prime Minister, the institute has a technology incubator and a start-up center is going to be established in the last week of June 2016. Those students who enrol in the technology incubator will get opportunity for deferred placement, to enrol in some select subjects and earn credits.
    • Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) is a flagship mission of the MHRD, in which our Institute is participating actively targeting to the improvement of rural life through innovative and affordable technological interventions. Six villages have been adopted by the Institute where our students are making meaningful contribution. The fresh students will have a good scope to participate and have fulfilment.

This message is to apprise the IIT Bhubaneswar community and particularly the students about our efforts in careful planning, prioritization, and implementation of the IIT-system at IIT Bhubaneswar. I am sure that in the coming days these efforts will bear fruits by shaping the lives of the students. I also hope that the students will impact the society through their academic and non-academic activities. With this, I wish every one of IIT Bhubaneswar family, all the very best in the academic year, 2016-17.

Prof Raja Kumar



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