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Institute Lecture Series - Prof. K. R. Srivathsan will deliver a talk on "Education 2.0 and Envisioning the New Education Policy" on 12th October 2015

Prof. K. R. Srivathsan, Director CIT, Kerala and Retd. Professor, IIT Kanpur will deliver a seminar on title "Education 2.0 and Envisioning the New Education Policy" on Monday 12-10-2015 in the Institute Auditorium, KGP Campus at 5:00 PM.
All faculty members are cordially invited to attend the seminar.


There are two sets of developments that together provide a great opportunity for India to overcome the many deficiencies of our
education systems. One set is the mix of Internet, broadband, mobile access, IP-TV, cloud and cloud applications, tablets, and smart phones with mobile apps support. These are also augmented by many social networking applications, facebook, gmail and other email services, web-collaborations, Whatsapp and so on. The second set is the suite of developments in the education space – Open Courseware, NPTEL, Open Learning Initiative from CMU, MOOC by Coursera, EdX, SWAYAM, Virtual Labs and so on. Both these set of developments require that the entire higher education system is recast and support quality and inclusive
education for all – anywhere, any time and any place. Complementing the above developments are two thrusts by the Govt. Of India. First is the Digital India initiative and the second is the ongoing consultations to promulgate the 'New Education Policy', or NEP. In this lecture, speaker outline an enabling education framework for the NEP. We call it the 'Technology Augmented Learning and Education Environment Management', or TALEEM. The lecture will show how we reposition education system at the confluence of government, industries and society. Such reposition is greatly facilitated by new class of 'ERLINK Services' institutions. This will bring the much needed link between education and development required for the emerging knowledge society and economy. Such approach will greatly amplify the impact of Digital India, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan and such schemes.


Prof. K.R. Srivathsan is currently the Director of the Chinmaya Institute of Technology at Kannur in Kerala. He served in IIT Kanpur as Professor (Retd.) and as former Head of Department of Electrical Engineering. On invitation from the Government of Kerala, he served as the first Director of the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management - Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram between 2000 and 2008.Subsequently from 2008 to 2011 he served as the Pro Vice Chancellor of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in Delhi. Prof. Srivathsan is a Member of the Program Implementation Committee of NPTEL. He was adviser to CBSE on the IT enabling of its education. Currently he is working to conceptualize and guide developing a national framework for enhanced quality of higher education using NPTEL, Virtual Labs, Open Education Resources and set over emerging cloud, mobile, digital media and broadband technologies.