New Year Greetings from Prof R V Raja Kumar, Director

I wish one and all at IIT Bhubaneswar including students, staff and faculty, a very happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year. With the advent of the New Year, we welcome new hopes and aspirations to make a better tomorrow.

At the institute, we the staff and particularly the faculty are privileged to have the opportunity to shape a slice of future in our classrooms, laboratories and the campus by empowering the students through right education and making them think beyond their horizons and become model human beings.

Let us remember our resolve to further move ahead in placing our institute amongst the global class by further uplifting the standards of education that fosters creativity and culture of innovation, our research of high societal relevance, our other institutional operations, our performance and creating outstanding infrastructure. I am sure that our students would make use of the grand opportunities, participate in the endeavour to their full capacity and shape up themselves to further strengthen and beautify the structure of the society and the nation.

Hope 2018 would see enhanced levels of spirited functioning, creations, innovations, and research output coming out from IIT Bhubaneswar.

With best wishes once again to all,

Prof Raja Kumar