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IIT Bhubaneswar Counselling Services Team - Registration 2015

The Counselling Service Team (CST) has been crucial in developing confidence in the parents regarding their ward's wellbeing in the Institute. This year too, it continued with its tradition of providing support and comfort to the newly admitted students. Their communication to the parents and the new students through phone calls, SMS and emails gave the parents a confidence and assurance about their wards safety with the support of CST

The CST organised and managed the orientation, registration and admission processes of under-graduate and post-graduate students. From providing information pertaining to the registration process and clearing simple doubts of the students, to giving them strong mental support, helping the freshers and to giving them a homely feeling.

The CST played a critical role in ensuring the registration process being a smooth and hassle-free experience for the students, parents as well as the staff of the Institute. The CST is planning several events to help the new students integrate into the Institute's culture.