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Yeh India Ka Time Hai: Celebration of 70 years of Independence and 75th year of Quit India Movement

On 3rd September 2017, at the Community centre of IIT, Bhubaneswar celebrated “Yeh India Ka Time Hai: Celebration of 70 years of Independence and 75th year of Quit India Movement”.
The theme of the Manthan Programme organised was ‘Poverty Alleviation (Through Technology Intervention)’. Where Dr. Aurobindo Behera, Retd. IAS, enlighted the youth with his inspiring talk on the theme followed by the brain-storming session with the students. He began his talk on the topic poverty alleviation by stating poverty as a major issue not only in developing nations like ourselves but in all the major countries of the world. He stressed on the fact that the students need to understand these problems and come up with solutions for the same. He stated the motto of the Sankalp se Siddhi programme, which is to understand the potential that India has and to help in realizing the same. He further went on about how Indian economy as a whole suffered during the British rule and after it. He then ventured into the concept of poverty line and how reduction in poverty has been one of India’s major goals after Independence and still continues to be.
This enlightening talk was followed up by a question answer session where the students interacted freely with the guest of the afternoon. Most of the questions posed by the students were in sync with the earlier talk and the questions touched a broad aspect of challenges. Dr. Behera positively replied to each of them and further encouraged the students to come up with solutions to the existing problems. After the brain storming session, all student took the pledge for New India by 2022.
Rock Concert
Yeh India Ka Time Hai Concert was organised right after the Sankalp Se Siddhi Pledge (both in Hindi and English) carried out by MJ Guru from 92.7 Big FM. The MJ made sure that the audience were filled with enthusiasm and that they enjoyed the evening to the fullest.
The local MJ Guru introduced the college band Aaroh, Music Society of IIT Bhubaneswar to the audience. Classical songs like Teri Meri Kahaani and Vande Mataram and jazzy ones like Dream On, were included in the playlist which enthralled the masses present for the performance.
Right after the performance by college band, MJ Guru introduced the guest band, Chasing Laika a Delhi based band. They, took up the stage to further mesmerize the audience with their performance. The audience danced along with their bluesy and jazzy originals. The band was led by Mr. Anirudh.