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Institute seminar on "The art of setting a good question paper"

Topic: On the art of setting a good question paper
Speaker: : Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy, (Retired Professor of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi)
Venue:   Community Center, Arugul Campus, IIT Bhubaneswar
Date/Time:  : 27th October 2017 4.00 PM to 5.30 PM

Summary of the Event:

The lecture started with a cartoon illustrating how we follow the traditional practices without asking why. Lecture further highlighted about the alarming situation that exists in the country and elsewhere while setting up question papers. Lecture illustrated some examples of poor questions and some examples of innovative questions which are aimed to assess the understanding of the fundamental concepts by the students and his/her ability to apply them to solve practical problems. The lecture concluded with some general comments on how to improve the overall situation. Lecture received a very enthusiastic response from the faculty members of IIT Bhubaneswar and educational institutes in and around Bhubaneswar.

Professor S. C. Dutta Roy was educated at the Calcutta University, culminating in a D.Phil. Degree in Radio Physics and Electronics. His teaching and research experience includes teaching at an Indian University, two U.S. Universities, one U.K. University, and a long spell of four decades at IIT Delhi. His research has been recognized by several national awards, including the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize, and through Fellowship of the IEEE, and of all the national academies of science and engineering, and Distinguished Fellowship of the IETE. What he values most, however, is the love, affection and appreciation of a very large number of students whom he interacted with personally, and an equally large number of his virtual students, spread throughout the world, through the five video courses he authored, which are available on the YouTube . He enjoys listening to classical music and researching on its history and the history makers, no less than the enjoyment he derives out of his professional work.