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Open House Day for JEE Advanced Rankers in 2018, Aspirants of 2019 and Prospective Students at IIT Bhubaneswar

IIT Bhubaneswar announces an Open Day on 17 June 2018 at its permanent campus at Argul, and invites the JEE Advanced 2018 rank holders, and also prospective students preparing for JEE examination in 2019, particularly for girl students, for a live counselling session. During the open day, the students can explore various departments, see the facilities, interact with our faculty and participate in the seminar either in person or through online mode via skype/telephone.
The counselling session will commence from 09:30 AM. Prof R V Rajakumar, Director will speak about the IIT system and its education system followed by a presentation on admission process by Dr Chandrasekhar, Chairman, JEE. Also there will be a talk on introduction to programs of study and campus life at IIT Bhubaneswar followed by a question and answer session addressed by faculty members, designed to help the students in making a correct and informed choice in their career. Accommodation will be provided to students coming from beyond Bhubaneswar on nominal charges. IIT Bhubaneswar is going to provide bus transportation from its city campus at Samantapuri (beyond Swosti Premium hotel) to the community center at the permanent campus for the convenience of the students.
To improve gender balance in IITs, around 800 supernumerary seats have been created for JEE Advanced qualified female candidates from 2018. Special helpdesk and counselling is provided for prospective female candidates to give valuable information and clarify doubts.
For full details and registration, please visit our homepage at: http://www.iitbbs.ac.in, write to jeew.helpdesk@iitbbs.ac.in and/or call Chairman JEE at 9668621568. Registration is free.

About the Institute:

Established in 2008, the Institute operates fully from its permanent campus sprawling over 936 acres of land, situated in the foot of Barunei hills.  IIT Bhubaneswar has already made its mark in quality research and holistic education, with state-of-the art technological facilities, innovative academic curriculum and top class faculty.

IIT Bhubaneswar embarked upon making strong strides in becoming a global class institution with development in rising in student strength, bringing new academic programmes, rising standards in all aspects be it in education, research activity,  bringing in faculty of foreign origin, creating an aggressive start-up centre, taking up greening of campus and outstanding infrastructure creation. B.Tech student intake which was 180 in 2015 has been raised to 350 in 2018. Phase-II of construction activity at the permanent campus is in rapid progress, will allow the Institute to more than double the capacity in near future.

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