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Personal Profile

Prem Chand Pandey
Title (Prof./Associate/Asst. Prof): Emeritus Professor
School: Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
Office (Room No.): 110, Toshali Plaza
Phone No (Office): 0674-2576114
Email: pcpandey@iitbbs.ac.in
Courses Taught (With Sub. Code):
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Research Interests

Oceanography, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Science and Polar research
Degree Discipline Year School
Ph.D. Physics-Microwaves 1972 Allahabad University
Recent Publication (National/International Journals) Author(s)/Speaker(s)
Role of Tropospheric Rossby wave Breaking on Indian Summer Monsoon Failure, GRL (Submitted) (2012)
D. Samata, M.K. Dash, B.N. Goswami and P. C. Pandey
Decadal Variability in the ENSO induced southern hemispheric circulation and Antarctic Sea Ice, Int J. Climatology, (revision)(2011)
M.K. Dash, , P. C. Pandey, N.K. Vyas and John Turner
Numerical Simulation of Bay of Bengal circulation features from Ocean general Circulation Model, Marine Geodesy, Vol. 32,No.1,pp1-18 (2009)
Saheb Paul, A. Chakraborty, P.C.Pandey, Sujit Basu, SK Satsangi and M. Ravichandran
Development of a New Comprehensive Ocean Atlas for Indian Ocean Utilizing ARGOS Data, International J. Climatology, D0I:10.1002/joc.1885 (2009).
B.Prasad Kumar, Rahul Burman, SW.K. Dube, P.C.Pandey, M. Ravichandran, and S. Nayak
Tsunami Travel Time Predictions using Neural Networks Geophysical Research Letters , Vol.33, L16612 doi 10.1029/2006GL026688 (2006).
Rahul Barman, B. Prasad Kumar, P. C. Pandey and S. K. Dube
Academic Honors & Awards
Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
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