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Dr. Kiranmayi Landu
Title : Assistant Professor
School : Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
Office (Room No.) : 710
Phone No. (Office) : +91 674 713-5512
Email : kiranmayi@iitbbs.ac.in
Brief Resume : [Click Here]
Research Interests
Tropical Meteorology, Monsoon, Climate Dynamics, Intraseasonal variations, Climate Modelling
Degree Discipline Year School
Ph.D. Atmospheric Science) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
Recent Publications (International Journals)
Samson Hagos, Zhe Feng, Kiranmayi. L and Charles N. Long, Advection, moistening, and shallow-to-deep convection transitions during the initiation and propagation of Madden-Julian Oscillation, Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, DOI: 10.1002/2014MS000335,
V. Vinoj, P. J. Rasch, Hailong Wang, Jin-Ho Yoon, Kiranmayi. L, B. Singh and Po-Lun Ma (2014), Short-term modulation of Indian summer monsoon rainfall by West Asian dust. Nature Geoscience, 7, 308-313, doi:10.1038/ngeo2107).
V. Vinoj, P. J. Rasch, Hailong Wang, Jin-Ho Yoon, L. Kiranmayi, B. Singh and Po-Lun Ma,(2013), A rapid dusty west Asian link to Indian summer monsoon rainfall. Nature GeoScience. (in press).
Kiranmayi L, Ruby Leung, et al. (2014) Dependence of ITCZ structure on model resolution and dynamical core in aqua-planet simulations. J. Climate. Doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-13-00269.1.
Kiranmayi L and Eric D Maloney, (2011) Intraseasonal Moist static energy budget in reanalysis data, J. Geophys. Res. Vol. 116, D21117, 12 PP. doi: 10.1029/2011JD016031.
Kiranmayi L and Eric D Maloney (2010), Understanding intraseasonal variability in an aquaplanet GCM, Journal of Meteo. Soc. of Japan. DOI:10.2151/jmsj.2011-302.
Kiranmayi. L and Bhat G S. (2009) Equatorial modes observed in atmospheric variables, J. Earth Sys. Sci., 118, 181-192.
Kiranmayi. L and Bhat G S. (2008) Quasi-periodic, Global Oscillations in Sea Level Pressure on Intraseasonal Timescales, Climate Dynamics, 31, DOI 10.1007/s00382-008-0413-7.
Ramkumar, K. Muralimohan, L. Kiranmayi and Y. B. Srinivasa (2006) Discrete generation cycles in the tropical moth "Opisina arenosella", Current Science, Vol 91, No 6, 811-816. (Interdisciplinary study with colleagues at Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bangalore)
Conferences (International)
Kiranmayi L et al. Factors influencing the simulated ITCZ structure in varying model resolutions and dynamical cores. Gordon Research Conference, New London, USA, July 2013.
Feng Z, SM Hagos, Kiranmayi Landu, CN Long, and C Zhang. Role of detrained moisture from ITCZ in initiating deep convection in Madden-Julian Oscillation. Gordon Research Conference, New London, USA, July 2013.
Hagos SM, Z Feng, Kiranmayi Landu, and CN Long. Two-day waves and the stretched lifecycle of convection during DYNAMO: Observations and high resolution Hindcast Simulation. GASS/MJO Meeting, Singapore, Singapore on June 4, 2013.
Hagos SM, Z Feng, Kiranmayi Landu, CN Long, and KS Lim. Application of radar observations to the evaluation and improvement of cloud permitting Limited Area Model simulations. MJO Data and Analysis Workshop, Kohalo Coast, HI on March 17, 2013.
Eric D Maloney and Kiranmayi Landu, MJO Initiation in an Aquaplanet GCM: Is It Relevant to DYNAMO?, AOGS – AGU Joint Assembly, Singapore, August 2012.
Kiranmayi. L and Eric D Maloney, Intraseasonal variability sensitivity tests in an aquaplanet general circulation model, American Meteorological Society Meeting, Seattle, USA, 2011.
Kiranmayi. L and Eric D Maloney, The moist static energy budget on intraseasonal time scales as observed in NCEP reanalysis data, Abstract No. A51H-0207 American Geophys. Union, Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA, December 2009.
Kiranmayi. L and Bhat G S, Near global oscillations in Pressure in intraseasonal time scales, Celebrating monsoon, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, INDIA, July, 2007.
Kiranmayi. L and Bhat G S, Wavelet analysis of TRMM data to identify seasonal changes in MJO, National Space Science Symposium (NSSS), Mahathma Gandhi University, Kottayam, INDIA, February, 2004.
Kiranmayi. L, Scalar Concentration measurements in liquid flow using PLIF technique. Symposium on Advances in Fluid Mechanics (SAFM), Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, INDIA, July, 2001.
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  • American Geophysical Union
Journal Peer Reviewer:
  • Environmental Research Letters
  • Journal of Climate
  • Annales Geophysicae
  • Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology
Internal Reviewer
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory