Photo of Shyamal Chatterjee
Assistant Professor
School of Basic Sciences
Office : Office No. 120, SBS
Email :
 Degree Discipline Year School
 Doctor of Science Natural Sciences (Physics) 2007 University of Heidelberg, Germany
 Master of Science Physics 2002 IIT Kharagpur
Research Interests

1. Development of multifunctional coating 2. Engineering of materials by ion beam for solar energy and sensing application 3. Electron emission from surfaces and molecules induced by ions



1. B.Tech Physics (PH10001) 2. Atomic and Molecular Physics (PH5L009) 3. Electronics (PH5L005) 3. Accelerator based physics of solids (PH7L012) 4. Preparatory Physics. 5. Physics Practical courses (B.Tech and M.Sc.)