IIT Bhubaneswar has been featuring regularly in rankings of institutes and universities across India and the world, compiled by various agencies. These rankings are done based on various criteria such as research outputs including publications, citations and patents, placement of students, quality of faculty members, international collaborations and so on. Some of the recent rankings are as follows:
The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 (11.09.2019)
       Rank across the world: 601-800 (among 1396 institutes)
      Rank within India: 10 (among 56 institutes)
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The Times Higher Education (THE)Young University Rankings(26-06-2019)
        Ranking: 151-200
      Rank in India:5th ( With Other Premier Institutions)
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Times Engineering Institute Rankings 2019 (17-06-2019)
        Ranking: 9th (Overall Rankings
      Ranking: 2nd (Research Capability)
      Ranking: 4th (Placement)
The Week-Hansa Research Survey 2019 Ranking (Engineering Colleges All India) (08-06-2019)
        Rank among Engineering Colleges All India: 15 
        Composite Score: 338 
India Today Ranking (Top 10 Engineering Colleges)(18-05-2019) (18-05-2019)
        Rank among government colleges:
Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2019 (417 Institutes, 27 Countries) (01-05-2019)
       Overall Rank in Asia= 131
       Overall Rank in India: 13
Careers360 Magazine Ranking of India's Best Universities, 2019 (March,2019)
       Rank in Engineering : 10 (among public institutes)
       Overall Rank :             22 (among public institutes)
National Institute Ranking Framework ( NIRF) 2019 (08-04-2019)

       Rank in Engineering: 17
       Overall Rank:             46
Times University Impact Rankings 2019 (450 Universities, 76 Countries) (03-04-2019)
       Overall Rank across the World: 301+
       Overall Rank within India: 4th (with other Nine Institutions)

      •IIT Bhubaneswar stands at first position with IIT Kharagpur along with other Institutes in decent work and economic growth and 101-200 globally
      •IIT Bhubaneswar stands at second position with IIT Kharagpur along with other Institutes in quality education and 201-300 globally
      •IIT Bhubaneswar stands at second position with other Institutes in partnership for goals and 101-200 globally
      •IIT Bhubaneswar stands at fifth position with other Institutes in Good Health and Wellbeing and 301+ globally
The Times Higher Education Emerging Economies University Rankings 2019:  (15-01-2019)    
        Rank within India:                          20        
        Rank within emerging countries: 153        
National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF), 2018:(April,2018)
        Rank in Engineering: 18
        Score: 56.89
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QS World University Rankings, October 2018:
         Rank within India:                      21
         Rank within BRICS countries:  107
Times Higher Education, September 2018
        Rank within India: 10  (among 49 institutes)
        Rank across the world: 601-800 (among 1258 institutes)
India Today, June 2018:
       Rank within India: 10 (among Government Engineering Colleges)
I3RC Times, June 2018:
       Rank within India:  20 (among 150 Engineering colleges)