Research & Development

From Dean's Desk

In the technology driven competitive world with ever increasing passion for advancement at a relentless speed, R&D has to play a key role. The Institute is in a mission mode to increase the number of high quality innovative and mostly multi-disciplinary basic and applied research and consultancy projects through untiring effort of faculty members and students. This results in inflow of fund, utilized for nurturing research students, procurement of equipment and development of state of the art research facilities in different multi-disciplinary schools. These projects address the requirements of the sponsoring agencies, public or private. More importantly, one of the major mandates of the Institute is to participate in the relevant national missions and the issues of concern to the society, particularly in the form of low cost technology, product or process development. The issues of concern to the State Govt. is also addressed by the faculty members and students through sponsored projects. The deliverables of the R&D endeavour are innovative affordable technology, products, patents and research publications in reputed journals with high impact factors. Research collaborations have been established with many internationally and nationally reputed academic institutions and industries through memorandum of understanding, faculty and student exchange for effective sharing of knowledge and innovative ideas. Further details can be obtained from the R&D web page of the Institute and the R&D Brochure.

Prof. R. K. Panda