IIT Bhubaneswar Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar


Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy

The following sponsored and consultancy projects were initiated during July’10-March’11

  •     Design and development of plasmonics based biosensor for infrared region

                 Principal Investigator: Dr. Rajan Jha
                 Sponsor: Department of science & technology, New Delhi
                 Duration: 3 Years

  •     Indigenous development of miniaturized table top surface Plasmon Resonance based fiber optic sensor.

                  Principal Investigator: Dr. Rajan Jha
                  Sponsor: Department of science & technology, New Delhi
                  Duration: 3 Years

  •     Development of Metal-Heteroscorpionate Ligands Motif and their potential application

                 Principal Investigator: Dr. Srikanta Patra
                 Sponsor: Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi
                 Duration: 3 Years

  •     Remedical Measures for Horizontal and Vertical Cracks Developed in Hospital Building at J.K.Pur

                 Consulting Team: Dr. Dinakar Pasla, Dr. Sumanta Haldar, Dr. Rajesh Roshan Dash, Dr. Pushpendu Bhunia, Dr. Partha Pritam Dey,

                 Prof.  Sekhar Chandra, Dr. Rajan Jha
                 Sponsor: ESIC Bhubaneswar

Workshop Organized

  •     Workshop on Multivariate Statistical Analysis

                  March 26, 2011
                  Convenor: Dr. Asmita Shukla
                  Resource Person: Dr. A. Shukla, Dr. A. Barve, Dr. D. Sahoo, Dr. N.C. Sahu


(Details Publications List Present in http://library.iitbbs.ac.in/publications.php )
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