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Professor V. R. Pedireddi

Professor V. R. Pedireddi

School of Basic Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar
Ph.D. , Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, India, 1993
M.Sc , Chemistry, Andhra University, India, 1986
B.Sc, Chemistry, Andhra University , India, 1984

Research Interests

Supramolecular Chemistry, Molecular Recognition, Organic Solid State & Materials Chemistry

Recent Publication (International Journals)

1 Designer Host–Guest Complexes: Co-Crystals of 1,3-Adamantanedicarboxylic Acid and 4,7-Phenanthroline with Some Guests
Y. Manjare, V. Nagarajan and V. R. Pedireddi, Cryst. Growth Des. 2014, 14, 723-729
2 Hydrated and anhydrous molecular complexes of benzenepentacarboxylic acid and 4,4′-bipyridine
V.  Nagarajan, M. R. Shimpi and V. R. PedireddiJ. Mol. Struct. 2013, 1050, 216-221
3 Design, synthesis, and characterization of new 5-fluorocytosine salts
S.R. Perumalla, V. R. Pedireddi and C. C. Sun, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2013, 10,  2462-2466
4 Influence of molecular shape on the design and synthesis of supramolecular assemblies A. Delori, E. Suresh and V. R. Pedireddi,CrystEngComm 201315, 4811-4815
5 Protonation of Cytosine: Cytosinium vs Hemicytosinium Duplexes
S.R. Perumalla, V. R. Pedireddi and C. C. Sun, Cryst. Growth Des. 201313, 429–432
6 Co-Crystals of 1,3-Adamantanedicarboxylic Acid with N-Oxide and Aza Compounds
Y. Manjare and V. R. PedireddiCryst. Growth Des.2011, 11,  5079-5086

Academic Honors & Awards

  • Co-Editor, Acta Crystallographica: Section E (2008-2011)
  • Best Scientist of National Chemical Laboratory (2005)
  • Fellow of Maharashtra Academy of Sciences (2005)
  • Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (2005)
  • Professor R. C. Shah Award of Indian Science Congress (2004-05)
  • B. M. Birla Science Prize in Chemical Sciences (2002)
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