IIT Bhubaneswar Research & Entrepreneurship Park
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar


The center is intended to span a wide spectrum of disciplines with particular emphasis on interaction technologies including virtual, augmented and mixed reality as well as mobile computing, epigenetic and evolutionary robotics, and haptic communication. The center will engage in research, teaching and services for developing advanced methods and algorithms for near-real 3D user interfaces and exploratory data analysis in virtual environments. Emphasis will also be laid on application-driven, interdisciplinary research in collaboration with all the reputed institutions worldwide, and partners from industry, covering fields like defense, simulation science, production technology, product development, neuroscience, architecture, and medicine.

Our CoE highlights the growth & development of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for achiving the digital transformation. This CoE aimed at partnership among industry, academia, R&D Labs and inovators. The following are the major objectives of IIT Bhubaneswar CoE.

  • Give impetus to research, technology development, product development, technology incubation and entrepreneurship in Virtual & Augmented Reality and allied fields.
  • Develop a state-of-the-art research, development and testing facility/laboratories for advanced algorithms, applications and methods in aid of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Immersive Visualization and allied areas.
  • Develop application platforms for specific skill development programs based on the industry needs and relevance.
  • Produce new generation of entrepreneurs and incubatees, who are ready to reap the benefits of the incubation and start-up facilities.
  • To create a core group of researchers in the area of AR/VR.
  • Applications of AR‐VR in education including virtual labs (could be primary, secondary, collegiate and higher education)
  • Application of AR‐VR in skilling and skilling system development.
  • Application of AR‐VR in Biomedicine/Bio‐engineering & health care applications.
  • Immersive visualization.
  • To create startup grants for select startups registered at Startup Center ‐ IITBBS, STPI – Bhubaneswar and Startup – Odisha and a few for the most innovative projects from PAN India
  • Joining of Associations like Global Virtual Reality Association, subsequently creating a Chapter at Bhubaneswar