IIT Bhubaneswar Research & Entrepreneurship Park
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

Ongoing Project


Sl No Name of PI Title of Project Project ID
1 Prof. Manoranjan Satpathy Interactive story/poetry writing and scene generation using Augmented Reality [Project ID: VARCOE/23/01]
2 Dr. Devashree Tripathy Efficient Design of SoC for AR/VR domain [Project ID: VARCOE/23/02]
3 Dr. Jothi Saravanan Assessing Infrastructure Health Using Extended Reality (XR): an Encompassing Term for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) [Project ID: VARCOE/23/03]
4 Dr. Satish Kumar Panda Virtual reality assisted 3D reconstruction and selective powder deposition printing of cranial implants for Neurofibromatosis [Project ID: VARCOE/23/04]
5 Prof. Sudipta Mohapatra Investigations into Application of Low-Intensity-Virtual Reality Intervention in Anti-Depression Therapy [Project ID: VARCOE/23/04]
6 Dr. Padmalocahan Bera Developing Formal Methods and AI guided Tools for Security and Privacy Analysis of Virtual-reality (VR) based Systems [Project ID: VARCOE/23/05]


Sl No Name of PI Title of Project Project ID
1 Dr DP Dogra Development of Augmented Reality Guided Systems to Improve Classroom Teaching-Learning Process [Project ID: VARCOE/18/01]
2 Dr SN Panigrahi VR Enabled Automotive Driving Station with Synthetically Intelligent Autonomous Car [Project ID: VARCOE/18/02]
3 Dr KR Mangipudi Portable Augmented Reality Solution for Non-destructive Testing and Life Time Prediction of Oil, Natural Gas, and Steel Industries [Project ID: VARCOE/18/03]
4 Dr S. Gollapudi Virtual and Augmented Reality based Training Modules for Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Students [Project ID: VARCOE/18/04]
5 Dr M. Satpathy Augmented Reality Guided Poetry Writing [Project ID: VARCOE/18/05]
6 Dr R Jha Development of Augmented Reality based Weigh in Motion Sensor [Project ID: VARCOE/18/06]
7 Dr V. Panduranga Design and Development of an Industrial Robot Controller using AR/VR Technology [Project ID: VARCOE/19/01]
8 Dr K. Sahu Development of a Composite Machine Learning Scheme to detect Lung Cancer and VR based augmentation for better diagnosis [Project ID: VARCOE/19/02]
9 Dr S. Samantray Smart Grid Visualization – Application of Virtual Reality [Project ID: VARCOE/19/03]