Last date of Registration extended upto 22 September 2023

International Conference on Nonlinear Science & Applications (CNSA)

The International conference on Nonlinear Science & Applications (CNSA 2023) is organized with the aim of bringing all the researchers working in the vast areas of nonlinear sciences together. The conference aims to provide a platform for young students, experts, researchers, and other stakeholders to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences in the broad area of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems.

Why you should join the Conference?

The explanation in that heading should be, "The conference features plenary talks, keynote lectures, invited talks, and other contributory papers in the form of oral and poster presentations. It's an excellent opportunity to listen and interact with the exciting speakers of the conference. The conference attracts new people, builds relationships, and establishes lasting connections. The three best papers would get a cash prize and a certificate of merit."

For research Collaboration & Networking

To identify emerging trends, gaps, and opportunities for further research

To enable knowledge exchange, capacity building, and Job Opportunities for young researchers

To promote diversity and inclusion in nonlinear science
Important Dates
Registration and Abstract Submission: 22 September, 2023
Confirmation of the Abstracts selected for presentation: 25 September, 2023
Last date for registration fee payment: 30 September, 2023
Conference Dates: 12-14 October, 2023
Registration Fees:
For Students: Rupees 5000/-
For Faculties and Post Docs: Rupees 7000/-
(Fees Include Accommodation and Food for all 3 days)
Registration is mandatory for all the Participants!
Conference Topics:
  1. Complex Systems
  2. Systems Biology
  3. Pattern Formation
  4. Complex Networks
  5. Climate & Space Dynamics
  6. Mathematical Biology
  1. Nonlinear Dynamics
  2. Plasma Physics
  3. Fluid Dynamics
  4. Chaotic Dynamics
  5. Brain & Heart Dynamics
  6. Computational Biology

  1. Kazuyuki Aihara (Japan)
  2. Hilda Cerdeira (Brazil)
  3. Deepak Dhar (India)
  4. K R Sreenivasan (USA)
  5. Fatihcan M. Atay (Turkey)
  6. Thilo Gross (UK)
  7. M Lakshmanan (India)
  8. M S Santhanam (India)
  9. Punit Parmananda (India)

  1. Sarika Jalan (India)
  2. R I Sujith (India)
  3. G Ambika (India)
  4. Sudeshna Sinha (India)
  5. Shrish Tiwari (India)
  6. Alok Bhattacharya (India)
  7. Ulrike Feudel (Germany)
  8. Debashish Ghoshal (India)
  9. Rajarshi Roy (USA)
  10. M. Barma (India)


Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar,
Director, IIT Bhubaneswar


Prof. Sujit Roy, Dean (CE), IIT Bhubaneswar


Dr. Rajan Jha, Head (SBS)

Advisory Committee

  1. Ulrike Feudel
  2. Juergen Kurths
  3. Rajashi Roy
  4. Kazuyuki Aihara
  5. Hilda Cerdeira
  6. K R Sreenivasan
  7. Ram Ramaswamy
  8. Deepak Dhar
  9. M Lakshmanan
  10. Neelima Gupte
  11. Soumitro Banerjee
  12. Alok Bhattacharya
  13. Sudeshna Sinha
  14. Shrish Tiwari
  15. Bibhu Biswal
  16. Awadhesh Prasad
  17. Manish Shrimali

Organizing Committee

  1. Abhishek Chowdhury (IITBBS)
  2. Avijit Kumar (IITBBS)
  3. C. Bhamidipati (IITBBS)
  4. Debasis Dash (ILS)
  5. Joydeep Bhattacharjee (NISER)
  6. Mrutyunjay Suar (KIIT)
  7. Niharika Mohapatra (IITBBS)
  8. Nirmalendu Acharyya (IITBBS)
  9. Pramod Padmanabhan (IITBBS)
  10. P. V. Satyam (IITBBS)
  11. Sasmita Nayak (KIIT)
  12. Satchidananda Rath (IITBBS)
  13. Seema Bahinipati (IITBBS)
  14. Shyamal Chatterjee (IITBBS)


Saroj Kumar Nayak, IIT Bhubaneswar


Hemant Kumar, IIT Bhubaneswar
Jiarul Midya, IIT Bhubaneswar
Malay Bandopadhyay, IIT Bhubaneswar
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