Technical Co-Sponsor

(Under Process)
Chief Patron
  • Director, IIT Bhubaneswar
  • Dean CE, IIT Bhubaneswar
  • Prof. D. Ghosh, IIT Bhubaneswar
Organizing Secretary
  • Prof. P. K. Sahu, IIT Bhubaneswar
Advisory Committee
  • Prof. Brian Cullum
    University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA
  • Prof. Yeon Ho CHUNG
    Pukyong National University, Korea (South)
  • Prof. Christophe Peucheret
    University of Renes1, France
  • Prof. Ahmed A. Kishk
    Concordia University, Canada
  • Sri. D K Joshi
    Director, PXE, India
  • Prof. Deepa Venktesh
    IIT Madras, India
  • Prof. Abhirup Das Barman
    Dept. of Radio Physics & Electronics, CU, India
  • Prof. Gerald Farrell
    Technological University Dublin, Ireland
  • Prof. M. V. Kartikeyan
    IIT Tirupait, India
  • Prof. Stefano Faralli
    SSUP, Italy
  • Prof. Dieter Bimberg
    Center of Nano Photonics, Germany
  • Prof. Partha Roop
    University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Prof. Parthasarathi Chakrabarti
    IIT Bhu, India
  • Prof. Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum
    IIT Guwhati, India
  • Prof. Girish Kumar
    IIT Bombay, India
  • Prof.Krishnamachar Prasad
    Auckland University of Technology, NZ
  • Sri. Nilesh M Desai
    Director, SAC, ISRO, India
  • Prof. Mohammad Karim
    University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
  • Prof. R.K. Shevgaonkar
    I.I.T., Bombay, India
  • Prof. Soto Hernandez, Marcelo A
    UTF Santa Maria, Chile
  • Shri M. Sankaran
    Director, U.R. Rao Satellite Centre, India

About ICMOCE - 2023

The 2nd International Conference on Microwave, Optical and Communication Engineering (ICMOCE-2023) will be held during 26-28 May 2023 at the School of Electrical Sciences, IIT Bhubaneswar in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. The conference is being technically co-sponsored by IEEE (Under Process). ICMOCE-2023 will provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas on state-of-the-art research in microwave, optical and communication engineering.

Paper Submission

Original research contributions and technical papers are invited for peer review and possible inclusion in the conference proceedings. Accepted and presented papers will be submitted for possible inclusion in IEEE Xplore following IEEE procedure. The Call for Papers can be downloaded here. The conference will be focused in the following tracks:
  • Track 1 (Microwave)

    Antenna Theory, Antenna Arrays (Active/Passive), Antenna Array synthesis, Mutual Coupling in Antenna Arrays, Phases Array Antennas, Conformal Antennas/ Antenna Arrays, Micro Strip Antenna, Microwave Sensor, EMI/EMC in Space Craft System, Multiband Antenna, Microwave Remote Sensing, Microwave Circuits, Microwave Metrology, Microwave in Bio-medical Application, Navigation Aids and Radar Signal Processing, Electromagnetic Meta materials, CPW, UWB, and Waveguide Antenna, RFID, Radio Frequency Communication System, 5G systems, high-speed and broadband, millimetre and THz wave systems, Signal Processing, MIMO Radar, Radar Signal Processing, Through Wall Imaging Radar, Soft and Evolutionary Technique in Microwave Application, EMC in Internet of Things, RF and microwave system-on-chip integration, Numerical and Analytical Techniques For Electromagnetics, THz Technologies, nanostructured devices, circuits and antenna, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Microwave applications, Monolithic and hybrid passive components, Quantum devices, circuits, and systems, Any Other Relevant Topics.
  • Track 2 (Optical)

    Optical Fiber Technology, Optical Communication, Optical Networks, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Optics, THz Technology, Optical Network Simulation and Emulation, Machine learning for photonics and communications, Free Space Optics, LiFi, Fiber Wireless, 2D-materials based photonics, THz Signal Processing, Optoelectronics Material and Devices, Nanostructure and Optoelectronics, Quantum Devices, Systems and Networking, Quantum Optics, Quantum Memories, Photonic Quantum Computing, Electro-optic Integration and Packaging, Hollow-Core, Micro-structured, Multi-Core, and Multi-Mode Optical Fibers, Optical Sensors, Optical Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy Application, LiDAR, Soft And Evolutionary Techniques For Photonics &Optical Application, Optical Signal Processing Bio-imaging and Sensing, resonance-based sensors, quantum sensing techniques, Optical Instrumentation Processing and Control, Guided Wave Photonics, Nano Photonics, Plasmonic and Meta material, Bio-photonics, LEDs, Photovoltaics, and Optoelectronics in Energy, Any Other Relevant Topics.
  • Track 3 (Communication Engineering)

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Communications, Wireless Communications including 6G developments, Modulation, Coding And Diversity Techniques, Equalization, Detection And Estimation, Multiple Access Techniques, Wireless Ad Hoc And Mesh Networks, Cognitive Radio & Spectrum Sensing, Co-Operative Communication, Optical Networks and Systems, Network Simulation and Emulation, Multimedia communications, Multiple antenna techniques, Network, and information security, OFDM, Satellite and space communications, 5G technologies, Wi-Fi And WiMAX, Body Area Network, Speech Signal Processing, Green Signal Processing, Bio-Medical Signal Processing, Seismic Signal Processing, Applications of Signal Processing, Signal Processing For Wireless Communications, Any Other Relevant Topics.
  • Track 4 (Special Session - Biosensing)

    Biomedical Technologies for Healthcare, Microwave Imaging, Telemedicine, Assessment of Human Body Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation, Any other relevant topics.


General Submission Information

The submissions may be made online by clicking here (Will be updated soon) . Papers for both oral and poster presentations should conform to the IEEE format and specifications. For more details please visit Instructions for Author section. Submitted papers must not have been published previously or must not be currently under consideration elsewhere for publication.







Committee Chair

General Chair

Dr. Debalina Ghosh

Technical Program Chair

Dr. Prasant Kumar Sahu & Dr. Shailendra Kumar Varshney

Microwave Track Chair

Dr. Debapratim Ghosh, Dr. Debalina Ghosh & Dr. Mrinal Kanti Mandal

Optical Track Chair

Dr. Rajan Jha, Dr. Prasant Kumar Sahu & Dr. Shailendra Kumar Varshney

Communication Track Chair

Dr. Pravas Ranjan Sahu, Dr. Siddartha Borkotoky & Dr.Debarati Sen


Dr. Niladri Bihari Puhan & Dr. Soumya P. Das

Publicity Chair

Dr. Anoop Thomas

IEEE Region 10 Outreach Chair

Dr. Subhranshu R Samantaray

Local Arrangements Chair

Dr. Barathram Ramkumar

Publications Chairs

Dr. Debalina Ghosh

Finance Chair

Dr. Prasant Kumar Sahu

Exhibits Chair

Dr. Debi Prasad Dogra

Social Programs and Hospitality

Dr. Soumya Prakash Das

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