Message from Prof R V Raja Kumar, Director


Dear all, let us all congratulate the brightest minds of the country who have qualified in JEE, one of the toughest and most competitive examinations in the world. It gives me great pleasure in welcoming the hardworking, dedicated and talented students to IIT Bhubaneswar, the first among the 8 new IITs that have been set up by the Government of India in 2008 with the vision "To be a highly respected Institute in the world for our distinctive knowledge".
I also congratulate all those who showed commendable performance in GATE, JAM and PhD examinations of IIT and take pleasure in welcoming those who took admission into the MTech, MSc and PhD programmes of IIT Bhubaneswar.

The IIT system has evolved from 1950s to a unique position of pride in the technical education system in our country and abroad. The world recognizes IITs for its high quality of students, innovations, technological and research output. Though IIT Bhubaneswar started it journey 10 years ago, it has been progressing, reaching new heights since it had been set up and is fastest growing at the moment. All academic operations have been happening for the last one year at the permanent campus. The Institute provides well qualified faculty, state-of-the art infrastructure facilities creating a conducive environment for rapid growth of the students' skill sets in all aspects of the personality ‑ academic, research, cultural, sports, ethical and social responsibility. Our Institute's numerous collaborations with foreign universities, industries and institutions across the world provides a scope to the students to be exposed to the global trends in education, research and industry. Ample opportunities in both national and international stints for internships, research projects and exchange programs has been a prominent trend for our students. It has been ranked well amongst the top 20 engineering institutions in the country by NIRF and at 11th position by Edu-Rand.

IIT Bhubaneswar is proud to offer various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses including BTech, Dual degree, MSc, MTech, MS and PhD programmes in numerous areas, offered by its seven Schools. The pedagogy emphasizes, participatory, student centric and participatory learning.  The academic programmes are equipped with very relevant courses for a budding entrepreneur, the entire institute may be used as a technology incubator and the institute has a 40,000 sft Startup space for students to avail.
The institute is committed to provide holistic education aimed at producing tomorrow's leaders, nurturing personality, creativity, innovative mindset and capability be it in Science or Technology or Management or in other domains of human excellence. We provide ample opportunity for a young mind to take any path and excel apart from providing opportunity to research in a chose area. We are also committed to create a wellness environment, including in green, clean and healthy environment, quality education, efficient and effective governance, effective health services, security,  equality and enlightenment. 
We have a Students Gymkhana for all the Extra Curricular Activities. The various societies including Dramatics, Music and Dance, Fine Arts, Cinematic, Literary, Social Welfare, Programming, Robotics and Entrepreneurship Cell help students to realize their extra academic talents and in building the well-rounded personality. Very effective statutory systems to address the human needs are in place.  
At this juncture, I would like to emphasize that the dreams of creating tomorrow's leaders would be realized only with the active participation of a student on his/her part in the academic and other system of the institute. The above mentioned provisions can be futile without active participation from the students. Especially to the undergraduate I would like to emphasize that we strive to offer education in its holistic form which has far wider ambitions than examination success. They are advised to clearly understand and realize that it is actually beginning of the real empowerment of a student in the chosen domain rather than  end of the endeavour of entering an IIT.   

I hope that every student takes cognizance of the above in right spirits and reap the benefits.

I once again welcome the newly admitted students to the institute and I wish them a meaningful, memorable and rewarding tenure at IIT Bhubaneswar. I also hope that the students of IIT Bhubaneswar will emerge as world class Engineers, good human beings and worthy citizens of this great country, India.

With best wishes
Prof. Ratnam V. Raja Kumar
Director,  IIT Bhubaneswar