"In 2016, after tenth, I started thinking of getting admission in one of the most prestigious colleges of INDIA. Like IIT'S but cracking JEE was not an easy task, so I kept myself isolated for two years and gave my best. And finally my hard work lead to success. After JoSAA counselling process was over, I got civil engineering in IIT BBS. My family was happy about my success. I was excited about getting admission in IIT. I started checking up YouTube videos about IIT BBS campus life and infrastructure.

After a few days, I received a call from my SG Manav Singh. He assisted me throughout the first year and cleared doubts regarding various aspects in college. As advised by my SG, I went through the CST'18 official page. I found out there is a huge family (CST'18) helping us out. After arriving at college, CST'18 helped us through the registration process, accommodation, transportation and more importantly, they organized events like FGT, Treasure hunt and very exciting heritage trips. They were very helpful to me as I was able to make some good friends within a few days.

From the very first day, I was very fascinated by their work and want to become one of them (CST). Here at IIT, life is different and you will definitely get new experiences. Fests and societies are there to explore something new in you. I advise all the freshers(faachhas) to have confidence, there is no need to worry as CST'19 will be always there to assist you. "

_______Harshwardhan Meena

" I completed my schooling by 2017. I had no idea about what to do next, since with my class 12th percentage, I couldn't get a good college for any course. So, I dropped one year to prepare for JEE. That changed me completely. I became more serious, determined and passionate. Then I gave my JEE exams. After JoSAA counseling, I got IITBBS. I felt like I had achieved something really big in life and I was desperate to join the college. So, I started searching IITBBS on Google and Facebook , and the number of butterflies in my stomach got tripled. But, the biggest challenge was to manage the things at the beginning of college-travelling, accommodation of my parents, registration and what not. Then my SG Vamsi Valluri called me and it was very, very helpful for me. I got all the answers for my doubts and a help that had a two way communication unlike any website or blog.

After reaching here, I was impressed with the huge green campus. With the help of CST'18, registration went as smooth as finishing an ice-cream. I settled down and everything got easier with their help, for which I am thankful to them.

Now, after my first year has completed, It feels like home here, I am friendly with my batch-mates and it is nothing less than a perfect start to my college life. I visited IIT Guwahati for the 53rd inter IIT sports meet and it was definitely the best experience of mingling with my senior I got this year. By being a part of fests and societies, I learnt a lot this year and was probably one of the best years of my life. To the upcoming members of IITBBS, I would like to wish you all the best and assure you that you'll have a great time here. "

_______Abhishek Negi

"After two years of hard work and dedication at intermediate level, the JEE Advanced result brought the news backing my two years of hard work. After all rounds of JOSAA seat allocation, I got placed at IITBBS, which made my parents and I extremely happy. Though it is not an old IITs, I was excited to begin my new journey in it. After seat allocation, I got a call from my student guide, NIKITHA, CST. My SG, Nikitha helped me to get in to the campus with no troubles and get done with all the formalities, and even interacted with my parents and convinced them about a safe and exciting life at IIT BBS.

This transition period from school life to college life would never had been easy without CST team. The societies, functions, fests, festivals etc. defines here 'What an IIT means?'. The thing which I liked the most is that entrepreneurship and innovative activities are strongly supported. Best part of college life is the bond you make with others. I met with so many of my mates, some became my friends, some best friends.

At last I would like to say for the upcoming freshers, "I wish all the best and it will become one of the perfect places to be in and to call CST as your second family" . "

_______E. Nitish

"After 2 years of hard work and dedication to pursue my goals, the day finally came when the results of the last round of seat allotment were released by JOSAA. I was very happy to be blessed with the tag IITian by making it to IIT BHUBANESWAR. My parents too were very happy for me, for getting into one of the top most and prestigious institutions of India. Though I was happy, I was anxious about the college life here and also to go far, leaving everyone. But I was a bit relieved and even surprised when I received a call from my SG,Sudiptha Pradhan. That call made me excited to come here. The CST helped me out during the entire registration process and also gave the courage to my parents to leave me here happily. The FGT, treasure hunt, heritage trips organised by the CST helped me in making new friends and also to get adjusted here. I thank CST for making my transition to college life smooth. Working in fests, societies, midnight parties, keeping discussions on some random funny topics, going for evening walks with friends, various celebrations, hostel games are some of unforgettable memories I ever had. I was nervous about the academics here when compared to old IITs. But the professors here are supportive, encouraging and there are enough facilities for research activities. I really had a very cherish able and indelible year and now I am very happy to be a part of CST and help my juniors. All the activities which took place made me learn the importance of time management. I wish best of luck to all those entering into this serene and green campus to have a great, wonderful and memorable "college life" ahead."


"After a lot of hard work, I was able to make it to IIT Bhubaneswar. I was happy but at the same time was feeling sad to leave everyone and go far from home. Many thoughts were in the back of my mind ,until I got a call from my Student Guide "PRATYUSHA".

At first I was reluctant to ask her. But her friendly nature made me comfortable. The valuable information given by her made my registration work smooth.

The year 2018 was a memorable one for me. I made many friends, participated in a treasure hunt, FGT, fest, societies and went for heritage trips, and nearby villages for NSS Camps. It made me more responsible and enchanced my confidence.

I once again would like to thank CST'18 and feel lucky to have "PRATYUSHA" as my Student Guide. She has always been a helping hand for me. Fortunately, I got a role as student Guide in CST'19.

I heartily welcome all freshers joining IIT BBS family. We are always there for you. "

_______Akash Kotnala

"Getting into an IIT was my dream and I followed that dream with hard work and determination. After getting a rank in JEE, I selected to study mechanical engineering at IIT Bhubaneswar. After a conversation with my student guide Niranjan Sreedhar, I felt relaxed and confident about admission process. Not only during the admission process, Niranjan helped me throughout the year in every manner he could. The whole CST team made admission process very easy and fast and I didn't face a single problem in the entire process.

When I look back now, this year has been one of the best times of my life. I made a lot of friends and had a great time with them. The music society gave me a new family in college and because of it, I was able to follow my passion of music. I was inducted in the socio-cultural fest of the Institute, and working in the fest was a great experience for me. I got a chance to be a member of the Inter IIT contingent for cult meet and it was a great experience for me. I got the chance to bond with seniors.

I would like to welcome freshers to our Institute. I promise you will have the time of your life here. From studies to fests, you will learn to grow as an individual. We at CST will try our level best to make you feel at home, try to make your homesickness go away. And trust me, it will. We have much in store for you, from the FGT to Heritage Trips, you are going to love it! "

_______Joshi Abhijeet Vijaykumar

"It was on 10th of June,2018 the results of JEE Advanced were declared. After years of hard-work, my dream of becoming an IIT-ian came true.

By my interest and luck, I was offered a seat at IIT Bhubaneswar. A few days later, I received a call from my Student Guide (Aakash Rajesh), who guided me about the overall environment at IIT Bhubaneswar.

My queries regarding the registration process, the hostel allotment system and the curriculum were clarified by him. This helped me a lot.

Soon after the registration process, Counselling Service Team (CST) organized events like Treasure Hunt, Fresher's Got Talent (FGT) which encouraged freshers to open up and adapt to the new environment and get rid of his/her initial homesickness. Throughout the first year, CST organizes Heritage trips, Counselling sessions and Seminars which ultimately resulted in refreshing and motivating freshers for the year ahead. The CST also helped students academically as well.

I feel proud to be a part of CST 2019 and look forward to enthusiastically carry on the culture of helping my juniors in a similar fashion. "

_______Kartik Tewari

"It was always my dream to study engineering in one of the most prestigious colleges in India. It was the proudest moment of my life when all my efforts and hardwork got realised, when I got into IIT Bhubaneswar.

I was excited and scared at the same time. I was going to leave home to an alien place. I had a lot of doubts about the registration process, the college, and how I will adjust. My student guide Vinay Ahir helped me to deal with all this. The various activities conducted by CST like FGT, Treasure hunt, Heritage trips helped me get acquainted with other students and was very enjoyable.

Like most of the people wanting to crack JEE, I too had focused only on studies since tenth grade and I got the perfect chance to break out of the box here. I was able to pursue and improve my academic and non-academic interests by being a part of societies and fest, and other opportunities the college provides. Looking back now, the last year was probably the most memorable one in my life.

I'm really glad to be a part of CST'19, and help out my juniors like my SG did for me. I heartily welcome all the newcomers to the IIT BBS family. I assure that you will have the time of your life here."

_______Anjali Pillai

"From the moment I decided to pursue engineering, I dreamt of becoming an IITian. I cleared JEE Advanced and was allocated a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar after final round of counselling. My family and I were extremely happy as my dreams blended into reality.

Many thoughts related to registration process and college life were floating in my mind. I received a call from my Student Guide, Rishab khawad. He cleared my doubts due to which I was a bit relaxed. After reaching IIT Bhubaneswar, I was impressed by the greenery of the campus which is situated at the foot of barunei hills. My registration process went hassle-free with the help of CST'18. I am thankful to the CST for their hospitality and also for the events like FGT, treasure hunt, heritage trips. The college has given me the intellectual proffesors and amazing friends. I made everlasting memories during fests, various celebrations of the college. Time flew during my first year and it's a short and sweet journey with wonderful memories.

I am pleased to be a part of CST and to help upcoming juniors."

_______Sampatharao Swetha

"My two years of hard work finally paid off when I got selected in JEE advanced.  Everyone in my family was very happy including me. But now the big question was which branch and which college to choose. After a lot of discussions and survey of different IITs, I finally chose IIT Bhubaneswar. Getting into IIT Bhubaneswar was a great feeling but the very next moment I became anxious as I had no idea about life inside the gates of one of the premier technical institutes of India. I had doubts about the how I will adjust at a place thousands of kilometers away from my home without my parents and teachers, who were my pillars of success. But then I got a call from my SG, Pradhan who helped me clear my doubts regarding the registration process, academics and the hostel life. The various events like FGT, treasure hunt and heritage trips all organized by the CST team helped me in making new friends and getting adjusted to new life here. The numerous societies, fests and other fun events like hostel games helped me find my hidden talents. The faculties and professors were very helpful and encouraging. The atmosphere here was very positive, encouraging and motivating. Now after completing one year, when I look back, I can confidently say that this is the institute and life I had always dreamt of.  So, my advice to all the upcoming freshers is “Be calm CST’19 is always there to help you!"

_______Aakansha Nikhare

"2018 was the best year of my life as my dream of becoming an IITian came true. After two years of hard work and determination I landed up at IITBBS, after 7 rounds of JoSAA counselling. My parents were very proud of my achievement of making into an IIT, but my thoughts were about how the college will be like, whether will it fulfill my expectations and so on. That was the time when my student guide called me and explained to me about the admission process and doubts regarding college. That call made me a bit calm and made me eager to visit the college. After reaching the college and looking at the campus, I was amazed by its lush green beauty. CST team of 2018 made the admission process smooth and hassle free and made me comfortable at the college. The work CST 2k18 did made me fascinated and made me determined to join the CST team.

Now after a very successful year at IITBBS, I am a different person as compared to the one I was in class XII. It was a perfect start to my college life and everything went smoothly and perfectly. I was part of fests and societies and those were the ones which kept me engaged and helped me improve my skills. I have learnt a lot of things in this year and it is one of my best years of my life.

Now, being a member of CST 2k19, I would like to say all the best to all the upcoming freshers and I'm sure that you will have a wonderful experience and an awesome year ahead at IITBBS. "

_______Saharsh J

"I was never a serious person, for years I wandered through life without any ultimate goal or purpose. Then came 11th and 12th, and everyone around me started preparing for JEE. Initially, I was only preparing so that I could fit in better with my friends, but soon, for reasons that I still do not know, I started preparing seriously. As the exam neared, I felt frightened, scared even and for some while, I was unable to study. My friends and my family brought me back from that dark space, and soon, I was back in the game.

The day of JEE came and went, and soon, the results were out. I found out that I had gotten a seat in IIT Bhubaneswar. I was elated. My preparations had finally paid off. My preparations to go and live in another state started. I began to fret, I became tensed at the thought of living away from my parents, I a state that I had never before been to. Soon, my student guide, Prasanjit Rath contacted me, and informed me of all the requirements. He clarified all my doubts, was and was patient with me while doing so. After his call, I felt relaxed, for I felt that I had found a friend in the campus, and someone to look up to.

Soon, I arrived at the campus, and was immediately mesmerised by it's scenic beauty. I was enthralled at the possibility of studying at an prestigeous institute like IIT Bhubaneswar. My registration process went without an hiccup, thanks to the CST18 team. The events organised by them helped me settle into the campus without any problems. Seeing their teamwork and coordination, I was heavily inspired. A part of me aspired to be a part of something greater, and when the applications for CST19 rolled in, I just knew that I had to apply.

Over the course of the year, I have been a part of societies, fests, all of which have provided me with invaluable experiences, friends, and have given me a sense of direction, purpose for the next 3 years. My first year of college has been a blast, and has been one of the best years of my life so far. I hope that this institute, which has provided me with a marvelous first year, will provide you, our juniors, with the same. I would just like to let you all know that, whatever happens, we, the members of CST19, will always be there to help and guide you. "

_______Ganesh Ram Koushik

"There is nothing to be specifically mentioned about the hard work and time spent by a JEE aspirant; Stressful preparations, daily exams, sleepless nights, and a hell lot of syllabus.

Like every other aspirant, I too faced many difficulties during my preparation and finally achieved a so-called "IIT" tag with a seat in mechanical engineering at IIT Bhubaneswar.

After completing the counselling process of JoSAA, I was panicked at first on receiving a call from a person saying that he was a senior of mine, Rahul R, my SG. After talking to him I got many of my queries cleared regarding the registration process and felt very relaxed and comfortable. I had never heard of teams like CST I asked many of my friends who were about to join other IITs and found there was nothing similar happening and anxiously told them about CST.

In the beginning days of my undergrad life, I enjoyed a lot and got acquainted with many people by FGT, treasure hunt, heritage trips etc. I cherished every moment of my life at IITBBS in the past one year, especially the ones with societies, hostel games, parties, Wissenaire (especially those 3 days were the best of the year )etc.. and had everlasting memories made. I am feeling very happy to be a part of CST and am anxious to help juniors out.

Proud to be a part of CST."

_______Sudheer Bulusu

"It was June 10th, 2018: announcement of JEE Advanced 2018 result.

I was excited. I became happy seeing my result. But, soon I realized that I was not going to make it to any of my desired branches in the old IITs and must choose a new IIT.

Then, I chose Electrical Engineering at IIT Bhubaneswar.

I started asking myself many questions like, will seniors help me? Will there be someone to guide me? Will I have enough opportunities? Will I get adjusted to the new atmosphere? These questions that were raising in my mind, made me feel uncomfortable. But, this was only till I received a call from my SG: Prasanjit Rath. He was very friendly and cheerful. He assured me that I would enjoy my stay at IIT BBS. As I reached the campus I was spell-bound by its greenery. CST'18 members helped me in getting my registration process done smoothly. They arranged many events like Treasure Hunt, Heritage trips, YES+ programme, where I happened to make new friends and memories. The coordinator of CST'18: Sathwik Bobba himself helped me many times, when I had problems. Academics at IIT were different from academics of +1 and +2 level. It was more of self-study. I had to be very patient to learn something. I faced many difficulties in getting myself adjusted, and constantly kept asking my SG for suggestions. He was always there to help me. Many of my friends were also very much helpful in overcoming this. Being far away from parents and being with friends gave me an extreme freedom. I am thankful to have many seniors and friends seeing whom I could constantly push myself to learn new skills, participate in extra-curricular activities and explore myself, making use of that freedom. Owing to the small community we have, constant support from the professors and friends, I can stay confident and look for brighter years to come. Other CST members and many other seniors too helped me in many regards. When I look back I can still see all the wonderful experiences I had: Enjoyment during fests, trips with friends and many more. Being a member of the CST'19, I can promise that I and all the CST'19 team members will give our best to help the incoming students. "

_______Aditya Susarla

"After completing 10th I wasn't sure what to do next as I wasn't really into studies. Then my sister motivated me to get admission into one of the most prestigious institute of India i.e, IIT . With all my determination and hard work I finally made it into IIT Bhubaneswar .

When I first came to Bhubaneswar I was very excited but quite anxious as well, because I had many doubts regarding our college but my Student Guide, Ms. Rama Pratyusha, was really sweet and helpful. She shared her valuable experiences with me which I found really helpful. I didn't face any problems through out the registration process as all the details shared by my SG and CST'18 were completely elaborative.

Climate in Bhubaneswar is quite different from Maharashtra, but I adjusted pretty quickly because of the wonderful people I met after joining the institute. Everyone in college is very encouraging and supportive. I made friends that now are like family to me.

Being an active member of socities and fest has played a significant role in building time management skills. I interacted with a lot of people and also learnt many things from them. I also participated in Inter IIT cultural Meet held at IIT Roorkee and food fest which made my first year even more memorable.

I'm really glad to be a part of CST'19 team. It has given me an opportunity to help new members of IIT Bhubaneswar. I wish all the freshers "All the Best" and I hope they also have awesome college life ahead."


"Since seventh grade, I was determined to get a seat in IIT, my dream finally came true after clearing JEE Advanced and getting CSE in IIT Bhubaneswar through JOSAA rounds. I was not sure about further process until I received a call from my SG *R.* *Pratyusha* informing all the important details about campus, clearing all my doubts and guiding me to get to campus.

Situated at the foot of Barunei Hills, the campus was filled with greenery, which fascinated me. I felt excited about the cycling culture, which I lacked during all the days of preparation for JEE. Though at the beginning, I felt it tough to adjust to the two students per room rule, it eventually helped me overcome my homesickness. I was fascinated by the way CST'18 made the registration process a cake walk for all freshers and the way they organised events like Treasure hunt, FGT, etc. which helped me in making friends from all the corners of the country.

Further, Heritage trips, NSS camps, Fests, societies, late nights, etc, were memorable, for managing them hand in hand with academics was a completely unique experience.

First year of my campus life was the most happening year of my life, being a part of CST'19, I am ready to give my best, so that all the freshers have the same. "

_______Jayakar Reddy

"As a class 12th student I always wondered about joining an IIT and after the JEE advanced results I was filled with enthusiasm, happiness and later, fear and confusion. After the JoSAA seat allotment I had many questions in my mind regarding the registration process and life at IIT Bhubaneswar. Since my childhood I was always worried about my certificates and I always had a fear of misplacing them during the registration but then came a call from my student guide RAHUL PENDYALA who was very helpful and kind. He answered every silly question of mine without any kind of hesitation. He erased the fear of registration from my mind by giving a complete brief about it. He was the one who made me realise that life at IIT is not just about studies but a platform to explore ourselves.

Soon I started exploring myself and when I look back a year I visualise the beautiful memories which I made with my friends and the campus. The programs conducted by the CST team played an important role in shaping my character from an introvert to an extrovert.

And then I started taking part in fests and societies. The societies and fests made me realise the importance of team work and leadership which created a huge impact on my character.

At last for the upcoming freshers " I wish you all the best and hope you'll have a great life here at IIT BHUBANESWAR". "

_______Akash Kothapally

"I have always been a positive happy-go-lucky girl and I used to enjoy my studies. So, without taking much pressure, except in the last month, I studied with a happy and confident mind. And after a consistent work for 2 years, I ultimately reached IIT Bhubaneswar.

Before coming to the campus, I got a call from my sg, Prakash Zanwar. He guided me very well regarding registration, accommodation, transportation etc. Thus I didn't find any difficulty during the entire process of registration. He handled everything in a very calm and friendly manner.

As the life started at IIT BBS, the initial months were quite hectic because I had never handled this much responsibilities on my own, but later it was all fine. I performed at FGT and got the title of Miss Diva which I respect a lot as it was the first honor given to me in this campus. Later, I became a member of two societies, i.e, 'D-Gang' and 'Abhivyakti'. Being a part of societies taught me a lot about that particular field, time management and enhanced my interaction. I even participated in Inter IIT Cult Meet 2018 held at IIT Roorkee and food fest. Those were my best experiences till now in this college. Thus in this journey of first year, I made many friends and learnt to handle good as well as bad situations on my own.

I am glad to be a part of CST'19 and to welcome all the upcoming freshers. I'll try my level best to help my juniors and wish all of them a very good life at IIT BBS. "

_______Shilpi Anand

" "NEVER EVER GIVE UP" has been my constant motivational line since the day I've dreamt about having an admission in India's Premier institutes like IIT. After so much of patience, I finally saw the light of the day, by making it to IIT BHUBANESWAR. My parents were on a cloud nine. Obviously it is natural to have preconceptions about the new environment, new culture, hostel life, and, like every other person, so did I. But a call from my SG, Sayed Wajahatullah eased my conceptions. The CST assisted me throughout the registration process. In fact, its one of the principle reasons for me to get accustomed to the college life at IIT Bhubaneswar. The student guides were so helpful in clearing the doubts regarding curriculum too. Reminiscing those memories created with my peers during FGT, Treasure hunt, heritage trips organised by CST was such a bliss. Things were new when I've started getting along with people from various parts of India. I'm fortunate enough to have met them and treasured many moments. Being a part of fest and an active member of societies, I was able to discover my talents and these helped me a lot to improve my skills. I'm quite amused for the transition I went through as a person in these 8 months, which was due to the exposure one would get at IIT BBS with the right guidance of professors, seniors and of course friends.

I've got to choose what I wanted to be and now I'm excited to be a part of CST'19. So, Fachaas and Fachees, prepare yourself to experience "The many firsts of your college life". We the CST'19 is always there to help you. ALL THE BEST! :)

_______K. Vijaya Sai

" 'IIT' a dream of every student who aspires to pursue engineering. I am one among many aspirants, to accomplish great things you must make some sacrifices. After a long struggle of 2 years with hard work and passion finally, my dream came true. I started wondering how life at IIT Bhubaneswar would be like? I was tensed, anxious, excited and worried, I was out of my mind. At that time I received a call from my SG Nikitha who helped me to hold my nerve, with the help of her and CST team the registration process went on smoothly.

Hailing from a different place and adjusting to the college environment brings its own challenges. However, at IIT Bhubaneswar, you would quickly adapt to surroundings here, the climate is a bit unpredictable but it is excellent. You can really take a breath of fresh air and find yourself a lot closer to nature. CST organised FGT, treasure hunt, heritage trips which helped to find new friends who made my life more memorable.

I loved every minute of my first year. Late night cricket, movies, matches, societies, fests which made to push to my limits to better myself.

As time flew I am glad to be part of CST'19 and welcome all the freshers. It's the time to explore yourself and I hope you live every moment to its fullest. Brace yourselves to experience a new life and all the best to everything ahead."

_______R.V.S Charan

"JEE Advanced- claimed by many to be one of the hardest exams at High School level, is a challenge that one has to win to get into the premier institutes of this country-the IITs. This is a fact that rings every day in the mind of every JEE aspirant. Some who may derive pleasure by overcoming the challenges that life poses at you may enjoy every moment preparing for the D-Day, but at the same time for those who don't have a flair for facing challenges- this fact demotivates them considerably. Fortunately or unfortunately, I fall in the second category. 'Hardest exam', 'challenge', 'premier', are all tough words to describe an exam, yet that is the harsh reality.

I've always enjoyed learning science, and that is what kept me going than the compulsion to clear an exam. I never had set getting into a premier institute as my main goal(but yes I did hope to get into one) and never did the learning to suit my needs to achieve the same. This is not a statement that I'm making now and I felt just the same before I gave JEE Advanced. The purpose of an exam is to test your skills and nothing more. If you can relate to the category in which I fall, then it's best to shift your focus from not just trying to clear and flair well in the exam, towards a much better cause that'll motivate you better than any cause that'll instil nervousness and fear in you. For me, it was the joy of learning science, but it may be different for you. But in the end, just make sure you do not take any exam pressure on you while preparing for the exam.

Please don't mistake this as me not caring about the exam. Yes, I did care about it, I did want to do well, but it just hit me that even if I don't make it to an IIT, I didn't have anything to lose. There is always a second road if the first road has led you to a dead end. In fact, there can be multiple roads that you can try. You may realize this eventually, perhaps after the exam, but what I feel is important is that one realizes this before the exam so that one does not surmount oneself with pressure more than necessary.

It is quite natural to feel some exam pressure on the day of the exam, but this will keep you on your toes, and help rectify mistakes. But despite all, things can go wrong at the last minute. You can misread a question, done a multiplication error, mistake some concept with something else, gone wrong on time management-yes all this can happen even if you had taken a 100 sample tests before. Unfortunately, our examination system has no system to consider these issues in grading a candidate or even maybe it is deliberately designed so that only the most competent get through... we cannot change anything about it. You can only hope that your mind is as sharp as possible on the examination day.

So let's say you have cleared JEE Advanced and now you've got yourself admission to an IIT. Bravo! Congrats on your mind-boggling performance! Finally, you get to experience that coveted life of an IITian- so blissful, attend classes in the morning, play games in the evening, watch TV Series in the night, and perhaps read a bit two weeks before exams. Or even spend hours in the library studying your favourite subject. Or wait you are now "settled" in life. Now let's say you have fast forwarded one year in your life. You could have led one year of your undergraduate life in any manner stated above or even by some other means pre conceptualized by you before starting college. What most people fail to foresee before choosing engineering life at an IIT is how their life in an IIT will be. I would state again that it is nowhere close to whatever I've said before, you cannot enjoy the entire day every day, nor can you spend hours in the library studying your favourite subject every day. A degree is a package, it has parts that you may enjoy learning, yet it'll have parts that can make learning a drudge. It's a non-negotiable contract that you're signing up for, and it's wise to be aware of all its terms before getting into it. There are several instances of people even dropping out of colleges like IITs because they realize that this is not what they wish to study. They had had a wrong pre conceptualization of college life, and become dejected when their expectations are broken. This may not matter to someone who comes to an IIT with just the hope of a highly paid job after graduation, but to the rest, I urge you to assess what holds for you in the future before choosing your core field and college.

Oh Now, did I just slap you with some unpleasant truths? Not feeling like preparing for JEE Advanced anymore? C'mon lets get you back on track. If you really want to get into an IIT, this will motivate you, you'll make tons of friends with whom you can relate in experiences.... you'll meet several academicians with whom you can talk and discuss about science and technology, you have open to you unlimited resources to fulfil your dream projects and materialize your ideas. These are some of the advantages of an IITian life that should get you preparing for JEE Advanced.

You have worked hard, sacrificed several things in two years of your life(or maybe even more) to clear JEE Advanced. Now what really matters is that you believe in yourself and that even if you don't get in, there are always other ways you can achieve your dreams. Stressing again, confidence in oneself is what will keep your life free of dejection and hopelessness, an exam is nothing to stop you from exploring your heights.

All the best! "

_______Manish Kausik H

"My only goal was to get admission in the college where my sister was studying (not IIT Bhubaneswar),I just wanted to spend some quality time with her and of course she would have been a great support in all those difficult times we face in hostel, as it was my first time in hostel so I needed a real companion from the beginning. I achieved my goal but my parents felt that it would be better if I join IIT.

Even my sister said that I would get better exposure in IITs, so I joined IIT Bhubaneswar. Although, in the beginning, it was hard to get used to the place but some SGs really helped a lot to cope with those problems and the company of my friends made me forget the world. With these people by my side, it felt sometimes that my sister was around.

The thing that captivates me here, the most, is the nature, it rejuvenates me. It makes me forget my problems or gives me enough courage to strike back. I am indeed grateful to be a part of this family."

_______J. Geetha Kiran

“That moment when you make your parents feel proud of you. Getting into a reputed institute like IIT BBS was a dream come true for me and my parents who have been helping me through every aspect of my life. All my hardwork finally paid off. And it was then my mom received a call from my SG, Pruthvi Trinath. That was when everything seemed confident of my admission into the college. CST'18 was really fantastic, very helpful to each and every fresher.

Coming to the college life of my first year, it was a great experience. Right from FGT, every event was a memory. Getting inducted into fests and societies helped me to know more about the college and mingle with my seniors. The Dance society gave me the feeling of being with my own family. New steps, new relations and an ever lasting bond with them. Today I owe them a lot. Being a part of the Inter IIT contingent taught me many valuable lessons and gave me many memories to cherish. I was a different person when I stepped into the college. Now, I'm a different person.

Team CST'19 congratulates each and every fresher for making it up to this institute. The air here has many stories to tell you. We promise to try our level best to help you in all your endeavours. Stay strong. Be Positive. Trust me, you'll have the best of your time here. All the best! Cheers!!”

_______Nomitha G

"After high school it was my dream to study along with the smartest brains of the nation. Well, obviously, IIT's are one of, if not, the best our country has to offer. And only the best out of the best are entitled to be in one. 
And so I started preparing for JEE. Being one of the toughest exams, it was thrilling yet a gruesome journey. I still remember the trepidation before the exam, I can imagine myself in the Hall even now. I couldn't stop reminiscing about it until the results came out.

When I found out, that I made it, I was thrilled beyond measure. It must have been because of the months of intimidating nights, giga bytes worth of cramming inorganic and the vicious journey that was endured. To finally succeed was a big relief. 

That aside, the subsequential research that went into filling JoSAA forms and registration process was not pleasant to the slightest degree, somehow I managed through it and the final round told me "you're going to Bhubaneswar,  son",  which is pretty far from where I live. And the registration was like, just 3-4 days after the final round.. Obviously I was anxious and restless, so were my parents.

And all that while I never knew there was a team, working behind the scenes, doing all that they can to ensure, we freshers don't feel overwhelmed. 
It would be unjust of me not to mention my student guide,  Prakash Zanwar and of course the entire CST '18 team who transformed the seemingly gruelling process to a cake walk. I thank them for their combined efforts to help me kick start my 5 year quest for knowledge with ease. 
Well what happened after is history, only to become, and live, as memories. From the heritage trips to the treasure hunt, everything was panned out so fittingly. With fests and societies and a ton of smart people to meet and make friends with college turned out to be a lot more fun. It was arguably the best year of my life, except ofcourse for the unprecedented weather changes." 

_______Chebrolu Sravanth

"Innocent, naive and obstreperous .The definitions of me when I was a child. I wasn't serious regarding studies. All I knew was how to play till I get fatigued and wagged out, get admonished by mom for looking like a raccoon in a dumpster, revel in tasty foods and pulling my sister's leg. It was the same until I was 10th, for almost 15 years and then things changed when I decided opt for engineering as science fascinates me. I love taking up challenges and hit for the best. In this way 'cracking IITJEE' came in to the life of this obstreperous and irresponsible lad.

In the beginning it was all Greek to me, living on my own and all. The two years after 10th were hard, emphasizing with capital H. But then I found out that this temporary pressure is the pathway for a permanent happiness. Though it was a little late to realize I started working hard in my 12th as there is no point in crying over spilt milk. Though it was biting off more than I can chew, I was confident and determined. Fortunately, I got in to IIT Bhubaneswar.

But I was tensed regarding the registration process, until my student guide Pruthvi Trinath called me. The entire CST team made the registration process very efficient. This transition period would not have been so smooth without the CST team. They organized events like the FGT, treasure hunt which helped me to make friends and get adjusted to the environment.

Looking back, last year might be one of the most memorable year of my life. Being a member of the hostel council, an active member of societies, participating in the 53rd inter IIT sports meet; all these experiences enhanced my skills. Above all I found amazing people here who now are like a family to me.

I am very glad to be the part of CST'19. It's really exhilarating to help my juniors. I welcome all the freshers to the IIT Bhubaneswar family. I assure you that you are going to have a great time here. Cheers!"

_______Varre Rohit

"Life, from what I observed, is a chain of roller coaster rides. Every ride is a new environment providing brand new experiences, all of which together makes life beautiful. The most difficult parts in the complete journey are the 'transitions' from one ride to another.

Taking admission into IIT BBS was one such for me in my life. Entering a world entirely different from my previous one left me with a bag of mixed emotions. Hope of starting a new life, confusion; excitement, fear; joy of joining an IIT, a heavy heart; all together put me in a complexly confused state. It was during this time Rahul Naidu stood by me and many of my friends. He was an epitome of strength for us. Nothing could have comforted us more than his words. He was truly our student 'guide'.

A good start further ensured I had a great stay throughout the year. Learning was an integral process that involved committing mistakes, correcting, and a loop again. The beauty is every mistake taught me a valuable lesson which I now would like to concentrate upon and improve further. I hope to keep learning and enjoy the process. Being a part of CST now, if my experience will be of help to anyone coming, I would be more than happy to lend my support. "

_______Hemanth Rishi Vempati

"After the final round of counselling, the reality struck me hard. I was about to travel far away from my family to an unknown place, meet new people and stay with them for years. The joy of cracking IIT was short-lived when I realized the anxiety I was about to face. I desperately needed a guide, a mentor, and above all, a friend. Amidst all this confusion, I got a call from my Student Guide, Sai Prasanth. Just like Arya Stark had come out of nowhere to kill the Night King, that single 'out of the blue' phone call cleared my anxiety. To be honest, the first few months were the smoothest, thanks to him. The CST'18 had done an amazing job. Right from registration to transportation on my first day of the first year to my studies on the last day of my first year, the SG's were there for me.

From being shy to boldly approaching strangers, IIT had a knack of bringing me to its track. The heritage trips, the society and the fest I've been inducted into, turned out to be unarguably the full time 'fun-givers' to my IIT life. The journey in the past year was quite an experience. This multi-cultured campus is truly a blessing to any student's life. Self-learning is the most important tool this college has given me. Let it be studies or outdoor activities; this tool will come in handy.

So to all the freshers, "Cheers!". You are about to enter a brand new phase in your life. We the CST are here for you. We can't guarantee that your journey here would be easy, but it surely will be fun-filled. All the best for everything ahead."

_______Varun Kumar Chilla

"After 2 long years of hard work, I finally fulfilled my dream of getting into an IIT. After seven rounds of JOSAA counselling from which I got into IIT Bhubaneswar. Initially, I had many doubts about the campus but when I got a call from my student guide Aman Kumar all my doubts were cleared.

CST'18 was very helpful in getting my registration done and also the events conducted by them like Treasure hunt and heritage trips are very helpful in making new friends and thereby making many memories.

Before joining I didn't know much about IIT's. All I knew was good placements and higher packages, but there is much more IIT's provide like all-round development and a great campus life which will be remembered for a lifetime.

I am really glad to be part of CST'19 and I heartily welcome all the freshers. I can definitely say that you will have an amazing year ahead."

_______K Vijay Reddy

"The satisfaction I received after the advanced results was overwhelming. I was on top of the world, but there was a small concern in my mind. What next? Filling up the options list in JoSAA site was even harder and the rounds were similar to that of boxing rounds . At last I ended up in IIT Bhubaneswar, I didn't know anyone from IIT Bhubaneswar, all I prayed was for a mentor. My prayers were answered, thanks to Harsha Vardhan my student guide who helped me from the start of my college life up until now. He was very patient and helpful, answered every stupid question that I asked without hesitation.

This one year in this scenic campus was the best in my life. Meeting new people and making new friends and completing my bucket list. All the events like FGT, Heritage trips, treasure hunt that were organised by CST'18 were very interactive and engaging. I have learnt to interact with different people and improved a lot in managing my 'time' which is the most important tool to build a good career.

I would like to congratulate all the fresher's and would guarantee you that you will have the best time of your life here and would cherish every moment. "

_______M. Sai Praneeth

"It was a crucial time for me when results were yet to announce. My heart was beating like anything when I was typing my Roll number and so for checking the result.

The thing I was most afraid of the same happened, results were not as I had expected. It took a week to recollect myself and accept reality. Reality is majorly hard to accept as they are not always sweet. However, I motivated myself and told myself that everything happens for some reason. The reason that is always for good.

But I never overlooked mistakes or faults that had happened.Leaving everything behind, my new chapter at IIT Bhubaneswar started after counselling. As I reached the campus I felt awesome, it was a feeling of freedom because now I was out the race so-called JEE. Although I was alotted an SG(student guide Ritika Gujrati ), I was alotted to another SGs in her absence, Aditya and Harshvardhan. They helped me out. They were so good at guiding and helping us in every way. It was all a sweet memory with all SG's at FGT and they were first whom we know at IIT at this new place. I hope I'll be a good SG as my seniors were. "

_______Kaushik Gupta

"I still remember the few hours before JEE Advanced. I could feel as if all the emotions were passing through me at one go, happiness, excitement, nervousness, responsibility and a natural curiosity to attempt the toughest entrance exam considered all over the world. There was a sense of peace and yet I could feel little pressure in my mind. And then, it began. The time duration of six hours zoomed past before me and it felt as if only two to three hours had passed. Never in my life, I had felt the importance of each second. At last it was over, a sense of joy, relaxation and memories of last two years came into my mind. Although these moments didn't last for long.

Soon, the results were out, and I looked at the cut-offs to find my dream college. It was only after I was allotted a seat at IIT Bhubaneswar; I felt relaxed. My family and myself were thrilled as the hard work had paid off but also felt sad as I was supposed to stay away from my family for the next four years. I had not even stayed even a single day away from my parents.

The clouds of doubts faded away as my Student Guide, Harshavardhan, called and guided me regarding the registration process, accommodation and other necessary details. When we approached the campus, its beauty mesmerized me. The registration went smoothly with the assistance of the Counselling Service Team. Their hard work inspired me and I decided to become a member of CST'19.

The engagement programmes like YES+, FGT, Treasure Hunt helped me open up with my peers and it laid the foundation for an interesting year. As far as academics is concerned, Professors taught beyond my expectations. Their constant support helped me excel in my academics with leaps and bounds. I am proud to be a member of CST'19 and extend my congratulations to all those who have cleared JEE Advanced. We welcome you all to the family of IIT Bhubaneswar."

_______Puneet Kumar Singh

"After my 10th grade I joined the race along with lakhs of other students in the country to study to enter an IIT. From that point for the next two years entering an IIT was my only goal. Finally, in 2018 I entered IIT Bhubaneswar.

I was excited to come here but nervous to witness a complete new phase in my life; this is the point where our student guides play a very important role. My student guide, Rahul Abburu Naidu guided me so well I didn't face much difficulties getting used to this huge campus and its student environment.

At first, the college environment was very new to me, but because I studied 11th and 12th grades in a hostel, it was not a difficult task to adjust here. Even the YES+ program held before the commencement of our classes helped us get to know each other and increase our friendship radar in the college. Even senior-junior relationship in college is better than other colleges, we are proud to say it is a complete ragging free campus.

Now when I look back after a full year of experience, I learnt a lot about time management, and enhanced a ton of skills I had taken from 11th and 12th grades.

Being a part of the Hostel Management team, as councilor it was a great experience. As this is a new generation IIT, the best part is that you get to see a lot of opportunities unfold unlike other old IITs. Even the various cultural and technical societies in the college help a student prosper in various other fields other than studies. Faculty members are experienced and student friendly. "

_______Aniket Shah

"Getting into an IIT was my dream and to fulfill that I worked hard after my 10th grade examinations. I studied my plus one and two in one of the top coaching centers of India and after two years of hard work I was into IIT Bhubaneswar.

I froze my options in the first round of JOSAA Counselling, and after a few days, my senior guide, Nikhitha Reddy contacted me. A special thanks to her as she was extremely patient in answering all my questions and my parents'. Thanks to CST'18 without which my registration process wouldn't have been smooth.

Life in an IIT is totally different, I was not new to hostel life, but I was new to IIT life. I explored many things, fests and societies occupied a special place in my heart, friends and seniors played a major role in the past one year of my life. Seniors helped me a lot here, and I want to thank all of them. Night-outs, birthdays are the most memorable days here.

After getting into IIT Bhubaneswar I faced no problems, all thanks to CST for guiding all the students and me.

Now being a part of CST'19 I am feeling very proud and I am eagerly waiting to help juniors as CST'18 helped us. "

_______Saaketh Immani

"Believing and achieving a goal is easier said than done and so it was to get into IIT. It was a journey which had its own lows and highs, but it was definitely self-belief and hard work combined that got me into IIT BBS.

I still recall how hectic those days of college counselling and registration were and would have been worse without the help of my student guide Jatin Khare, who got in touch with me and helped ease my load. Informing me about all the necessities and taking care of all my doubts, even the silly ones, which I think all of us had as this was a new space for us all.

One year has already passed, and it seems like yesterday when I enrolled. When I look back, I realize the transformation I have gone through. Taking part in a lot of activities throughout the year, be it food fest, hostel games, Wissenaire, going for daily badminton practice helped me to stay busy, have fun and added many soft skills to my skill set.

I feel the overall course in the college is structured in a way that allows students to learn and grow in a supportive environment, and I think it gives everyone the opportunity to thrive. Through the help and guidance of my seniors, I could rediscover myself and follow my passion for sports again, and not to forget all the weekend trips we had together, the late night birthday bashes have made some unforgettable memories. It is a dream come true to be a part of this institution.

So, let's take this path together, learn together and have fun together and I would be more than happy to welcome all the freshers and help them in every way possible. "

_______Vaibhav Vaidya

"In my high school, my mathematics professor, an IITKGP graduate, elaborated on his college culture (timings, student bodies and events). Everything about it was very fascinating. He said, and I quote, "IIT's are the best platforms to explore anything because of their culture, system and the opportunities they offer". His talks motivated me. When I got to know that two-and-a-half days are off in a week and four months of holidays in the college calendar, my zeal to study in an IIT went even higher.

At first I was tense about the registration process, for they were lengthy and complex. I had many doubts about the process and wanted to talk to a college student directly. Thanks to CST'18, I got a call from Sai Prasath, my student guide, that call cleared all my doubts and I felt relaxed. He was patient and cool and answered all my silly doubts. He gave me all the information beforehand, making it easy and helped me when in need, thanks to him my registration process went without a hiccup. "Student guides are your relatives in an alien place," so make good use of their presence.

The events organised by CST'18 FGT, Treasure Hunt, and Heritage Trips were really amazing. You'll interact with many people and make friends, fests and societies were the best part of IIT and my first year. More societies you join, the more friends you'll make, and more the adventures you get to do. The three days of Wissenaire were my best days. TIME, SLEEP AND WEATHER are the three things you have no control over. Well, I do not want to reveal any more than this. I'm sure you won't regret joining IITBBS.

CST'19 congratulates and welcomes you.

Welcome, freshers. Explore the one hiding in you, here in IITBBS. "

_______Sai Navyanth