Subject Code:  EC6L033

Name:  Advanced Digital System Design

L-T-P: 3-1-0

Credit: 4

Advanced topics in combinational and sequential design: Use of CAD, design methodologies, system decomposition, arithmetic modules, and design of complex sequential systems. Introduction to FPGA architectures: Overview, programming technologies, configurable logic block, FPGA routing architectures. Logic design with Verilog: Introduction to Verilog, logic design with behavioral models of combinational and sequential logic, synthesis of combinational and sequential logic, design and synthesis of data path controllers, programmable logic and storage devices, algorithms and architectures for digital processors, architectures for arithmetic processors, coding for FPGAs. Designing with FPGAs: Design flow for FPGAs, prototyping with FPGAs, and debugging. (Utilize commercial FPGA development tools for compilation, simulation, synthesis, implementation, and debugging).

Prerequisite: (a) Theory - Digital Electronics or Equivalent     (b) Lab - Digital Electronics Lab or Equivalent

Text Books:

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  6. Designing with Xilinx FPGAs using Vivado, Editor, Sanjay Churiwala, Springer 2016.

Reference Books:

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