Defense Specimens

Aircraft Trainer Timeline

HPT-32 Deepak Aircraft

It is an Indian propeller driven primary trainer manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and can accomodate an instructor and passenger.

Features and Specificatio of HPT-32 Deepak Aircraft:

Length 7.7 m Max takeoff weight 1,322 kg
Height 2.9 m Maximum speed 281 km/h
Wingspan 9.5 m Range 1400 km
Power plant A Lycoming AEO-540-D4B5 piston engine (194 kw)    

Optional: Four hard points for carrying 255kg war load of bombs or machine gun/rocket pods.

Advanced trainer are turboject engine based, have light combat capability and maxumum speeds of 3-4 times of the HPT. The other features include high-rate-of climb, use of integrated GPS/INS system, latest mission computers, digital moving map, advanced polymer and metal-matrix composites, parachute systems, anti-explosion fuel tank, improved eco-friendly aviation, and Oneshot technology.

Battle TankTimeline

T-55 Battle Tank

T-55 is the second generation of battle tanks. It has been operational since 1949 and inducted into Indian Military in 70's. It has a fully tracked, five-road-wheeled chassis with a low silhouetted hull and a dome shaped turret. It combines high velocity gun with exceptional long-range endurance.

Features and Specifications of T-55 Battle Tank:

Mass 36 tonnes (39.7 ST) Length 9.0m (with gun forward)
Width 3.37m Height 2.40m/h
Crew 4 Armour of Turret 205 mm front, 130mm sides, 60 mm rear, 30 mm roof
Main armament D-10T 100 m rifled gun Engine Model V-55 (V-54) V-12 water-cooled, 38.88-1 diesel, 500 hp up to 800 hp
Speed 48 km/h    

Battle tanks are marvels of engineering and science. Modern Battle Tanks (MBT) rely on using metal-matrix composites, metal-ceramic-kevlar composites, as well as composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres to make various components including body armour demonstrating material innovation. State of the art technologies like ability to fire Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot round, High Explosive squash Head and Explosive Reactive Armour module distinguish one from another.