School of Electrical Sciences

Head of the School


Prof. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray

 +91 674 713 5750

Associate Heads

Electrical Engineering


Dr. Sankarsan Mohapatro

0674 7135744

Electronics & Communication Engineering


Dr. Pasupureddi Vijaya Sankara Rao

0674 7135778

Computer Science & Engineering


Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra

0674 7135716


The School currently offers the following programs.
B.Tech Program

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering

Dual Degree Program

  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering and M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
  • B.Tech in Electrical Engineering and M.Tech in Power Electronics and Drives

The School offers B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics & Communication Engineering. The school also offers two dual degree programs. The programs are designed to provide a strong foundation in theoretical and practical aspects of the individual stream. In addition to the basic courses, a wide variety of choices for advanced elective courses are also provided to get in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. The well-equipped laboratories help the students to get the feel of the courses they have undergone. The students are exposed to fundamental and application-oriented research activities at different stages of their studies at IIT Bhubaneswar. The research-oriented final year project works are directed to apply the fundamentals with appropriate applications to bring out innovation from the young minds.
M.Tech Program

  • Specialization: Computer Science & Engineering
  • Specialization: Power System Engineering
  • Specialization: Power Electronics & Drives
  • Specialization: Signal Processing & Communication Engineering
  • Specialization: Integrated Circuits and VLSI Systems

The School currently offers M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, Power system Engineering, Power Electronics & Drives, Signal Processing & Communication Engineering and Integrated Circuits and VLSI Systems specializations. The programs are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the subjects through quality teaching driven by simulation studies and real-time experiments. The program is of duration 2 years where the second year is fully dedicated for research purposes only.

Ph.D Program

The focus of the Ph.D. program is to develop the research capability of the individual. A candidate is groomed to be a future leader in research and innovation in this program. The school provides interdisciplinary research culture and round-the-clock access to labs for expediting the research output. The faculties are actively engaged in cutting-edge research areas of

  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering