School of Electrical Sciences

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Prof. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray

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Associate Heads

Electrical Engineering


Dr. Sankarsan Mohapatro

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Electronics & Communication Engineering


Dr. Pasupureddi Vijaya Sankara Rao

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Computer Science & Engineering


Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra

0674 7135716

Research Highlights

Risk based Security Enforcement in Software Defined Framework

Software Defined Network (SDN) paradigm provides intelligent and efficient management of different network control functions (NF) depending on changes in traffic behaviour, service providers' requirements and application context. However, the logical centralization...

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Distributed Multi-authority Attribute-based Encryption using Cellular Automata

Cellular automata (CA) has attracted the attention of research communities for its applications in the design of symmetric and public-key cryptosystems. The strength of cellular automata lies in its inherent data parallelism, which can help accelerate access ...

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A Novel Machine Learning based Malware Detection and Classification Framework

As time progresses, new and complex malware types are being generated which causes a serious threat to computer systems. Due to this drastic increase in the number of malware samples, the signature-based malware detection techniques cannot provide accurate...

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An energy-efficient load distribution framework for SDN controllers

Software-defined networking (SDN) has evolved as an effective platform for future Internet due to its capability of configuring the network dynamically with varying requirements. It has been observed that the load and energy requirement ...

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A Secure Virtual Controller for Traffic Management in SDN

There is a need for developing an efficient, robust, and secure execution platform for Software-defined networking (SDN) concerning the dynamic network service offerings. In this work, we present a secure virtual controller (SVC) architecture that satisfies the benchmark...

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Characterization of dense crowd gatherings at socio-cultural events through visual surveillance

Large gatherings at socio-cultural events often cause traffic congestion in cities, or even they lead to untoward incidents such as stampede or accidents. However, if the crowd dynamics can be understood or predicted, precautionary measures can be taken by the administrative authority.

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Configuration Compliance checking, Security Policy verification and Threat Diagnosis for ECN

In enterprise networks (ECN), the correct implementations of security policies are becoming increasingly difficult due to complex and heterogeneous organizational requirements involving a large number of computing and cyber devices..

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Homomorphic Encryption for Secure Data Storage in Cloud

Due to the digitization of data in large scale and varying requirements of the organizations to serve different stakeholders, there is a need to compute, store and analyze large amount of data often in remote servers efficiently..

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Design of Adaptive Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) has become popular as a key communication technology in many tactical and critical environments, such as military defence networks, disastrous and rescue operations, etc..

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Design and Performance Analysis of SDN Controllers

Software Defined Network (SDN) provides a platformto the users and network administrators to efficiently design,build, and manage networks by separating the control plane and data plane. SDN allows to program the control plane and configure the underlying..

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