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Dr. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray

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Electrical Engineering


Dr. Chandrashekhar Narayan Bhende

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Electronics & Communication Engineering


Dr. Pasupureddi Vijaya Sankara Rao

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Computer Science & Engineering


Dr. Manoranjan Satpathy

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Presentations by SES Faculty

  • (Invited Talk) Adway Mitra, "Bayesian Methods in Machine Learning", 3-day Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, March 27 2019
  • (Invited Talk) Adway Mitra, "Identifying Spatio-temporal Patterns of Monsoon Rainfall over India using Graphical Models", Brainstorm Meeting on application of AI/ML in Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, March 26, 2019
  • (Invited Talk) Adway Mitra, "Person Diescovery in Movie Videos for Summarization" at IIT-BHU, short-term course on Machine Learning for Image and Video Analytics, December 8, 2018
  • (Contributed Talk), Padmalochan Bera, A New Approach for Energy Efficiency in Software Defined Networks in IEEE SDS 2018, Barcelona, Spain, April 25 2018,.
  • (Invited Talk) Padmalochan Bera, "Development Roadmaps on Software Defined Networks", at Central Research Lab, Bharat Electronics, Bangalore on September 16 2017.
  • (Invited Talk) Padmalochan Bera; Formal Modelling Techniques for verification of Network Security Policy Implementations and device configurations Security Analysis Group, DRDO, New Delhi, June 6 2016
  • (Invited Talk) Padmalochan Bera;Software Defined Networks with  Network Function Virtualization – a research roadmap Padmalochan Bera IEEE National Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks with Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, Bhubaneswar January 15-16, 2016
  • (Invited Talk) Padmalochan Bera ; Functional Verification of VM Migration in Openstack Cloud Padmalochan Bera CyberDNA seminar, University of Northa Carolina Charlotte, USA, June 5, 2015
  • (Invited Talk) Padmalochan Bera ; Cyber Security Challenges in Smart Grid Infrastructure Padmalochan Bera National Workshop on Smart Grid Technologies (NWSGT), 2014, IIT Bhubaneswar, 8-9 November 2014
  • UWB in Healthcare, D Ghosh, ICEAA 2016, September 19-23, 2016
  • (Invited Talk) Dr. D. P. Dogra ;Invited Talk at CISCO Networking Academy Student Conference at Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar, 17 March 2016.
  • N. C. Sahoo, S. Mohapatro, and M. K. Senapati ;A SoC based voltage control strategy for DC micro-grid, IEEE Electrical Power & Energy Conference (EPEC-2015), Canada, 26-28 October 2015
  • S. K. Nayak, N. C. Sahoo, and G. Panda; Demand side management of residential loads in a smart grid using 2D particle swarm optimization technique, IEEE Power, Communication and Information Technology Conference, PCITC, Bhubaneswar, 15-17 October 2015
  • N C Sahoo ; Solar PV Power: Existing and Upcoming Technology,SCS College, Puri, 19 February 2016
  • Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki; DC-DC Converters for renewable energy sources,STC on "Advanced Power Electronic Converters for Renewable Energy & Industrial Drives", Dec 2015, NIT Patna
  • Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki ; High Efficiency Power Electronics converters for Energy Storage systems, Three day Faculty Development Program on Advanced Power Electronics: Applications and Control, 21-23rd 2016
  • M. Sabarimalai Manikandan; Challenges and Opportunities of Research in Wearable Medical Devices for Health and Wellness Monitoring,Finnish-Indian Joint Symposium: Future Opportunities in Health, Drug Development and Diagnostics
  • Padmalochan Bera ; Research roadmap on Software Defined Networks - a new Networking paradigm, National Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks with Internet of Things And Cloud Computing , Bhubaneswar,15-16 January 2016
  • Dr. Barathram Ramkumar and Dr. Lalan Kumar; Space Time Adaptive Systems,Continuing Education Program, ITR-DRDO, April 2016
  • N V L N Murty, Semiconductor Device Modeling, Colloquium on Advanced CMOS based Nano Devices, 2016, 20-22 Feb 2016
  • L. Kumar, B. Guoan, and R. M. Hegde; The Spherical Harmonics Root-MUSIC, Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), IEEE International Conference on, Shanghai, China, 20-25 March 2016
  • Jayanta Pal; , Pade based reduced order modelling and controller design,Recent advances in Computer, Electronics & Electrical Sciences, RACEES-2016, Hi-Tech College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar, 9-10 Jan. 2016
  • Jayanta Pal;Alternate & Renewable Energy Scenario in India., Recent Advances on Renewable Energy (RARE-2016), Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Gunupur, Odisha;29-30 Jan. 2016
  • Jayanta Pal ; Large Scale Systems Modelling & Control, Recent Advances in Power, Control & Drives for Sustainable Energy, (PCDSE-16), Gitam Institute of Technology, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 4-5 March 2016
  • Jayanta Pal ; Reduced Order Modelling & Controller Design of Dynamic Systems,Recent Trends of Technology, Avanthi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 12-13March 2016