Mock Test of the On-line Exam

Mock Test of the On-line exam is scheduled at 11 AM on 9th May, 2020 (Saturday). The objective of the Test is to evaluate the proper functioning of different stages of operation of the online exam. Students from 4th Year B. Tech, 1st Year M. Tech and 2nd Year MSc. programmes will be participating in this one hour Mock Test.

Guideline for joining the Mock Test is available in the link below:
1. Process document for Online Examination
2. Installation Procedure


There will be continuous assessment of a student’s performance throughout the semester and grades will be awarded by the subject teacher/coordination committee formed for this purpose. See clause 13 in B. Tech regulation. More »

Examination Time Table

Autumn Session (July 2019-Dec 2019)
Session Over
Session Over
Spring Session (Jan 2020-July 2020)
Session to be started
Summer Quater 2020
Session not started
Session not started
Supplementary 2020
Session not started
Session not started