FAQ on online exam

  1. Can the system still work if my broadband connections fails in between a few times?
    Yes! It will work without asking for registration again.
  2. Would I face serious problem if bandwidth goes down in between?
  3. Do I get extra time if my connection fails in between?
    Yes, if it is genuine. Your invigilator will take a call on it.
  4. What shall I do if I fail to arrange a laptop with internet and cell phone facility?
    You can come to campus and take the exams in quarantine. But we advise you to use this as the last option. As of now this facility is being provided for Test-2. Efforts are going on to cater to such requirement for test-1 also.
  5. What will happen if my setup totally fails?
    On your application and genuineness of the same the PIC (exams) on recommendation of the invigilator will take a call on it to give you another chance.
  6. What will happen if my laptop fails?
    Your second cell phone can be used in place of the laptop. But you may have to see the question paper on the small screen of the cell phone and you can still do it.
  7. Can I write the answers on a paper, take a snap shot and upload?
    Yes! You can do either through the webcam of the laptop/desktop/Tab or by the 2nd cell phone. But it is your responsibility to see that the write up including diagrams there(if any) are clear to the evaluator.
  8. I have to join a job. What should I do?
    The institute has the full information of your placement including when you need to join the job and the examinations are planned to provide you with an option to suit your placement. Choose the option that suits.
  9. To be expanded.

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