From Director's Desk on Education by live lecture streaming at IIT Bhubaneswar

DirectorDear Students,

We switched to on-line streaming of our classes on 18th of this month and have successfully completed more than one week of education in this mode. It has been happening with 100% of our Spring Semester courses.

Today I met three groups of students in the campus and inquired about how things are happening in hostels and about how their education in on-line mode is happening.

They expressed their satisfaction about the lecture streaming and also mentioned that their classmates taking the education in on-line mode from across the country are also able to access well and that they are able to participate well. Any one facing a problem, is able to access through the saved lectures.

As we discussed there are several benefits including saving of the semester, reducing the later academic overloading of students, constructively engaging them through their isolation without the associated sickness, etc. Also let us not under estimate the value in making 100% of our faculty experienced in on-line teaching. Probably we are amongst the top one or a few of the IITs to do it successfully (as I shared with you I could enable similar things at RGUKT, 10 yrs back, which was the first of its kind in the country). I am confident that we are one of the very small fraction of institutions/universities across the world to enable education in the lock-down and pandemic situation. You may also like to apply some innovative steps in this ICT based education and share your experiences.

I would like to personally complement each one of you for positively and successfully participating and being part of this endeavour. I thank the CITSC staff for their support.

The students have also expressed their satisfaction over the hostel arrangements, and the actions for safety and isolation taken up by the institute. Complements are also due to our wardens, hostel staff, medical staff and other staff for their support.

Our hon'ble Prime Minister is directly leading the nation and I am confident that we are going to soon overcome the pandemic. But let me remind you that there is absolutely no place for complacency and we shall go for the next level of isolation, monitoring and preparation through deterministic actions at the institute. Please do take care of yourselves and your families.

With best wishes,
Prof R V Raja Kumar
Director, IIT Bhubaneswar