Gratitude from Director for the 3rd Open Day and Grand Science &Technology Exhibition at IIT Bhubaneswar

DirectorDear All

The Open Day cum S&T Exhibition organized by IITBBS on the Foundation Day, i.e., 12th Feb 2020 with the participation of many students, faculty and staff of all schools went on extremely well.

About 8,500 students, their teachers and others from 167 universities, colleges and schools participated in the event from out side IITBBS and got benefited immensely with the educational experience from around 250 exhibits and experiments. Excitement due to the immersive learning experience and inspiration they got were very clearly visible on their faces. What can be more grand than this and more value creating than this? It is for this type of grand contribution to the society, I got the annual event started three years back in 2018 and I am extremely happy to see our institute graduating fully in organizing the event oozing science, technology and creativity. Details and a glimpses of the same can be had at:

Also the professional way our students have explained about the experiments with immersive attention was very satisfying to me. The organizing team did a spirited job. I would like to complement the Dean (SA), the coordinators and all others involved profusely for the outstanding value they have created. I also thank the heads of schools, colleges, and universities for sending their students to see IIT and have the memorable experience of the exhibition and the officials of the state government for their support.

To my knowledge, IITBBS is the only IIT taking such an initiative as an annual event. This initiative is being taken up also in the spirits of the programmes of the Ministry of HRD like the Unnat Bharat Abiyan. As the educational institute leading the educational hub of the eastern India, I believe that it is our institutional social responsibility to help creating a right echo system in our hinterland. This is also an important activity of our institutes outreach programme.

I once again thank one and all involved and request others to join in our future endeavours.

With best wishes,
Prof. Raja Kumar, R. V.
Director, IIT Bhubaneswar