Green Field Campus


The horticulture activity was started in 2015 to create the IIT Bhubaneswar campus with full of greenery and more vibrant, including exotic and indigenous deciduous and coniferous trees and plants (long-life tall trees, flower and medicinal trees, fruit trees, palm and pine trees). The members of board of governors inaugurated the first phase of plantation project at our new campus by planting the first saplings (mahogany and gulmohar plants) around sports ground area on 10 July 2015. For the next-five plan, the main focus of the centre for horticulture is to create native landscaping in newly constructed areas and near buildings with lush green gardens adorned with ornamental and medicinal plants that maintain the clean and healthy environment for the students and residents of the campus. IIT Bhubaneswar believes that nurturing nature is the best way to promote creativity and increasing the amount of landscaping and greenery in the campus can provide positive effect on mental and physical health. The plants and trees will be chosen such that to create the healthy echo-system for attracting the exotic and migratory birds. In order to achieve sustainability, the centre primarily focus on the building up rooftop rainwater harvesting and surface rainwater harvesting infrastructure and setting up a waste management system and wastewater recycling plant, in the five year plan 2015-2020. Autonomous water irrigation system will be set up in the campus to saving both water and expenditures. The campus is strict about using only organic fertilizers. The centre also focuses on setting up a nursery gardens and green parks in our campus and also providing the tree name tags including the botanical name, English, Hindi, and Odia name.

Academic Area


Plantation By Prof. R.V Rajakumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar





CHES Plantation Drive

Plantation at Girl's Hostel by Prof. R.V Rajakumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar


Plantation By Shri Pankaj Ramanbhai Patel, Former Chairman, BOG


Plantation By Prof. R.V Rajakumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar

Plantation By Shri S. K. Roongta, Former Chairman, BOG










Avenue Plantation


Peripheral Teak Plantation


Mango Orchard (In front of Girls Hostel)