School of Infrastructure

Water Resources Engineering Laboratory

Water Resources Engineering Laboratory deals with various experiments and simulations related to fluvial hydraulics, mathematical flow modeling and basic fluid mechanics for B.Tech, M.Tech and Ph.D students. Various experiments and simulations related to fluvial hydraulics, flow through submerged and emergent vegetation and mathematical flow modelling are being carried out using state of the art equipment like down looking and side looking Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters, Acoustic Doppler Profilers, Sub-bottom profilers, etc. The Laboratory has two recirculating tilting flumes equipped with wave generator and sensors like water depth recorder, digital flow meter. Research projects on flow around single and group of submerged structures are being undertaken from funding agencies like DST, etc. Major objective is to propose a correlation between the flow characteristics and the erosion around the submerged structures. Also, various interdisciplinary consultancy projects have been carried out on design of transmission tower foundations within the river and on the flood plains.

Recirculating Tilting Flume

Field Investigation Trip to Chilika Lake


Erosion around submerged pier

Erosion around tandem pier


Erosion around tandem submerged pier

Erosion around angled tandem pier