School of Infrastructure


Recent Departmental Seminars

The school engages in organising lectures by the person of high repute thoughout the year. Some of the important lectures delivered in the year 2015-16 is lilsted below.   

Name Designation Presentation Topic Date
Dr. Chinmoy Kolay Research Scientist& NHERI Lehigh Research Engineer, Lehigh University, USA. Large-scale Real-Time Hybrid Simulation of Buildings with Seismic Energy Dissipation Devices 3rd Feb 2017
Dr. Manoranjan Sahu R & D Scientist, MEMC Pasadena Inc/SunEdison, TX, USA. Aerosol Process for Nanomaterial Synthesis and Their Environmental Applications 9th Dec 2016
Prof. Ikuo Towhata Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo Monitoring of slopes for early warning of rainfall-induced landslides 1st Dec 2016
Prof. Chittaranjan Ray Director, Nebraska Water Center, NE, USA. Worldwide Potential of Riverbank Filtration for Water Supply 8th Nov 2016
Prof. Serge Alex Institute of Industrial Process, Montrel, Quebec. Applied Research in Canadian Technical Access Centre 30th Sep 2016
Prof. Andrew Charleson Professor, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Different ways of thinking about structures 15 March 2016
Prof. B. S. Pani Professor,
Civil Engineering Department, IIT Bombay
Effective effluent management for environment sustenance 16 December 2015
Ms. Soumi Ghoshal Specification Manager – East from FOSROC Construction Chemicals (1) Waterproofing of Structures and (2) Repair & Rehabilitation of Structures 13 October 2015

Prof. Ravindra Gettu
Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras Sustainable Concrete Technology using Admixture 16 September 2015
Prof. Devdas Menon Professor of Civil Engineering
IIT Madras, India
Life Beyond Engineering 18 June 2015
Prof. Bhargab Maitra Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kharagpur Transforming Urban India for a better Tomorrow: Future of Cities and Smart City Initiatives 07 April 2015
Dr. Debakanta Misra Assistant Professor,
Department of Civil Engineer,
Boise State University
Sustainability in Transportation Infrastructure: An Integrated Approach Comprising Field Instrumentation, Numerical Modeling, and Advanced Laboratory Characterization 05 January 2015