School of Infrastructure


The school is actively involved in academic/sponsored research and industrial consultancy work. Various research projects are being carried out in each of the micro specializations of Civil Engineering. The projects that are being conducted at present, comprehend both the experimental as well as simulation oriented research works. These research projects are being funded by various Govt. Organizations as well as Industries such as DST, CSIR, NALCO Bhubaneswar, etc. Both fundamental and application oriented research projects have been undertaken by the faculty members of the School. In this connection, it is worth mentioning that relentless efforts are being made by the faculty members of the School to bring the projects to face and solve the recent challenges of our modern society. These projects not only solve the present challenges but also create human resources in the form of JRF, SRF and research scholars in the field of Civil Engineering.

Research Highlights

Measures for improving the attractiveness of pedestrian-facility accessing urban local bus service.

Measures for improving the attractiveness of pedestrian-facility accessing urban local bus service. ..

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Development of an Integrated Zero Energy Modular System for the Treatment of Rural Domestic Wastewater

In this research project, newly designed natural laminar flow aerofoils are optimized for higher lift to drag ratio which have possible applications in the transport aircrafts..

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Macrophyte assisted vermifilter (MAVF) to treat wastewater

Macrophyte assisted vermifilter (MAVF) is a bio-oxidative process in which detritivore earthworms interact symbiotically with microorganisms and other soil fauna to degrade organic contaminants present in wastewater..

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Impact of Climate Change on Design of Offshore Wind Turbine

India is planned to develop offshore wind energy in coastal areas. This would include exploiting India's 7,500 km-long coastline for the ..

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Sponsored Research Projects

SL No. Title Sponsering
PI of the Project Budget (Rs. in Lakhs) Status
Measures for Improving the Attractiveness of Pedestrian Facility Accessing Urban Local Bus Stops
Dr. Debasis Basu                        
Characterization studies of Nano-enhanced Phase Change Material (NEPCM) in thermal storage devices for sustainable building designs in India
Dr. B Hanumantha Rao
Design and analysis of reactor for catalytic co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastic: A treatment technique for mixed solid waste
Dr. Remya Neelancherry                        
4 Study of the effects of Climate Change on Hydro-meteorological processes: Droughts and Floods at Different Spatial and Temporal Scales in Eastern India DST Prof. R K Panda                       163.36 On-going
5 Greywater treatment and reuse by combined sequencing batch reactor and solar photocatalytic reactor DST Dr. Remya Neelancherry                         21.04 On-going
6 Bioelectricity recovery during treatment of kitchen waste in combined leach bed reactor and low cost microbial fuel cell DST Dr. Manaswini Behera 25.25 On-going
7 Rice mill wastewater treatment and bio-electricity generation in low cost microbial fuel cell employing ceramic separator DST Dr. Manaswini Behera 20.06 On-going
8 Establishment of Innovation-cum-Incubation Centre at IIT Bhubaneswar Planning & Coordination Dept. Prof. R K Panda 100.00 On-going
9 Performance Evaluation of Pavements with Stabilized Bases/Subbases for Rural Roads NRRDA Dr U C Sahoo 33.60 On-going
10 Synthesis, Characterisation and development of red mud-fly ash based geopolymer concrete NALCO Dr. B Hanumantha Rao 34.76 On-going
11 Investigations on Strength and Volume Change Properties of Red Mud for its Effective Utilization in Geotechnical Applications DST Dr. B Hanumantha Rao 24.22 On-going
12 Flow field around group of submerged structures and its application to sediment transport DST Dr. Arindam Sarkar 43.00 Completed
13 Investigation on the field and laboratory corrosion behaviour of steel in structural concretes DST Dr. Dinakar Pasla 32.80 Completed
14 Establishment of swelling and cracking characteristics of expansive soils frm suction measurements CSIR Dr. B Hanumantha Rao 26.22 Completed
15 Treatment of Textile Wastewater via Ultrasonication and Biological Anaerobio - Aerobio Treatment Route DST Dr. Puspendu Bhunia 17.64 Completed
16 Fate of Microbial pathogens in existing wastewater Treatment Systems : Sand Filtration as a Polishing option for treated Effluent DST Dr. R R Dash 13.00 Completed
17 Investigation of cyclic behaviour of offshore wind turbine monopile foundation considering the effect of climate change DST Dr. Sumanta Haldar 16.03 Completed
18 Characterization of granular Lateritic Soils for
Mechanistic Design of Payments
DST Dr. U C Sahoo 16.56 Completed
19 Hydraulics iof submerged structures subjected to shallow submergence DST
from Thapar
Dr. Arindam Sarkar 12.24 Completed

Institute Sponsored Project

Title PI Budget Remarks
Static & Dynamic response of Beams on Elastic Foundation
considering soil spatial variability
Dr . Sumanta Halder 5.60 completed
Behaviour of Masonary walls under Reverible Loading Prof. S.C. Dutta 5.00 completed
Optimization and Characterization of high performance self- compacting concrete (SCC) Dr. Dinakar pasla 5.00 completed
Hydraulics of Backward Facing Step with Transitions Dr. Arindam Sarkar 5.00 completed
Studies on Characterization of Unsaturated Soils usinh Thermal Flix Dr. B H Hanumantha Rao 5.00 completed
Optimum trench design for buried pipelines crossing thrrough seismic fault zones Dr. Suresh R Dash 10.00 completed
Influence of volumetric composition and aggregate properties on rutting potential of bituminous mixes Dr. Umesh Chandra Sahoo 10.00 completed
Measures for improving the attractiveness of non-motorized transport in urban area Dr. Debasis Basu 9.60 completed
Seismic response of fly ash brick infill wall with opening Dr. Goutam Mandal 9.80 Ongoing
Microwave Photocatalytic Treatment For Soft Drink Beverage Industry Wastewater Dr .Remya Neelancherry 10.00 Ongoing
Soil Moisture Estimation for Drought Studies and Infiltration Modelling Dr. Meenu Ramadas 10.00 Ongoing