Paper Presentation Sections

Section 1: Fluid Mechanics

Section 2: Solid Mechanics

FM1 Aerospace Dynamics

SM1 Aerospace Structures

FM2 Aerospace Propulsion

SM2 Computational Solid Mechanics

FM3 Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography

SM3 Control Structures

FM4 Biomechanics

SM4 Elasticity

FM5 Boundary Layers

SM5 Experimental Methods in Solid Mechanics

FM6 Compressible Flow

SM6 Fracture and Crack

FM7 Computational Fluid Dynamics

SM7 Mechanics of Composites

FM8 Drops, Bubbles and Multiphase Flows

SM8 Viscoelasticity and Creep

FM9 Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics

SM9 Robotics and Control

FM10 Flow Through Porous Media


FM11 Geophysical & Environmental Fluid Dynamics


FM12 Low-Reynolds number Flow


FM13 Mathematical Modelling


FM14 Statistical Mechanics


Young Scientists Award

Three medals, one each, in the sections: 1. Fluid Mechanics, 2. Solid Mechanics, and 3. Experimental Techniques or Computational Methods will be awarded to researchers of age 30 years or below for presenting outstanding research work at the Congress. The work should be done independently by the researcher with no co-author(s). The author who would like to be considered for the “Young Scientist”award is requested to mention it on the top of the Abstract by writing “PAPER FOR THE YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD” and check tick mark on“YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD” at the paper submission time in the website. The award paper must be presented personally by the author in the Award Session of the Congress. The Award Session for medals will be held only if a sufficient number of papers in each category are received. Apart from the medal, the registration fees of the awardees will be waived off in the following Congress.