Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti Greetings from
Prof R V Raja Kumar, Director

At the institute, we the staff and particularly the faculty are privileged to have the opportunity to shape a slice of future in our classrooms, laboratories and the campus by empowering the students through right education and making them think beyond their horizons.


Nonviolence and truth, the basic doctrines of Gandhian philosophy are as relevant today as ever. The Mahatma, a great thinker, a philosopher and father of the nation, continues to be the icon for leadership, simplicity and Satyagraha. May the world in general and our IITians in particular continue to take inspiration from this great personality of the Millennium.

On this Gandhi Jayanti day which is also the Jayanti day of Lal Bahadur Shastri another great leader and the 2nd Prime Minister of India we pay homage to them, renew our resolve to stand up for the values of Gandhian philosophy and work for the prosperity of our country.

I take this opportunity to call upon every IITian to join the campaign called by our hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modiji by committing towards the "Swachchhata" of our mother land starting from our own premises.


Prof R V Raja Kumar
Director, IIT Bhubaneswar