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Design of Optimized Natural Laminar Flow Aerofoil for Transport Aircrafts
Project Investigators: Dr. Y. G. Bhumkar & Prof. S. K. Mahapatra

In this research project, newly designed natural laminar flow aerofoils are optimized for higher lift to drag ratio which have possible applications in the transport aircrafts. Aerodynamic characteristics of the newly developed aerofoils are obtained using CFD simulations using high accuracy numerical schemes.

Simulation of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Laser-Tissue interaction
The major objective of this project is to develop a model for accurate estimation of thermal damage in the healthy tissue region while a tumor tissue is being treated by a repetitive collimated short pulse laser beam. A conjugate heat transfer model is developed in the ultrashort time scale for accurate prediction of thermal damage while treating the tumor tissue using collimated laser beam.

Project Investigators: Prof. S. K. Mahapatra & Dr. P. Rath

Department of Science & Technology
CFD Modelling of 76mm Naval Gun Projectile Motion In Aid of Range Enhancement

Project Investigators: Prof. S.K. Mahapatra, Dr. S.N. Panigrahi, Dr. P.Rath

DRDO, PXE, Chandipur
Improved Crack and Delamination Growth Resistance Technology Development for Isotropic and FRP Composite Structural Components

3-D finite element simulations have been performed using Multi Point Constraint (MPC) and Contact elements on various FRP composite structural components. Failure locations have been predicted using coupled field failure theories. Knowledge of Strain Energy Release Rate (SERR) has been used to predict dominance of failure mode. Effect of material anisotropy and effect of various geometrical parameters have been investigated.
Project Investigators: Dr. A. K. Pradhan

Department of Science & Technology
Analysis and design of acoustic absorber linings for underwater applications

Project Investigator: Dr. S. N. Panigrahi

NPOL, Kochi
Temperature Control of Electronic Components Using Phase Change Material (PCM) Based Heat Sinks
Investigators: Dr. P. Rath, Dr. M. K. Das
Department of Science & Technology
Re-engineering of walking type reaper cum binder Investigators: Dr. M K Pandit, Dr. A K Pradhan, Dr. A Mandal

A reaper cum binder for harvesting rice, wheat, barley etc. is being developed. Some important features are:

  • Totally indigenous design all parts can be taken from the local market
  • Automatic knotting with the help of the threads from threads pool.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Additional operations like spraying, pumping, tilling can be performed with little modifications
Directorate of Agriculture and Food Processing, Govt. of Odisha (RKVY Scheme)
Design modification of maize sheller Investigators: Dr. M K Pandit, Dr. A K Pradhan, Dr. A Mandal

The maize sheller developed will help maize growing farmers of Odisha to shell maize and separate corns better and with less wastage. The spare parts of the machine are easily available in the local market and it is sound and vibration during operation is reduced drastically.

Directorate of Agriculture and Food Processing, Govt. of Odisha (RKVY Scheme)
Impact response and damage analysis of advanced composite sandwich structures Project Investigator: Dr. Mihir Kumar Pandit

For experimental investigation of low velocity impact on sandwich composites and its response, a drop weight impact test set up is developed based on the ASTM standards. The impact tests are carried out to examine the effect of properties of core and face sheets on the impact response of sandwich structures and the experimental results are analyzed to study the impact damage caused to the face sheet and the core.

Department of Science & Technology
Research in Manufacturing & Industrial Management


Year 2016-17

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Year 2015-16

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