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School of Mechanical Sciences

Vision Statement

The School of Mechanical Sciences at Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar will be a premier learning centre for education and will be internationally recognized in a variety of areas of mechanical sciences research and scholarly work. The unique intellectual fusion within school of Mechanical sciences creates new opportunities for students and will lead to a richer experience both in the classroom and the laboratory.

The School of Mechanical Sciences will:

  • Have a dynamic faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship, creating and transferring knowledge that provide the foundation for new educational programs in areas of emerging technologies.
  • Respond to current societal needs by developing selected "target research thrusts" which utilize the talent and encompass the aspiration of the faculty and by providing the appropriate research infrastructure supporting our faculty to excel in their field of expertise.
  • Offer nationally recognized, integrated, undergraduate/graduate engineering educational programs that tailor a student's learning expertise to her/his professional and career aspirations.
  • Maintain state-of-the-art laboratories and facility infrastructure to support the educational and research enterprise.

Mission Statement

The mission of the school of Mechanical Sciences is to provide an excellent educational experience for its students. This experience includes an emphasis on the technical, communication, teamwork and life-long learning skills in which graduate engineers need to excel at the workplace and in the society in general. The curriculum aims to emphasize a rigorous treatment of the mathematical and scientific approach to the solution of engineering problems. The program endorses the design across the curriculum and is capped with an integrated design experience in the form of a senior project.

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