Message from Prof Ratnam V Raja Kumar, Director

Dear Fresher,

I congratulate and welcome all the new budding engineers who have qualified in JEE(Advanced), and joined the B.Tech programme of IIT Bhubaneswar. I also congratulate all those who performed exceedingly well in GATE, JAM and Ph.D. examinations of IIT Bhubaneswar and took admission into the M. Tech, M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes of the institute and take great pleasure in welcoming all of them.


As it is well known, the IIT system has evolved from 1950s and is best known across the world for its high quality of students, innovations, technological and research output. IIT Bhubaneswar is prominent among the eight second generation IITs which have been set up by the Government of India in 2008, with the vision “To be a highly respected Institute in the world for our distinctive knowledge.” I would personally like to broaden the ambition and take up the challenge “to be highly respected institute in the world for creating outstanding and well-rounded professionals, and generating new knowledge. We, at IIT Bhubaneswar, strongly believe that dedication, hard work, spirited functioning and quest for excellence are the key traits for success in placing itself amongst the top world-class institutions. Creating an excellent environment and institutional systems at commensurate standards, continuous quest for rising the standards of the existing systems, recruiting global class faculty, adopting innovative mechanisms like raising faculty of foreign origin, and creating an ambiance of global standards are some of the specific means, I have been personally believing in and engaged in for fulfilling this ambition, as the Director of the institute.

IIT Bhubaneswar is committed to provide its students with holistic education for producing tomorrow’s leaders by nurturing their personality, encouraging creativity, innovative mind-set and capability in Science & Technology, Humanities, Management and other domains of human excellence. IIT Bhubaneswar, under its seven Schools, provides various under graduate and post graduate courses like B.Tech, Dual degree, M.Sc, M.Tech, MS and Ph.D. programmes in numerous areas with contemporary applications. The pedagogy emphasizes student-centric and participatory learning and teaching that fosters thorough understanding ofsubject, innovative and creative thinking and problem solving capabilities. We pamper young minds to take any path/area and excel therein, by providing opportunities to do research in the chosen area. The academic programmes are equipped with very relevant courses for budding entrepreneurs, and the entire institute may be used as a technology incubator. The institute has a 40,000 sq.ft. Start-up space for students, and a Research & Entrepreneurship Park providing unlimited opportunity.

We are also committed and fairly successful in creating a wellness campus with green, clean and healthy environment, quality education, efficient and effective governance, effective health services, security, equality and enlightenment at near global standards.

In a short span of 10 years of its journey, though had setbacks in the first 5-6 years, IIT Bhubaneswar, with its progressive efforts, is reaching new heights and it stands as the fastest growing IIT of this country at the moment. The Institute is not only rich with adept Faculties but also with the state-of-the art infrastructure facilities creating conducive environment for the rapid growth of students’ skill-sets in all aspects of personality such as – academic, research, cultural, sports, ethical, and social responsibility. The Institute’s numerous collaborations with foreign universities, industries, and institutions across the world provide scope to the students to expose themselves to the global trends in education, research and industry. Similarly, ample opportunities in both national and international stints for internships, research projects, and exchange programs have been a prominent trend for our students.

IIT Bhubaneswar has been aiming very high and though has not done anything specific for improving its rank by ranking systems, the excellence created specifically over the last four years, started reflecting with steeply rising rank in almost all the ranking systems. The institute improved its rank in NIRF to national 17 very significantly from 26, four years back. It has been ranked nationally 9th position by India Today as well as THE. The institute made a respectable international debut, by ranking at 107 in BRICS by QS World University rankings, 131st rank in Asia and 153rd amongst Emerging Economies University ranking by THE.

We are aware of the fact that ‘all is not well’ in the examination centric coaching system for JEE (Advanced) at the senior high school and plus-2 level education prevailing in the country. In order to help fresher B.Tech students to unlearn the earlier un-healthy practices, put on course to real education and reclaim the IITian, we have created an innovative Rejuvenation and Orientation Programme (ROP) at IIT Bhubaneswar and have been adopting since 2016 with improvements, every year. The excellent performance our students have exhibited by winning top innovation prizes in numerous competitions and Hackathons in the country is a testimony for the objective oriented education system of the institute. I personally request every fresher student to whole heartedly participate, taste it and get benefitted by the same.

We have a Counselling Service Team (CST) to support freshers to cope well with various activities inside the campus. The student counsellors will provide psychological counselling to those students who sometimes need help in dealing with the life issues which may affect their academics if left unattended to. The Health Centre is fully functional with efficient doctors and Paramedical Team. The Student’s Gymkhana is established in its full form for all the Extra Curricular Activities. Various societies including Dramatics, Music and Dance, Fine Arts, Cinematic, Literary, Social Welfare, Programming, Robotics and Entrepreneurship Cell help students to realize their extra academic talents and in building up a well-rounded personality.

Finally, I would like to emphasize on the point that the active participation of students in the academic and other activities of the institute truly paves the way for them to become tomorrow’s leaders. Especially to the undergraduate students, I would like to emphasize on the key trait that we strive to offer education in its holistic form which is aimed at helping students achieve their ambitions than merely examination success. Here at IIT Bhubaneswar we strongly believe in that the admission into the B.Tech programme is actually “an excellent beginning” which paves way to the real empowerment of a student in the chosen domain towards a great future, rather than a “foregone ambition of getting admitted into an IIT.” I would personally like every Undergraduate student to remember this.

Personally, I expect our students to be education conscious, set realistic objectives and also to excel in a chosen discipline with deep insights and the cognitive skills. Furthermore, they should try to imbibe the virtues of an outstanding citizen such as sensitivity to environment, human needs, national causes, readiness to serve the nation with passion, gain strength to not only protect themselves, but also take the responsibility to protect the neighbours, never be complacent, give his/her best always, and making creativity and innovation, a habit, to the highest extent possible. Also, I hopethat every student will abide by the spirit of this Institute and would actively contribute his/her best for the betterment of the Institute and become its ambassador for life time.

I once again welcome all the fresher students to the institute and I wish them a meaningful, memorable and rewarding stay at IIT Bhubaneswar. I also hope that the students of IIT Bhubaneswar will emerge as world-class engineers, good human beings, and worthy citizens of India.

With best wishes,
Prof. Raja Kumar, R. V.
Director, IIT Bhubaneswar