Message from Prof. R.V.Rajakumar, Director IIT Bhubaneswar to the Selectees of B.Tech and Dual Degree of IIT Bhubaneswar

16th November 2021

DirectorDear Candidate,

Congratulations on being offered a seat at IIT Bhubaneswar!

IIT Bhubaneswar envisions to be globally well respected for creating outstanding graduates and new knowledge. The institute strives to prepare its students to an illustrious career and tomorrow’s leaders. The campus of IIT Bhubaneswar is one of the safest top few campuses for students with excellent amenities and world class infrastructure. The campus is clean, green, pollution free and has wellness environments.

IIT Bhubaneswar offers holistic education which is broad based. The pedagogy emphasizes strong technical education supported by intense laboratory practice and fosters creativity, innovations, human excellence amongst students. You may be aware that, the institute provided education at its usual high standards with no compromises during the pandemic by creating several unique innovative methods, such as the following:

  • IIT Bhubaneswar is the only IIT (and the first) to create a very unique and innovative design of holding pen and paper based comprehensive examinations online and apply the same to graduate its students (even during peak Covid).
  • Providing full laboratory practice including hands-on,
  • Organized its last two convocations by creating a very unique and innovative method, wherein students received their degrees with live personal participation
On this front, perhaps the institute set new standards across the globe. Furthermore, in its commitment to provide education at global standards, the institute has never been closed during the pandemic, and as of now already 80% of the students are on the campus, classes and laboratory practice are running for most of them with their physical presence. At the same time while offering academics at very high standards, the institute ensured full vaccination of the entire community and the institute could protect its students (a good fraction always chose to stay in the campus during the pandemic), in an outstanding way with zero cases for the most of the pandemic period including for the last three months, now.

The institute has been providing single room accommodation in the hostels with all facilities including 24x internet connectivity to its students. Medical facility is provided round the clock with emergency care to the students. A 42 acre state of the art sports arena at international standards is coming up with a vision to train students.

This year’s placements have been marvellous and possibly the best amongst the IIT's in terms of jobs in core sector. The companies are impressed by our student’s performances and we provide excellent facilities for on campus placement.

In our commitment to bring in normalcy at the earliest and run your education in the right standards, we advise you, except those under 18 years who opted for and permitted by the institute to undergo online process of admission and education (to start with) for valid reasons, to report at our Permanent campus, at Argul, Jatni. Thereafter, your classes will run online for some time followed by hybrid mode giving you an opportunity to have your classes with your physical presence.

We welcome you and look forward to having you at our campus soon.

For more information, please visit our website at:

With best wishes,
Prof R V Raja Kumar