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School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Laboratory Facilities

  • Minerals Processing Laboratory

    The laboratory consists of various mineral processing equipments like sievehsakers, spirals,magnetic separators, semibatch flotation equipment etc. 

  • Modeling and Simulation Laboratory

    The laboratory has several workstations with software required material simulation like VASP, Solid works, COMSOL, Matlab etc.

  • Powder Processing Laboratory

    The laboratory is equipped with planetary ball mill, pot mill, uniaxial press, vacuum and environment control furnaces along with various accessories required for powder synthesis and chracterization

  • Electrometallurgy and Thermodynamics Laboratory

    The laboratory is equipped with state of art furnaces and electrochemical characterization equipments like potentiostat, galvanostat and DC power supplies.  It also houses a combined Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetry Anlysis.

  • Optical Microscopy Laboratory

    The laboratory is equipped with inverted metallurgical microscopes. The light microscopes have the capabilities for imaging in brightfield, darkfield, DIC and polarizing mode. They are extensively used for UG and PG laboratory and research activities of the school. 

  • High Temperature Processing Laboratory

    The laboratory is equipped with different types of furnaces capable of melting and heat treatment of various materials. Presently, the laboratory has pit type furnace, muffle furnace, split type furnace and hot air oven.

  • Metallography Laboratory

    The laboratory houses different types of small equipments necessary for sample preparation. The equipments in this laboratory consist of belt grinder, abrasive cutter (dry and wet), disc polisher and hot mounting press.

  • Mechanical Testing Laboratory

    The lab consists of a micro hardness tester and several other equipments are in pipeline.