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1. Seasonal Evolution of Barrier Layer and Temperature Inversions in the Bay of Bengal from Argo Observations View
2. Drought Monitoring and Modeling Applications in Water Resources Management View
3. Intercomparison of Indian ground radar and Space Radar using alignment methodology View
4. Performance of Smart Grid Dynamic HAN with RQAM and GMSK Modulation View
5. Steady Motion of a Sphere in a Rotating Fluid - A Numerical Study View
6. Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposite Films for Applications in Energy-Harvesting Microsystems View
7. Ultrafast Nanorotar View
8. A Distributed MIMO Radar with Joint Optimal Transmit and Receive Signal Combining View
9. On-Device Integrated PPG Quality Assessment and Sensor Disconnection/Saturation Detection System for IoT Health Monitoring View
10.   Aerodynamic Sound Generation due to Unsteady Laminar Flow past a Circular Cylinder Subjected to Rotary Motions View
11. Synthesis and characterization of carbon foams View
12. Numerical and Semi-Analytical Methods for Micromechanical Modeling of Polymer Composites and Nanocomposites for Thin Film Applications View
13. PMU Assisted Integrated Impedance Angle Based Microgrid protection Scheme View
14. Orbital scale climate variability for the last 400 kyr in East China Sea sediments: Implications and Relevance View
15. Robust Optimization and Its Tractability Under Uncertainty Sets View
16. Enhanced Pseudocapacitance of Low Energy Ion Irradiated Titanate Nanotube with Insight from Density Functional Theory Investigations View
17. Tribological behavior of Al hybrid composite for automotive applications View
18. Thermal stability of cast Aluminium-Cerium based alloys View
19. Alloy Development for Friction Stir Welding and Processing View
20. Response of monopile supported offshore wind turbine in liquefiable soil View
21. Fabrication and characterization of synthetic diamond radiation detectors View
22. Design and Verification of High-Performance Computing Systems View
23. Visual Surveillance for Dense Crowd Flow Analysis View
24. Hadronic decay of D^0  to Ks pi pi final state View
25. Iteration of a transcendental meromorphic map with an unbounded set of critical values View
26. Development of CAP-MCSCF method to study the negative ion resonances View
27. Design of alternative forms of walk-access infrastructure in a bus stop catchment View
28. Impact of Efficient Storage and Distribution System on Indian Food Grain Supply Chain View
29. Human Vital Signs Detection through Obstructive Environment using Radar System View
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