Poster Presentation

1. Screening of microRNAs for suppression of oncogenic ATAD2 in pancreatic cancer
2. Syntheses, Characterization and Optical Studies of Fluorogenic and Chromogenic Chemosensors
3. Existence and approximation of solutions for Vector Mixed Variational Inequalities
4. Robust Counterpart of Uncertain Portfolio Optimization
5. Symmetric Group of Julia Sets of Rational Functions
6. Ion beam irradiation effect on 1D functional nanostructure.
7. Broad ion beam induced nanoscale modification of the metal oxide perovskite nanowires and their wetting behaviour of surfaces
8. Characterization of errors in the boundary layer over the Odisha for contrasting monsoon seasons
9. Characteristics of meteorological droughts in East India
10. Mitigating Adversities in Low Power Communication in Urban IoT Deployment
11. Variance-guided attention-based twin deep network for cross-spectral periocular recognition
12. Feasibility Assessment and Optimal Dispatch of Power Transactions in Deregulated Power Markets
13. Power quality monitoring in emerging power system using low-complex algorithms
14. Highway Lane-Changing Behavior Prediction Using a Hierarchical Software Architecture based on Continuous Hidden Markov Model
15. Insurance Consumption and Economic Growth in India: An Empirical Analysis
16. Kitchen waste to energy through Microwave co-pyrolysis
17. Threat of human activities on shrinking Odisha Coastline
18. Performance of Steel Slag as a Sustainable Alternative of Natural Railway Ballast
19. Design and analysis of a rapid, easy to install, economic foundation alternative for onshore Energy Devices
20. Chemical Treatment Methods for Mitigation of pH in the Red Mud: pH Rebound and Leaching Studies
21. Biological and photochemical treatment of greywater
22. In-situ synthesis of RZ5/TiB2 magnesium matrix composites and study the microstructural and mechanical properties
23. Study of Flow Boiling over Elliptical Tube Bundle
24. Prediction and Prevention of Interlaminar Fracture and Cracks in Nanofiller Reinforced Jute-Kevlar Hybrid Nanocomposite: Attempt for an Eco-friendly Material
25. Multi-scale Study of Melting and Solidification during Laser Melting of Binary Alloys
26. Study of droplet generation inside T-junction microchannel
27. Synthesis and characterization of flexible piezoelectric composites for energy harvesting applications
28. Powder Processing of a Novel Silicon based Composite
Poster Presentation (10th Research Scholars' Day )

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