Sustainable Environment Awareness Campaign By Students of IIT Bhubaneswar

1st Dec, 2019, Bhubaneswar: The student committee at Wissenaire, the Annual techno-management fest of IIT Bhubaneswar organized an environmental awareness campaign. The students organized the campaign choosing prominent malls namely BMC Bhawani Mall, Pantaloons, Esplanade across the smart city of Bhubaneswar as a venue in a bid to spread awareness about the importance of planting trees and usage of paper bags instead of plastic ones for creation of sustainable ecosystem for all. The motive behind this campaign was to promote a greener ecosystem along with providing a pollution-free atmosphere to the residents and to recreate the lost greenery during the course of super-cyclone, “Fani”, that had hit the state on 03rd May, 2019. Prof. R.V. Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar and Shri. Shri. Ananta Narayan Jena, Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Odisha graced the venue of the campaign and complimented the efforts of the students.

“We at IIT Bhubaneswar are committed towards building a sustainable ecosystem and aim to create a good sense of social responsibility towards our Mother Nature and eco-friendliness among the students through such initiatives., We would also like to set an example through our students and motivate the youth and citizens at large to contribute to the protection of the environment as active stakeholders, who would like to give back to our mother nature by contributing to a sustainable ecosystem. I am sure that the campaign would help in creating more awareness about the importance of growing trees to prevent global warming and thereby reducing pollution and also help in quickly restoring the greenery”, said Prof. R.V. Raja Kumar, Director, IIT Bhubaneswar.

The distribution of the plant saplings and paper bags was successfully carried out as per the planned schedule across all major malls of Bhubaneswar. The main co-ordinators of the event was Guguloth Tarun, IIIrd Year B.Tech, Mechanical Engg. and Harshvardhan Kumar, IIIrd Year, B.Tech, Electrical Engg., IIT Bhubaneswar. The event was supported by Airtel, The New Indian Express and City Forest Division, Bhubaneswar along with all the respective malls. Through today’s event, the students and citizens of the city are reminded about the need to intimately connect with nature in their efforts of building a green environment in and around the city of Bhubaneswar. Such efforts towards environmental responsibility like the one shown by students of IIT Bhubaneswar is sure to have a good impact and go a long way in the campaign.