Dr S R Samantaray appointed as Vice-Chair of the CIGRE National Committee

Dr S R Samantaray has been appointed as Vice-Chair of the CIGRE national study committee on “Substations & Electrical Installation”.

International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE) is amongst the world’s reputed technical body with more than 14,000 professionals across 90 countries, is dedicated to constant improvement of Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Technologies in the world. Headquartered at Paris, France, CIGRE disseminates knowledge based on actual field experience.

The technical activities of CIGRE are carried out through 16 Study Committees. Each committee comprises not more than 24 members, each member generally representing a different country. India is represented in all the sixteen CIGRE Study Committees for the year 2020 - 2022. The Indian representatives (i.e. regular member of CIGRE Study Committee) are ensuring that the technical contribution from India is maximized at international level and making all the efforts to realize the goal set forth for the committee, drawing experts at national level.