Ms. Jashaswini Bhuyan, M.Tech (ECE: 2019-2021), working under the guidance of Dr. Soumya P. Dash conferred with INAE Innovative Student Projects Award 2021.

The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), established in 1987, is a ‘Peer’ body of some of the most distinguished engineers in India and abroad. The Academy has instituted the Student's Innovative Award since 1998 to identify innovative and creative research projects undertaken by the students in the engineering institutions and to give early recognition and incentives to them. Ms. Jashaswini Bhuyan completed her M.Tech in ECE from the School of Electrical Sciences in 2021. Her M.Tech thesis was entitled "Performance Analysis and Optimization of Receive Diversity PLC system with imperfect CSI in Nakagami-m noise environment" and was guided by Dr. Soumya P. Dash. Based on her presentation of her M.Tech thesis work before the selection committee for the award, she has been selected for conferment of the Innovative Student Projects Award 2021 at Master’s Level. The award will consist of a Cash Prize of Rs. 15,000/-, a Certificate, and ID Card for becoming an "INAE Student-Member” for the next five years.