Teaching Excellence Award for Autumn 2015-16

IIT Bhubaneswar on its 8th Foundation day has awarded the following faculty Members of the Institute with Teaching Excellence Award for the session Autumn 2015-16.

  1. Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi, School of Mechanical Sciences
  2. Dr. Mihir Kumar Pandit, School of Mechanical Sciences
  3. Dr. Amrita Satapathy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  4. Dr. T.V.S Sekhar, School of Basic Sciences
  5. Dr. Yogesh Ganpat Bhumkar, School of Mechanical Sciences
  6. Prof. Swarup K. Mohapatra, School of Mechanical Sciences


Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi


Dr. Mihir Kumar Pandit


Dr. Amrita Satapathy


Dr. T. V. S. Sekhar


Dr. Yogesh G. Bhumkar


Prof. Swarup Kumar Mahapatra

The following teachers  from other Schools are also named as Special Mention:
  1. Dr. Partha Sarathi De, School of Minerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  2. Dr. Barathram Ramkumar, School of Electrical Sciences
  3. Prof. Prem Chand Pandey, School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences

      Photo of Partha Sarathi De

      Dr. Partha Sarathi De

       Photo of Barathram. Ramkumar

      Dr. Barathram. Ramkumar

      Photo of Prem Chand Pandey

      Prof. Prem Chand Pandey