News & Updates

  1. The last date for submission of application form for opening startup is 26 August 2016..
  2. IIT Bhubaneswar Invities Applications for Start Ups.
  3. Invitation Letter for opening Startups at IITBBS Startup Centre..
  4. Compensated classes for 22/07/2016 will be held on July 30, 2016 (Saturday)
  5. 23rd Inter IIT Staff Sports Meet
  6. Room allotment for the Freshers (Boys) in the Mahanadi Hall of Residence
  7. IIT Bhubaneswar Celebrates its 9th Institute Day
  8. List of candidates for spot selection to the M.Tech. Programme 2016-17 ..
  9. Director's Message for new Academic year..
  10. Provisional Room Allotment for First Year M. Tech and M. Sc.
  11. Bus Schedule w.e.f. 20 July 2016 for all Students
  12. Address by the President of India on August 10, 2016 (12:30 hrs) through NKN Video Conference ..
  13. Reporting of students to hostels for Autumn 2016..
  14. Selected Candidates for Ph.D. Programme at School of Basic Sciences (Autumn 2016-17) ..
  15. SES Ph.D. thesis got POSOCO Power System Award-2016 in Doctoral Category
  16. Inauguration of the short-course on computational chemistry through the GIAN scheme
  17. GIAN Course at IIT Bhubaneswar on Modelling and Analysis of Cyber Physical Systems
  18. List of final selection candidates for Electronics & Communication Engineering and Thermal Science & Engineering...
  19. Spot Admission into M.Tech. Programme 2016-17..
  20. List of final selection for the M.Tech. Programme 2016-17 ..
  21. Information & Helpline for the fresh undergraduate students in the academic year 2016-17..
  22. IIT Bhubaneswar Celebrated International Yoga Day
  23. IIT Bhubaneswar Startup Centre" has been Inaugurated by the Director
  24. Message from Director to selected MTech students
  25. Message from Director to newly selected MTech students..
  26. List of second selection for the M.Tech. Programme 2016-17 in Electronics & Communication Engineering and Thermal Science and Engineering...
  27. Dr. Prasant Kumar Sahu School of Electrical Sciences has been selected for the membership of the National academy of Science India...
  28. List of second selection for the M.Tech. Programme 2016-17 (UPDATED)..
  29. Short Term Course on Bioheat Transfer under GIAN
  30. Productive Efficiency: Theory and Practice", under GIAN programme of MHRD from 30th May to 8th June, 2016