Consultancy Project

Financial Year 2015-16

S.N. Name of faculty (Chief Consultant) Client Organization Title of Consultancy of project Amount received (in Rupees) Amount received (in words)
1 Dr U C Sahoo NRRDA Database for Principal Technical Agency & State Technical Agency for states of Jharkhand and odisha            2278412.00 Twenty Two Lakhs Seventy Eight Thousand Four Hundred and Twelve
2 Prof. U C Mohanty RIMES Co-operation and expert advice for improvement of short and extended range (monthly scale) prediction of rainfall in the tropics    
3 Dr. Debasis Basu Housing and Urban Development Department Govt of Odisha Impact Assessment study of city bus services operational under JnNURM               349103.00 Three Lakhs Forty Nine Thousand One Hundred and Three
4 Dr. B hanumatha Rao Tracks & Tower Infratech (P) Ltd  Assessment of High Compressibility of cut spoil                  14450.00 Forteen Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty
5 Dr. Hanumatha Rao Tracks & Tower Infratech (P) Ltd  Design and stability analysis of an embankment for new BG rail line from Haridaspur to Paradeep in the Khurda district Odisha               365170.00 Three Lakhs Sixty Five Thousand One Hundred and Seventy
6 Dr. Dinakar Pasla Fast Build Blocks Pvt. Ltd Testing of AAC Blocks    
7 Dr. Dinakar Pasla Overtop marketing (P) Ltd. Testing of AAC Blocks    
8 Dr. Dinakar Pasla Kazstroy Services Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd Opinion regarding the dri reduction furnace at JSPL plant Angul    
9 Dr. P Bhunia National Building construction corporation Ltd. Testing of materials and conducting design mix M-25M-30 & M-40 in connection with construction of commercial cum residential complex                438204.00 Four Lakhs Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred and Four
10 Dr. Sumanta Halder IDCO Assessment of structural safety of construction of balance six floor of the IDCOL corporate office building BBSR            1264050.00 Twelve Lakhs Sixty Four Thousand Fifty
11 Dr. B Hanumatha Rao JK Papers Mills Limited Design and analysis for making rural road about 1 km by using JK Paper Mills fly ash               284766.00 Two Lakhs Eighty Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Six
12 Dr. V Panduranga Amritesh Industries Pvt. Ltd. Survey of capacity assessment of Amritesh Industries Pvt. Ltd.                  27388.00 Twenty Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Eight
13 Dr. S R Dash Hindustan steel works construction Ltd. Proof checking of srtructural design nad drawing                  42750.00 Forty Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty
14 Dr. Arindam Sarkar IDCO Surge analysis for 1000mm Dia water rising main at Jajpur               189889.00 One Lakh Eighty Nine Eigt Hundred and Eighty Nine
15 Dr. S R Dash Maa Chandi Stone Crushing Testing of Ballast from Baghua Querry                  17314.00 Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred and Forteen
16 Dr. Akhilesh Barve Amritesh Industries Pvt. Ltd. Survey on process study of CPC and EPC of Amritesh Industries Pvt. Ltd Angul                  39900.00 Thirty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred 
17 Prof. N P H Padmanabhan Tata Steel Ltd Process optimization studies on leaching of high ash coal to produce low ash coal               685086.00 Six Lakhs Eighty Five Thousand Eighty Six 
18 Dr. B hanumatha Rao NBCC Ltd Geotechnical investigations on soil/rock samples               120042.00 One Lakh Twenty Thousand Forty Two
19 Dr. Dinakar Pasla NBCC Ltd Conducting Mix Design for M50 for NBCC Bhubaneswar               133380.00 One Lakh Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty
20 Dr. P P Dey NIT Durgapur Improvement and upgradation of two lane with paved shoulder configuration of Koderma-Domchanch-Khorimahua-Jamua Road (SH-13) under EPC mode in Jharkhand               200000.00 Two Lakhs  
21 Dr. N C Sahoo Ministry of New Renewable Energy Govt. of India Preparation of DPR for the proposed National Institute for New Energy & Innovation at Bhubaneswar               300000.00 Three Lakhs
22 Dr. Randhir Singh Tata International Ltd Modelling of the Cathode assembly in Aluminium reduction cell                  74100.00 Seventy Four Thousand One Hundred
23 Dr. S B Karanki Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd. Vetting of schematic drawing along with transmission loss calculation for 6.6KV/ 415V OHDC line                  33096.00 Thirty Three Thousand Ninety Six
24 Dr. U C sahoo Water Reseources Dept. Govt. of Odisha Technical Scrutiny of irrigation road proposal under IRC & IS               426300.00 Four Lakhs Twenty Six Thousand Three Hundred
25 Dr. U C sahoo Planning & Coordination Dept. Govt. of Odisha Technical Evaluation of cement concrete roads in Odisha            1407900.00 Fourteen Lakhs Seven Thousand Nine Hundred
26 Dr. B hanumatha Rao Sesa Sterlite Limited Design of experimental road using fly ash    
27 Dr. P P Dey Barbrik_RCPL(JV) Strenghthening and Widening/ Reconstruction of Dumka Masalia-Nala upto West Bengal Border Road lane with paved shoulder under EPC Mode (55 km)    
28 Dr. B hanumatha Rao Vedanta Limited Design and Drawing for Katekela Lagoon-2 ash pond     
29 Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra Indo Korea Science and Technology Center Bangalore C/C++ implementation with adequate GUI for temporal analysis of motif mixtures using Dirichlet process               266666.00 Two Lakhs Sixty Six Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty Six
30 Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra Indo Korea Science and Technology Center Bangalore C/C++ implementation with adequate GUI for sparsity based abnormal event detection               233334.00 Two Lakhs Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Four
31 Dr. B hanumatha Rao Vedanta Limited Stability study of the ash filled area    
32 Dr. Sumanta Halder Outdoor School Vetting of structure and superstructure of sports climbing facility at Kalinga Stadium confirming to IFSC standard               408994.00 Four Lakhs Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninty Four